Tampa Bay Time Cuts Print Edition to Wednesday, Sunday Only

Tampa Bay Time Cuts Print Edition to Wednesday, Sunday Only

The Tampa Bay Times announced today that they will be decreasing how often their printed newspaper will be made available to reduce production costs. Beginning next week, the paper will only be printed and delivered to customers every Wednesday and Sunday, however their online version will continue to be updated and is available daily. In addition to their website, their electronic replica looks exactly like the printed version of the newspaper.

These unfortunate changes come after losing more than $1 million in advertising. Marketing makes up more than half of the paper’s revenue, and as the economy has been so impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, sales have plummeted, causing retailers to cancel their previously scheduled advertisements.

The Times also announced due to the decrease in production of printed papers they must begin staff furloughs next week as well.

The Tampa Bay Times is an independent paper, “rooted in Tampa Bay, for more than a century, the Times has been an advocate for the community, in good times and bad.” The paper remains optimistic that the epidemic will ease and things will begin to return to normal soon, but until then they are hopeful their electronic newspaper edition and “thorough and up-to-date coverage” will continue to keep their readers informed and satisfied during these difficult times.   

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  1. The Second Trump decided to run for President in 2015, you began to Die. Fake News, Lies and just plain HATE. Trump is draining the DC Swamp and I guess he is also draining the Media Swamp as well.

  2. The “St. Petersburg Evening Independent” was independent. The TBT is an uber-liberal, Trump-hating rag that has TOTALLY FAILED to learn from it’s mistakes. It has been kept afloat for decades by its non-profit arm, The Poynter Institute.
    As Poyntless preps to get thrown into the dustbin of history, so goes the TBT.

  3. Gannett also announced furloughs at 100+ newspapers today. It’s ironic that arguably the biggest news story ever is what puts these news organizations on the brink of extinction. However, they put themselves in this position. Spending years crapping on the beliefs of roughly half your potential subscribers is not a good business model.

    1. Spot on, Mr. Douglas.
      Go to the head of the class!
      When the product you’re selling relies 100% on credibility, AND IT HAS NONE, your business in FINISHED.
      I was SHOCKED to read that they actually pay any of their slaveployees $38,000/year, (even though I passed that milestone at the Fake Newsocrat under Knight-Ridder ownership waaaaay back in the ’90s.)
      Any update from you realtors on the rumored sale of the Magnolia Drive mausoleum?

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