Publix Confirms Employee at Bradfordville Store Tested Positive for COVID-19

Publix Confirms Employee at Bradfordville Store Tested Positive for COVID-19

Officials with the Lakeland-based Publix grocery store chain have confirmed that an employee at the Bradfordville Center Shopping Center store recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The confirmation was reported first by the Tallahassee Democrat.

Due to privacy laws, a company spokesperson stated that no further information about the case could be released.

Publix, which is listed as an essential service, has set special hours for senior citizens in an effort to provide more protection from COVID-19.

Publix CEO Todd Jones has previously stated that the company has “remained in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal and state agencies since January to monitor developments and updated guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Jones said that Publix’s “routine cleaning and sanitation standards already meet CDC guidelines. Additionally, we’ve put in place a heightened disinfection response program. We’ve also suspended food demonstrations in our stores until further notice.”

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  1. Thousands of people die in this country every week for various reasons. So the health impacts as a result of this “virus” situation are not uncommon. What is uncommon are the “reactions” to this situation. The reality, numbers, and reactions associated with this entire situation are simply not adding up.

    How many people have died on the streets of Democrat-run cities like New York, LA, SF, and Chicago this year so far… how many from opioid addiction or car wrecks… how many from the common flu so far this year…and how many innocent babies have been murdered in PP clinics this week so far? Where’s the panic, shutdown, the economic destruction, and daily death-count ticker for those?

    I believe we may be witnessing the most extraordinary, malicious, and nefarious election meddling scheme of our lifetime. Orchestrated to be so extraordinary that the notion of such a scheme can be quickly dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”. Something is not right here. A healthy and natural dose of cynicism is in order folks. Be smart, use your common sense, and may God bless us all.

  2. The Publix Employees are angels and heroes and even before this they were such.

    Please protect them and bless them with just and Rich Rewards!

  3. Publix is a horrible company to work for. After employees begged for masks Publix decided to give each employee who asked ONE MASK..PERIOD. Employees and customers cough openly, sneeze without covering their face.
    While employees who do practice sanitary precautions are putting themselves and families at risk, managers continue to get big fat bonuses. Employee bonuses were taken away.

    1. Sounds like Zoey got fired for poor attendance…or worse 🙁 Just a couple of weeks back Publix gave employees gift cards and a raise to help them during this pandemic. If she was a current employee she would have known that.

  4. 0.0002482758 of one percent of Leon County have the coronavirus. This is insane that we are doing this to our business owner. Go back to work.

  5. Thanks for also running a couple of non-virus stories today also!
    It’s refreshing not to be all-virus all-the-time.

    Remember in the news business the reporting should not be cherry picked by avoiding distasteful subjects or individuals that just creep the reporter out.
    Now go get us an Andrew Gillum update.
    It can be as simple as “we left a message with Andrew’s fake business front/Morgan money laundry facility and as of print time they have not returned our call”. And you can do the same thing for The City of Miami, Mayor Don Gelber’s office, and other places a reporter may wish to get information from.
    A good news orginazation would see Gillum’s request for privacy and say…”Oh Hell No not on my watch”.

    1. Snidely why are you so mean to Andrew during his fall from grace?

      Well it’s not being mean nobody loves forgivness, virtue signaling, and whatever else is making the press take a hands off Andrew policy then Snidely. I just feel it is not in the best interest of justice.
      The players involved in any future Andrew trial all have one thing in mind. That is to pack the jury with local sheeple Democrat voters and Andrew sympathisers.
      ALL the players want this:
      1. The FBI/Federal prosecutors [AKA Jim Comey’s Weasels/Obama holdovers].
      2. Federal Judge Hinkel [AKA flaming leftist maker and perverter of law from the bench].
      3. Andrews lawyers of course also want to pack the jury with local leftist sheeple Andrew sympathizers.

      Truth and Justice’s only defense to this is to take away the above pack the jury dream. How do we do it? Simple by running enough negative Andrew press to force Andrews attorney to request a change of venue. That is the only possibility of a fair trial.
      Oh well that is all. I will shut my big mouth on this subject from now on.

      1. Snidester,

        I believe Gillum knew it was over a few weeks ago when the Tallahassee Democrat reported on his little March from FSU down to vote and he had a pitiful number of followers.

        That told two stories that he was finished as a politician and was not relevant and his current project of get-out -the-vote was a dismal failure.

        His actions have been inappropriate and immoral and were publicly exposed back in the day when the FBI story broke about the New York- Hamilton trip debacle with Corey and his brother.

        On top of this he has inappropriately if not illegally (mis)spent campaign funds on a slush fund for his further pleasures and cronies.

        The legal fees he is paying each month screams that he is seriously being scrutinized for some serious charges down the road.

        This is public knowledge that he has flaunted in front of our face laughing all the way to the bank. I believe his ultimate goal was to run as president in 2020.

        I believe that he is under some serious pressure and his character showed us what he was made of. Be patient as this will all play out in the appropriate way.

        Do we really need to replay this over and over again as let us give his family some respite and understanding.

        Jesus forgave us so let us forgive others, but we do not forget.

        At least show some mercy for his wife and children and let this play out as the experts and professionals and a higher power will resolve it all in good time.

        Have a Blessed Easter my friend.

        1. Any hope (npi) Andy may have had of a future in any notable position, died with that photo of him lying on the floor, passed out naked in his own puke… that will live in infamy on the internet, and sadly, scar the minds of his children forever.

          … say goodnight Gracie…

          1. Absolutely.
            That’s the “dead girl or live boy” rule of politics.
            Still, I’d like to know whose white foot that was at the bottom of the photo…hmm…

          2. Was the foot in the photo photoshopped or was that real? It would be interesting to know whose foot that belongs to if that was not a photoshopped pic.

            Adam Corey?

          3. Looked at that foot online Maven. Def a white man foot. Guessing that the public was duped by the leftist Mayor Dan Gelber into believing hoe boy Dyson was the one the medics were called for. Logically none of the Police or Medics are gonna take their shoes off their white feet and walk barefoot thru all those body fluids. Quite likely with barefoot Dyson standing there in the photo there was no medical issue whatsoever for Dyson.

          4. Only logical guess is it’s the foot of the so-called doc, Aldo Mejias. If that’s wrong, then it must have been a “sting.”

    2. Snidely keep the volume up! Panedemnic this, virtual building inspector clouseau that, keep the volume dialed up on ANDREW reckless monkeyed up behavior! Show time with US Attorney Keefe and gang coming up!

    3. Whaddabout a No-Rona story on our crime quadrants? Haven’t seen those comps for a few weeks.

      My bet is crime is WAY down!

    4. Why does Publix not require their employees to wear a mask? I was told by a manager yesterday at the Publix at Mahan/I-10 (Vineyards Center, I believe), that it is voluntary only. That is not protecting their employees or the public. No pleasure shopping at Publix.

      1. Amen!
        As a customer, I’m wearing a mask to protect their staff and other customers. They should do the same.

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