UPDATED: DEO Publishes Florida Unemployment Dashboard

UPDATED: DEO Publishes Florida Unemployment Dashboard

On Monday the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity began to provide daily updates on their efforts to address Reemployment Assistance challenges.

The State Reemployment Assistance Claims Dashboard is provided below. The information includes the total number of claims submitted, verified, processed, and paid.

The Dashboard can be found here.

113 Responses to "UPDATED: DEO Publishes Florida Unemployment Dashboard"

  1. This crisis with COVID-19 has only reaffirmed what many Florida’s residents knew many years ago: The system was designed (intentionally) to avoid people obtain their unemployment insurance, and to push the Floridians back to work, not to supply them with income during a real crisis.

    By the way… I applied for Unemployment Compensation on 3/22/2020. Today 4/23/2020, a month later and they have no decision about my case yet !

  2. I filed my claim on 03/22/2020 did not get anything.got an Email from them to go to inbox and
    put info .but there nothing in the page to go with.I wonder what’s going on. how many did get pay and whether the applied after me.the system is slow takes hours to complete application for the next payment. worked for 45 years never asked for a penny .the only time that I need help from the government the give me the third degree.who needs them let”s go back to work it is the only to do.hope you all stay safe.

  3. Applied March 17, got claim number, claimed weeks on 3-22 and 3-38 Status pending.
    The website is a horror and you can’t talk to anyone on the phone. My status is still pending. The web site is not working and you can’t talk to a human on the phone. If the president can coordinate getting the stimulus checks out to the entire country in a short time why can’t the state take care of it’s people.

  4. worked 40 years, never needed the system before covid-19 . what a terrible experience. march 23rd. still pending,active. claim number as well. criminal set up here. no reason for such poor service,ron desantis stop your paycheck until this is figured out. I bet its fixed with in a week.

  5. Omg I’m so upset with this site. I have been on hold for hours to get a voice then hang up. Then the site is the most frustrating I’ve ever been. I filed. I searched and found I hadn’t submitted an I agree and my paperwork is gone. I tried to get back in an wants a pin number. I don’t have one. I put SS in and no record. I’m printing the form. Since March 11 with still no results.

  6. I have experienced every bit of every comment in this thread. I try to call every morning for hours. My identity is not verified for some reason, even though I claimed benefits in 2010. According to a comment on here..non verified identities aren’t even in the processing queue. I emailed my documents to the correct email address. I’m scared. I don’t know how to fix this. Do I just wait, like the website says? Are we really not even in line to be processed? I can’t do this much longer

  7. Like so many others, I also applied in March…and nothing. Horrible system. Hopefully they will be able to resolve these issues soon. People are counting on it!

  8. I filed my claim back on march 14th and still waiting for adjudication i have a clean layoff because of covid 19 and i know im oneof the first 78000 claims filedand still nothing please help.

  9. Govt senator Rick Scott is a back stabbing liar he is a thief and he and our new governor need to be strung up there scum just like trump and his family there all in the real mafia and would just enjoy killing us all to hide from us no leadership only lies and death

  10. I have been trying to apply since 3/19/20.
    I couldn’t get into the website after trying daily at least 20 times a day. Called the the 800-204-2418 over 347 times in three weeks! Won’t let you speak to anyone just hangs up on you. I have emailed over 16 times and no response. I finally printed the paper form and two day priority mailed that in. Once the new website was up. I was able to apply online and then sent another email letting them know I mailed it in also as to not create a duplicate. I couldn’t add all my employers to the website it confirmed and gave me a case# I couldn’t get back in to add employers. Nothing is helping! I’m ready to call a lawyer and file a lawsuit. This is absolutely the worst situation for Floridians!

  11. Vote DEMOCRATIC In November. This republican administration is out to F everyone over. Rick Scott started it all.


  13. It is totally absurd the bs we get about a broken old system. I moved here from the north. The pay in this state sucks. Always has . I live here for weather. But high wages to put money back. Not possible.
    Now in a desparate time of need for all residents, the government in this state gives us ALL the run around cause they screwd up HUGE. hey im unemployed, send me an application quick learner happy to help the DEO.
    Signed up mar 25 with no check yet. Guess im sorta lucky compared to others. ITS SO UNFAIR. VOTERS WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS WITHIN OUR GOVERNOR, STATE REPS.,AND ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL.

