Leon County’s COVID-19 Positive Test Rate Among Lowest in Florida

Leon County’s COVID-19 Positive Test Rate Among Lowest in Florida

A comparison of positive coronavirus test rates between Florida counties shows that three of the 25 largest counties in Florida have rates below five percent. Those counties are Marion, Pasco, and Leon.

The data is from the Florida Department of Health as of April 4th.

Dr. Birx, who serves as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has recently discussed how this measurement is used by decision makers to identify “hot spots.”

Dr. Birx indicated that states or regions with over 10% positive test rates raise concerns among experts and fall in the “hot spot” category.

Based on this information, the Florida counties that appear to be testing in a troubling direction are Miami-Dade (18.7%), Palm Beach (18.2%), Manatee (15.2%), and Osceola (14.5%).

As of April 4th, the Florida positive test rate was 10.8%.

Percent Positive Test Results for
25 Largest Florida Counties

14 Responses to "Leon County’s COVID-19 Positive Test Rate Among Lowest in Florida"

  1. Remember only 2 percent of adults that get the flu go to a doctor which means the death rate around the country is way overstated.

    Hide in your closet if you are afraid.

  2. New York tests more people in one day than the total number of Florida tests. Only 150K for 22m for the past 6 weeks. Two weeks ago the positive rate was 8%, now over 10%. This means we’re not testing enough and many more are infected than are tested. The missing column in this data is how many were tested in each county. So few it’s pathetic.

  3. Don’t be alarmed (or any more alarmed than we all are). No, the 4.5 percent positive number for Leon County is the just percentage of those tested, not the entire population. As News Maven notes, it would give us a better picture of what is happening to have the number of people tested.

    1. The two data columns are, mathematically, “mutually exclusive.” A column listing # of tests conducted in each county would be helpful.

  4. I’m not a math wizzard. But if (according to your table) Florida’s population is 21 million, and the positive rest rate is over %10. wouldn’t that mean that more than 210,000 Floridians tested positive? According to the CDC site there are 277,000 cases in the entire country on April 4th.

    1. It’s the number of people tests, not the population. Only 1% of population has been tested, and I don’t know if some of the numbers are the same person multiple tests.

      Plus 99% positive recover.

  5. Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties, as of April 2, accounted for over 57% of all CV-19 cases and over half of the deaths….with Dade being the highest of the 3 in both categories.

  6. I agree concerning need for different news stories to ponder..Appreciate the Virus updates, but what is the truth concerning what I’ve heard about Ric Scott’s “Designed to Fail” unemployment database.so that unemployment figures would be intentionally deflated to try and make him appear competent? Thanks again for virus updates!

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