Nikki Fried Traveled to Atlanta Over Easter Weekend Despite Stay-At-Home Order

Nikki Fried Traveled to Atlanta Over Easter Weekend Despite Stay-At-Home Order

Reports indicate that Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, despite a Florida stay-at-home-order, traveled to Atlanta over the Easter weekend and appeared on MSNBC Friday night to continue her criticism of Governor Ron DeSantis.

Reports indicate that Atlanta, which is located in Fulton County, has the most coronavirus cases in Georgia. In addition, reports indicate that travel from Atlanta has resulted in the spread of the virus in other cities. For example, an outbreak in Albany, Georgia resulted in several deaths and was traced back to Atlanta.

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From CNN, the “cluster of cases began emerging shortly after a 67-year-old man tested positive for the virus. The man traveled from Atlanta to attend one of the funerals and was hospitalized in Albany during his trip, said Steiner, the hospital system’s CEO.”

Why was Fried in Atlanta while Florida is under a stay-at-home order?

Shortly after her presence in Atlanta was revealed on social media, Franco Ripple, Fried’s Communications Director, stated on his twitter account that Fried was in Atlanta to “pick up her stepkids from their mom. Something millions of families are going through with parental time sharing during this pandemic (not to mention the religious holiday weekend).”

If this statement is true, some questions need to be addressed.

First is it acceptable for Fried, a staunch advocate of a stay-at-home order and social distancing, to travel to Atlanta to pick up kids that live in the most infected city in Georgia and bring them back to Florida?

And second, if the reason for the travel was to pick up her “stepkids”, why would Fried choose to further expose herself to people in Atlanta and travel to a studio to appear on MSNBC?

Ironically, in the interview on MSNBC, Fried was encouraging people to celebrate the religious holiday from home.

Fried said, “I celebrated Passover via Zoom with my family on Wednesday night. This is a time for all of us to take this seriously.”

The Florida media has criticized DeSantis for not enforcing social distancing protocol at press conferences, on golf courses, and in her other venues. Will the state-wide media hold Nikki Fried to the same standard?

41 Responses to "Nikki Fried Traveled to Atlanta Over Easter Weekend Despite Stay-At-Home Order"

  1. Amazing how your true colors come out after an election. You say one thing and then once elected say the opposite. She ought to at least be arrested for leaving home and the state like so many others are. She is crap.

      1. Indeed, I believe the intense level of scrutiny applied to a co-equal cabinet member, DeSantis on whether he said people died, on whether his orders are preempted, whether he was wearing two gloves, would at the very least, require and garner a retweet from the Fourth Estate, the only sentinel of society.

        That they didnt requires some explanation. Could it be due to their invidious bias? Is it not dangerous to a free society to allow those to insulate themselves, declare they are objective when they are, by any measure, not?

      2. I will say, however, your publishing of The News Service of Florida stories, particularly the journalistic-malpractice ones by Christine Sexton, only prop-up and validate that which you are attempting to thwart.

  2. Thanks, Snidely, you really figured it out. Got any other completely obvious things to share? Welcome to politics, it’s the same on both sides, a hole appears and they fill it. But let’s look at the facts, healthcare workers are crying for masks for a reason, no? We were in no way prepared the way Korea and Singapore were ready for this mess. Could the “greatest economy in the world” have been ready? Of course. Given the WHO, etc warnings from long ago, hell, even Trump’s guy warned of the danger of death to millions, but how are you gonna pay for anything smart like pandemic prep when you fools claim taxation of any kind is a crime? Sorry, stupid don’t work on me. No go drive over a pothole and bless yourself for fighting to stop it from being filled.

  3. Deborah Bucci, look at any “confirmed covid-19 cases” graph and get back to me, please, and don’t even include China. We’re number one! USA! USA! USA! Again, we have proof that “it didn’t sneak up on us,” as President Liar claimed. If he says it, you know it’s a lie. Truth and science are always bad news for Republicans. You’ve seen for years that Republicans try to tell their opponents, “No it’s not. / No I don’t.” just like a child does, to dispute everything! But “No it’s not” isn’t an argument. Want proof, go back a few weeks when the world health officials said otherwise but your Fox News was calling this an “impeachment hoax”! But what changed it? I’ll tell you, and it’s the only thing that ever catches Republicans red-handed: BODIES PILING UP, SCIENCE, DATA, FACTS, TRUTH. Wake up!

  4. Sorry but your all wrong. Everyone on the left, right, and in the center all wrong.
    Let me clue you. Nikki’s taking her move to be the Big Voice on The Left. Since her pal Andrew left a void in all the airports CNN Network Nikki is getting her foot in the door at MSLSD.
    Thats what’s up!

  5. Ronnie: Liberal isn’t a bad word. In fact, it used to connote good things until Progressives took it over because the word “progressive” had too much of a negative connotation. There is no data “proving” that the U.S. “failed” at handling the pandemic. None. You have the liberal (yes, liberal) press promoting that idea but it isn’t true. Trump isn’t lying. I’ll tell you who is, though: China.