  14. I filed for unemployment benefits last year and have been trying to apply for assistance since march 18th..since then my claim date has change twice..my question is do I need to file a new claim since I can’t claim on line

  15. I have lived in Florida over 45 years and it is a CRIME how the people who are supposed to be working for us and looking after us have only FAILED us. I thought that Rick Scott was a HORRIBLE Governor and now we have Ron Desantis who is no better. The way these people treat the residents of Florida is NOTHING but a JOKE. When are people going to get the money they deserve and need in order to survive. These people in Government don’t care about us as long as they don’t have to worry about keeping a roof over their head and food on their table. This is NOTHING but a DISGRACE.

  16. Those who have received unemployment are blessed because for the rest of us it’s a nightmare. Fed. Govt. is actually helping more than local and it is pathetic and abusive that FL Counties like miami-dade that don’t even keep working networks raise more taxes on residents’ own homes every year adding to these misfortunes the exponential interests and fees each day that the thousands in inflated taxes cannot be fully paid from lack of work? For sure if a class action law suit is pending please email me!

  17. the DEO website application is terrible it says my phone # is not in US format because I left
    out the dashes…….it let me put it in that way without a problem!
    so there is no place for me to edit it and fix it, it wants me to cancel my claim and start
    over I applied on the 11th and I don’t think anyone has even looked at it!
    I will not vote for this governor ever again! he has lost my vote!

  18. My husband applied twice. First time was told computer crashed. He applied again and received a case number. He could never log on to check the status. Finally got to a person today after calling for days. (4/22) She said since you received a case number you should receive your first check in two or three weeks but she could not see the status. He was laid off end of March.
    Fix this ridiculous system. People need their money. This is beyond comprehension.

  19. My claim says resolved and completed and haven’t been sent anything not even an email or phone call what am I to do now

  20. I was only temporarily laid off due to offices closing due to stay at home order on March 13. Finally decided to apply in April,I guess on new system but it says my claim is in “Resolved-Completed” status and I do not see anywhere to even claim weeks. What is the next step? I’m stuck like everyone else…..god help us.

  21. Applied on 3/14/2020. Case is still pending. I have a claim number pin number. I’ve even claimed weeks. This is crazy. They need to send the money back to the federal government and let them send the unemployment money.
    Florida government is a waste

  22. Applied April 9th. I’m not even sure where people are seeing the “pending” status. I am out of work because governor deSantos wrote an executive order 20-87 banning all new vacation rental reservations, and im a property manager so therefore I’m laid off work because of governor’s orders! I was laid off by the governor himself! All I see when I enter information to check my status is resolved/completed. I haven’t received a confirmation email I haven’t received any type of email any type of text a phone call or anything asking for more documentation or proof. Are checks just gonna magically appear in our mailbox? Don’t they have an automated system in place that can at least tell people if they’ve been approved or not this makes no sense!! it’s the year 2020!! What is CONNECT even using DOS computers? There are 4 billion people on Facebook all day long but Stupid a** little Florida can’t even create a website to get this done quick with 119 million dollars? Isn’t this the new home state of the president?If Chump cant even get the state that he lives In taking care of what the h*** does he think he can do with the whole country except screw it up even more. Probly wants his stupid a** name on the unemployment checks too. Thank God I’m not low income without a bank account.I already received my stimulus direct deposit. I’d probly vomit seeing the word trump on my stimulus check.

  23. I applied on 3/22 and was approved on 4/10 i was paid 1 week in regular benefits and received 1check for 600 in mail this monday. After reading all the post I realized how lucky/blessed I am. Im a single mother of three and needed it soooo badly. Everyone be patient you will get it, the state and federal.

