City Commissioners Get Update On Virtual Building Inspection Program

City Commissioners Get Update On Virtual Building Inspection Program

At the April 8 virtual City Commission meeting, the Commissioners accepted an update on the Growth Management Department’s virtual building inspection initiative. The Growth Management Department is conducting virtual building inspections to promote social distancing.

Growth Management Director Karen Jumonville said the primary goal of the virtual inspections is to keep customers and staff safe while continuing a service that will facilitate economic activity.

Jumonville said the department has conducted 11 virtual inspections so far. She said the department will continue to refine the virtual inspection process and possibly make it a permanent feature.

Jumonville said, though the department’s offices are closed, it is continuing to provide all of its usual services through the virtual inspections and other new approaches.

The benefits of virtual inspections include protecting staff and customers from COVID-19 spread and having the ability to inspect from any location. Conducting inspections virtually eliminates the requirement for an inspector to be physically present at the inspection site, decreasing human contact.

According to the meeting agenda, the contractor would begin the inspection by showing the front of the house on video to verify its address. Then, the inspector would direct the contractor on what to show onscreen. After communication between the inspector and the contractor, the results of the inspection would be entered into the permitting system.

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  1. What happened to the Scooter Extension Article that was just here 30 Minutes ago? I did a Search and was only able to find two older Scooter Articles. It looks like it was totally removed.

  2. virtual Building Inspections? WTH? I have to say this is all BS. You say WHY you want this but NOT how it will be done? Do you have the person who performed to Job take Photos and send them to the Inspector? The Person taking the Photos can take them so nothing bad is seen. You can NOT beat an in person Inspection, the Inspector can see things that will NOT show up in a Photo. I have been around a lot of Inspections and I can tell you, it is usually just two people, the Inspector and the Person showing the Inspector around and they are NOT walking around Arm in Arm. The Person showing the Inspector around is usually 10 or more feet away so the Inspector does not get distracted. I want a live body doing my Inspections.

    1. This. Learning a lot from this ordeal- not everything is as Essential as once thought, some things more Essential than expected.
      Individuals thinking and doing for themselves is Absolutely Essential.
      Keep your eyes on the Prize- a Clean and Just 2020 Election. No ‘community boxes’, no mail-in ballots. Voter ID, just as for cigarettes and fishing licenses.
      Divided We are weak, United We are strong.

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