    1. Other way around. They changed to progressive because liberal became a bad word. Liberal orginally meant liberty and equality. Of coursenow progressive has become a bad word, so they are democratic socialists, because socialist is a bad word.

  6. That’s right, Franklin. Those far-right pubs will tell you everything your tiny brain needs to hear. Please, tell me what in the Constitution “Miss Fried” violated? I’m glad you got your degree before Trump University was shut down because of its shameful, lawless behavior. Ain’t nothing hypocritical about picking up the kids. You got any? If not, God bless us all for that!

    1. And she just ‘happened’ to drop by MSNBC, in the meantime to slam Governor Desantis?? Slap yourself in the head with a cast iron skillet if you believe that. That’s what the trip was for. Those things are scheduled in advance. She’s trying to get as much face time as possible.

  7. You go, James, keep doing your part! And natural selection will do its part too. It didn’t “sneak up on us,” and it didn’t “come out of nowhere.” as your President Liar Trump (Drumpf) LIED. Just keep enjoying that Fox news, suckers, keep on dividing the country, keep making America stupid, keep attacking your fellow countrymen, it’s clearly making life better for all of us. You are the epitome of the teachings of Jesus. Incredible stuff, but actually not all that incredible coming from the Panhandle and all. #derp #floridaman

  8. This trip is business as usual for the left hypocrites. On a more important scale, I researched Miss Fried, before her election and found that she is pure Constitutional poison. Didn’t take long to find it out either.

  9. Typical sensational “news” story. Typical far-right Panhandle rednecks. “Liberals” is a bad word? Who taught you fools that? Hannity, Trump and you ate it up with a big, dumb spoon. There only goal was to divide to the country. Y’ll wouldn’t know politics if it came up and kicked your wife (cousin) in the yuss. There’s that good ol’ American unity we need so badly right now. And please, do “what you want,” james. Keep ignoring science, and the data that proves that the U.S. failed at this pandemic. It didn’t “sneak up on us,” and it didn’t “come out of nowhere,” to quote that Liar Trump. YOUR PRESIDENT LIED. Now let’s see if this comment makes this Trump hack pub. Get outside and get some sun with every fool you know. Go to church in big groups, pray away the virus. I’ve voting for natural selection!

  10. You have to be a liberal elite to have this special privilege.

    Only 60 Million more cases of the CV to catch up with the swine flu under Obama. This is pure garbage. Latest mortality rates adjusted for all of those that have potentially exposed indicates it will be the same as the common flu. Hope you morons are having fun because I am doing what I want.

    1. No, James.

      If anything, the death rates around the world are understated because those who died at home and some in care facilities aren’t counted because they aren’t tested after death.

      Reps from Italy even said to simply compare the single page of obituaries formerly in their newspapers every day to now maybe 13 pages of obits every day to get a true idea of what this is.

      Take it seriously or possibly die.


      1. No if anything they are way overstated as millions of people likely have had it and beat it without any major symptoms. They will never be counted.

  11. I guess she really does not care about her step kids or the people of Florida. Moving people around at this time is just plain irresponsible. Going to an interview to bash the governor is totally stupid and shows a lack of common sense. I would say the same if Desantis drove to channel 27 to bash the commissioner. We need leadership not stupidity. I thought she was doing a decent job until this.
    Using kids as an excuse to get airtime is shameful!!

  12. Governor Ron DeSantis needs to knock her down a few Pegs as well as Puncher a huge hole in her inflated EGO by Firing her.

    1. Easy to say Tony but Dept of Ag is an elected office. She does not work for the Govenor and he has no control over her. Why do you think we cant get a concealed carry permit, she stopped them.

  13. Anon, seriously? She’s out criticizing the Governor while she travels around at the same time urging everyone to stay home. Because she isn’t the Governor, although she does hold a statewide office, it doesn’t make her exempt from criticism or not doing what she urges everyone else to do.

  14. She endangered the people of Tallahassee by exposing herself to the Atlanta strain and bringing it back. All of her staff were certainly exposed as well.
    The rules don’t apply to her, she’s a big shot, after all.

  15. But…But…But…She is actually running for governor. The Agri job is just a stepping stone. She wants to spread her hatred of all peoples not radical left from the #1 spot in Florida.

    1. Keep her out of the state!

      Are these actually her step-children or step-children to be?

      She is doing a good job… of putting herself on the “flake list” for politicians.

  16. She made idiot moves, but I don’t hold her to the same standard as the governor… Because he’s the governor and she’s not.

    1. ” I don’t hold her to the same standard as the governor… Because he’s the governor and she’s not.”

      That has to be the dumbest comment I have ever read. I hold them both to the same standard that they hold US to. What is the difference? Does she have some magic powers which would prevent her from catching or spreading the virus that our governor does not? Sheesh

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