  24. I have been trying to file a claim since 3-27-2020 with no success. Technical difficulties!!!

  25. I agree with another comment above….someone needs to start a class action suit to sue the state, the governer, the senators, whoever to get our justice and save our lives!

  26. I’m Out if work 3 months now, pending status still showing!
    No one will pick up a phone there, the system just hangs up on you when u request an actual live person. This mess is the work of the previous crooked governer scott! I hope he roots in hell.

  27. The DEO should be ashamed of themselves I’ve been told that I’m not eligible due to not meeting work search requirement when clearly our governor waived the issue. I’m very frustrated i can’t get anyone on the phone, email or anything else for that matter. The system is broken. Its a downright crime whats going on.

  28. I’m in the same boat as the rest of these people. It’s really a shame that the deo is so inefficient. I have friends who already received a check and just signed up a week ago and here I sit with nothing after signing up for unemployment a month ago. Come on people something has to give

  29. Denied benefits because I couldnt fill out form 100% during all the crashes. There for I have to appeal their decision, with no courts taking these cases at the moment. Now Website says pending since 4-20-2020, but originally put in claim on 3-21-2020, running out of food, water, bills need to be paid, meanwhile the Florida government has the Federal money in bank account making intrest for the state, while many of us face unsurmountable bills.
    I am calling for a class action lawsuit against the state of Florida for the handling of this situation, which they knew about 5 years ago.

  30. Began applying due to COVID-19 on March27th…was still trying to get to end of applic. on old system…finally able to get on new system on April 10th…As of today, April 22, No response yet. NO email reply, NO phone call, No text…NOTHING. NEED ANSWERS…NEED $$$ to survive!!!! PLEASE HELP US ALL!!!!!!!

  31. 3/21 still pending. every single employee needs to stop what they are doing and look into these March claims

  32. I think I have experienced pretty much every one of the scenarios each of you have described in trying to get unemployment benefits. I was also furloughed or laid off work. March 19th was my last day. I did not immediately apply for benefits, but on March 27th I did. Could not get into the website for a couple of days so March 29th is when I finally was able to get past the 1st page. Well, of course it kept kicking me out time after time. Must have tried 50 or 60 times in one day to no avail. When I finally did get beyond that page I would get to another point then it would kick me out again and again. I got many yellow screen errors, etc. I finally got to the point where you enter employers and of course got kicked out over and over for days and days. Then they finally set up the NEW website and I was finally able to apply there but was only able to enter last employer and then it came back and said Resolved – Completed and now no way to go back in and add the other employer, although it is on the OLD system. I have not received ANY correspondence from FL DEO via mail, email or anything. Like you all, I am frustrated and need income to survive. Sure hope this is fixed soon and we all hear some good news.

  33. Hi , I filed on 3/22 status is still active/pending , I have received nothing , I claimed 4 weeks already and have not recieved any correspondence no letters, no issues . The monetary Determination is still saying zero , My brother filed on connect in April and was approved and eligible in less then 24 hours , he is already receiving state and federal help. Is March filers are stuck in this glitch/black hole and we are not even in que to get eligible , the only way to fix this issue is if you are able to get through the main number and talk to one of the original employees , like 35 of them, that knows what they are doing . The only times I got through is to the new people that can’t do anything for you except reset pin , they can only see what we see and they don’t know how to help , it’s ridiculous! I don’t have any correspondence as to why my status is stuck forever on pending! Why are we being overlooked ? The agents are telling us to refile , which we don’t have an option because I’m already active/pending . And by the way I was told I still have to claim my weeks to get paid even with the executive order out there waiving it. So if I were to become eligible and I claimed 4 weeks , will I get all my retro pay for my weeks that I already claimed ie 1 week is holding so will I get the Federal and state for the past 3 weeks? Or is it going to start paying when they finally make me eligible without my app date ? Someone help us March filers! We are not ok!

    1. As always the government shows us just how much we mean to them.. It’s funny how fast they can come take your money, whether it be student loans, child support, etc.. But when it’s time to get some money, they have you jumping through all these hoops to get it. I have been trying to call the unemployment number, multiple numbers, I might add, to no avail. Who the he’ll are all these people they hired to man the phones, if no one still can get through. If I see one more news report about the strides they’ve made to improve this system but it’s still f##$ed up when I go to use it. I am going to lose my mind!!

  34. I have apply ed on march 24 and i am still waiting come on people get to work they say they are sending checkes where are they this is ridicolous i have no money and bo way. To pay my bills i need help and fast!!!! This is awful

  35. Is Florida really proud of these numbers for unemployment? They cannot be serious. These numbers are an absolute embarrassment to the State. Submitted claims are 1.6 million and the paid claims are 94,000.????? That makes me seriously sick. I cant even believe they r publishing this dashboard like they’re proud of it. Ive been trying to file for unemployment since March 17th but got locked out of the system and had to have pin reset. I finally got my pin reset on April 14. Now I got that figured out I get into the system but it just kicks me out. I have yet to successfully apply for UI. I sure hope we get back pay. God knows we waited long enough. I applied on the new site but it’s a joke all it says is “nothing but space” with no other info. I did that application on April 5th on the new site. It hasnt even been looked at.

  36. I’ve read every comment on this thread and am absolutely disgusted with what’s going on. The way Florida treats their hard working citizens is CRIMINAL. I too, like everyone here, am also waiting for benefits, or anything for that matter. Just a response, or to know that help is coming, a glimmer of hope, ANYTHING, would be helpful at this point. Rick Scott, and Gov. Desantis should be ashamed of themselves and held accountable for this despicable unemployment system. Please help, Florida!

  37. Extremely sad that we have been placed on the back burner. I remember when DeSantis was running for governor. Every one clapping, raising their signs, and applauding him so that he may win. This is what he has shown in taking care of his State of Florida. I hope people remember this pandemic time that we have been placed in. The suffering we have endured in a time that we should of been able to depend on the people we appointed.
    I as well am in an active status but pending since 03-22-2020. Struggling to survive. I wish everyone the best in the situation we as a nation are in. God Bless us all.

  38. I applied 3/20/20. When I am able to access the website, it tells me that I’m active and pending?? I haven’t seen a dime. I’m disappointed at this time to be a resident of Florida. Come on, all these people have been hired to help straighten out the system? What a joke.

  39. I have tried to call and email and it all goes back to the same answer which is ERROR. I can’t update any weeks because it will say unexpected technical difficult. My thing expires tomorrow April 23 and i can’t seem to be helped anywhere.

  40. I have tried everything to tried to get my claim and my money. I am 65 years old worked very hard compare to a lot of them. i worked as you know for a contractr company for Budget Auto Rentals at Ft.Lauderdale International Airport . On Christmas Day I was the only one there washing their cars. The company was Key Fleet Logitics, very unprofessional company. They on the overnight shift till 5 am. Edgar called advised us we were getting layed off I submitted my claim and took it back to Federal Express to mail it. I tried to do it in line and you kept telling wrong pin soi did it on paper and send it to you. Please you swt my pin it shows an old claim from years ago. I send all my infotmation and i need my money. I am a widow and is very hard for me. Please Help . ANA MARIA SOBOL

  41. It is sad that people that havent earn enough money for unemployment are not qualify for it so that means no money for rent an utilities this is an emergency we should not be put up on whether if you qualify or not for it

  42. These numbers are a joke !! I applied march 8 and still pending .. Im active but still pending i lost my job at HILTON. .. I HAVE 2 KID’S AND THINGS LOOK BAD ..GOV NEEDS TO PUT HIS FOOT UP SOMEONE’S ASSS @ BUNK YOU JACKSON HEWITT !!

  43. I have called and stayed on the line for 4 hours and the phone hung up trying to apply and get my pin reset No luck. I have sent messages and emails know response. I have sent in a paper application and now I have finally been able to apply on line but still know response for over a week now.

  44. I tried to apply on 29 th march and i could not apply and finally i did apply on april 2nd my account was being processed and it was active i tried so hard to claim i have never been able to till the executive order passed and never been able to do anything on the system ,receive nothing yet at all and my rent is coming up soon i dont know what to do i did call them can not give me an answer at all i recalled them explained to them its not me its the system is really not working and they told me i have to wait till today .

  45. Nancy,
    You’re supposed to add more employment. On the new website there is an addition sign like this + you add additional employment for the next 18 months..You should go back in and add additional employment for the needed months.

  46. I hope people remember that this website has been flagged going back to 2013 with issues and Rick Scott did absolutely nothing to fix it. Florida leadership is non existant! Stop voting these same people in office who don’t have our backs in times like this!!! Filed on 3/29 can’t talk to anyone about my claim because the lines are full all day long! Pathetic!!!

  47. I will be homeless soon I got laid off on 3/27/2020 due to CV-19 and business cuts because of the pandemic and I have no income whatsoever. I have apples for unemployment since 3/30 and haven’t heard anything back, and I’m not 1 that is going to get the stimulus check either. This whole situation is driving me to insanity and anxiety. The system is horrible to log on when you call you can’t get thru no matter what time or day you call. Please God help us all!!!

  48. I applied on 3/22! I check every day…..and nothing! I am still on pending status! They claim to have fixed the system. This is unbelievable!! Who is getting money?? AND why aren’t they answering the phones??? I have called over 100 times. Nothing!!!!

  49. Im in the same boat i applied march 22nd my application still pending and it also states can’t verify my identity i have called and called and called with no luck i don’t understand how they claim to have spent millions to upgrade and you can’t get nobody to answer the phone this system sucks they should also have more than one number for us to dial knowing its a million and one people trying to get thru to talk to someone very frustrating

  50. Applied week of March 20. No follow up from DOE other than pending. Application was finally taken over the phone by SEO employee MS GALLON. She indicated that they had everything needed to very my identity and process my claim. Still waiting…no idea where my claim and payments are. This system was obviously constructed to obstruct access to temporary benefits by unemployed workers. It is creating HAVOC for the states economy…and rather than serving as a stop gap until people are able to return to work it is punitive. I’m over 65 and have worked 2 part time jobs to make ends meet. I’m not lazy and I’m eager to go back to work .

    It’s time the governor call in Federal assistance from FEMA and Dept of Labor to get the funds flowing to the citizens so we can pay our bills and help keep our own economy afloat. State employees are being paid…put us on the state payroll and REREMPLOY us NOW since you can’t get the UI system working …

  51. My account refelects active and 1st payment was sent to me on 4/16. Today is 4/22 and still have not received a check or a direct deposit. Where is the money?

  52. My account reflects active and 1st payment was sent to me on 4/16. Today is 4/22 and still have not received a check or a direct deposit. Where is the money?

  53. No answers , nothing from the web site , sent paper application filled out on the old and new web page and still nothing . You know Mr. Governor why don’t you come on down here to Port Richey and explain to my kids why I can’t buy food or tell my landlord why I don’t have rent for April and Mays rent . For a country that is supposed to have there shit together . You all are a failure , failures to this country , failures to what our flag stands for and failures to the American people . All the way up to the president down to where we’re at now , nothing . I’m embarrassed the way you all are running our state our country and the world for that matter . It’s time for a change to all political partys they need to change there thinking what happened to we the people

  54. I finally got approved for unemployment. No money yet. I stated applying on March 20. My son just finally got in the system. But his states he needs to claim weeks. Governor passed bill stating we don’t have to claim weeks. I keep trying to help him to claim weeks. Get to a certain questionnaire and it kicks us out. I don’t see the governor trying to fill out these questions. He would quit his job if had to. By the time I receive any money I will be back at work for a month. No unemployment no stimulus. Living off family. Thank God for family.

  55. I applied 03/22/2020. Today is 04/22/2020 and I haven’t received a dime. As a matter of fact, 2 weeks the system tells me than I am ineligible…….I have worked every day since living in florida and we were laid off due to COVID 19….How am I NOT eligible?????? This system is crap and very disappointing that I have ZERO cash coming in after a month.

  56. I agree, I too am waiting with no answers. Please email me if a class action lawsuit is organized. I applied 3/22, still showing a pending status. I am not happy about the Disney worker’s being automatically enrolled. I’m sure anyone that applied had problems with the system. Now they will be automatically enrolled and will probably receive a payment before everyone that has been patiently waiting. I was told by one of the representative’s that it had an average of 3 weeks turn around before the Pandemic. Unacceptable in 3 weeks to a month with no income would force a person to take any job. This is not justice. I am completely disappointed with our Governor’s response. We elected the officials to represent us. They are doing a poor job. Please pay attention. The states are slowly opening back up, they value money over lives.

    1. I applied over a month ago on 3-15-2020 my case is still pending no call no emai from these people you can’t even get through on the phone line I been calling them a month straight at 7:30am it says all of the phone lines are tied up how is that possible if I’m calling early in the morning right when they open up this some b.s forreal I’m out of money we work hard only to be denied my the state omg

  57. My unemployment has been pending for over 4 weeks now , its time again to claim weeks. No payment, no answer, nothing.

  58. It is terrible it took me a month of frustration trying to get pass second page of claim application. I had to finally apply via paper application. Now I am on limbo waiting for some kind of response. Everyone is waiting for this money, we have bills to pay. It is unnecessary. All we hear is alot of talk but no action. I went on that connect site and applied 3/22/20 I applied got a claim number didn’t get beyond that page. They ask for authenticity you have to call a number that always is in high volume and your call gets dropped. It is a waiting game ,waiting forever for a benefits people desperately need now that this virus is affecting this whole country. It isn’t anyone’s fault we are not able to work during this pandemic and are furloughed but we are asked to hang in there while bills keep piling up. The uncertainty is hard. We need action now!!

  59. I was lucky and already in the system from years ago. I had to fax my SS card and birth certificate and got money this morning. I applied four weeks ago. The governor said the were waiving the waiting week but they did not in my case. I feel lucky to have gotten mine approved

    1. Do you have a fax number you can share they are requesting same documents from us to process our claim.

  60. The people running the system still receive there pay. People need to “LIBERATE” against our broken system. Let us eat cake while our leadership misleads the masses, as families and lives from all walks of life suffer. Is relief funds sitting around collecting interest? Or are the powers to be hoping citizens croak thus maintaining funds for their self interest.

  61. Its pathetic. I too filed 3/25 and my last day working the 18th. It took me that long to get my application in. Ive requested benefits for 4 weeks now and i still havnt seen a cent. I dont even know if i need to do anything else. My rent is behind and im out of money. I did ask to be out of work. When is something going to be done. If new people filing get replies before all of us who filed in march…..i just want to cry. ?

  62. I applied 3/21 and mine is still pending and haven’t received a penny. I’m not sure what Florida is doing but I have kids to feed and bills to pay. Not that they care. This is ridiculous.

    1. I applied 3/22 and recieved my 1st week last week also a $540 check in the mail they are deducting 10% automatically from federal.

      1. Glad to finally read someone out of thousands that received a payment. Did your weekly benefit include the additional $600. Also did your claim status ever change from a “pending” status. Holding on to HOPE

  63. They give you no insights as to what anything means. My status says resolved/complete but haven’t received anything, not a call, not a email, nothing. I’ve been waiting going on 3 weeks now. I understand others have waited longer, but within 3 weeks of filing and email should’ve been sent to me about something. FL what’s going on sir? It seems you want us to implode within each other. People are starving because you have failed us with this whatever system you have in play.

  64. I applied on mar.8th. Have not received that first check.The numbers they give you are a joke. They put you on hold but never answer and the web sites are a disaster. A lot of times it just kicks you out. I would really like to talk to a human being and try to get this mess straightened out. The money would be nice so I could pay bills and such

  65. Incredible this situation, I am Uber driver I applied a month ago 3/22/2020 until today I have no answer, nobody answers the phone in the offices, and to top it off after a month finishing my savings money in the afternoon new the new director of DEO declares that independent workers with the 1099 tax regime must make a new claim to be able to access federal re-employment aid because they will not take us into account for state re-employment assistance. Is seriously?
    We have no rights even though I lost my income to this pandemic?
    After a month waiting, do I have to start the process again?
    I have to pay my rent, my bills and the saddest thing there is no answer …. wao


  67. My unemployment has been pending for over 4 weeks now , its time again to claim weeks. No payment, no answer, no nothing.

  68. They not there to help working class people’s what so hard to understand we figured things out on election time cause we have the right to choose who going to lead Florida with our voting card , may God bless our Floridian during this hard time .

  69. I used the new web site and all it says is resolved-completed what does that mean? Didn’t ask about employment last 18 months just current job very frustrating not to get some. Answers

    1. I also get same Status on my unemployment. Wish they atleast say something about it to us. But nothing. Very frustrating. ??

    2. I also get same Status on my unemployment. Wish they atleast say something about it to us. But nothing. Very frustrating. ??

  70. Applied a month ago. Still reads I need authenticated but I did as I was told and still nothing just says I still need to be authenticated and that my claim is being processed. Seriously getting frustrated here okay. Very Fed Up with this!!

  71. James
    I applied 3/20/20, it’s still pending, no money no calls, I emailed 3 times, called countless times no answers, Florida, the mayor’s the governors has failed us all, Ron Desantis gotta go, he keep lying, this is a small rate for having 2000 people working there, I thought he said he spent all tha money to fix servers why everything still broken, we all need to stand up, class action lawsuits ain’t a bad idea.

  72. This is pretty stressing and frustrating.
    I applied 4 wks back after I was laid off from work, apparently I’m leaving on the money I got from the government without any other type of income!!
    This results we see might be fake since no now has been helped from the DEO department hence this is the time we need help since we try our level best to pay the taxes as much as we can.
    Please DEO do something to save lives of people who’re in debts and frustration.

  73. I think the system need the president attention. Someone need to be investigated. The state of florida is not giving we the people any free lunch this the people money. The governor need to be fired. The people need to start. A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT .

    1. Yes this is insane. I’ve had my application in since April 7th and have been in pending (under review) since then . You can’t reach anyone and can’t get help. I have non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and I’m completely broke and my credit is maxed . I haven’t had any income in a month and I’m completely stuck. Somebody needs to help. And yes since the state and federal funds are different then at least allow us to access the federal funds. I’ve been working full time for years and my place of employment closed due to covid19 so yes I qualify . I just need some damn help . I’m sadly close to doing something stupid because I need money to survive .

  74. This is just sad. Less than 10k new claims paid a week out of 650k+. We can all do basic math and that kind of progress is criminal. How is this even remotely ok? I can’t see how this has not been addressed at a higher level.

    Most people don’t even care about the State benefits; just give us a way to access the Federal payments. Offer loans, give a limited advance, make a mandatory repayment plan! Do something…

  75. I apply 3/23 still saying that it being process , try calling nothing everyday nothing unless they sending my check to Alaska that I don’t no about . I thank the shit need to get off the pot and start doing something because enough is enough, gov don’t have to worry about paying their bills so us poor people don’t count.

    1. Out of over 1.7 million claims in the past month, only 94 thousand claimants have been paid as of 4/20. I think anyone depending on this money better have a plan B figured out to get them by, because at this rate it could be months before anything comes through. It’s a disgrace, the governor should be demanding federal help since their system is causing an entirely different crisis for the people of Florida. If you are a middle class worrying American, you are truly insane and suicidal if you confine to allow Republicans to lead this State. Make no mistake, this is a direct result of that.

  76. Florida residents are paying federal taxes too! If Florida unemployment system is sabotaged as it is, it should be handled on different level by now…

  77. still pending after applying 3/22 they said if you are having a ID verification issue that occurred in their system during that time you are NOT in the processing QUEUE… period. Calling the number you get people that can not access the system to change that or verify your ID so you just sit not processed not getting the federal money either because your NOT in the system. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO HELP US….

  78. I applied 3/18 and am still showing my status as “pending” and shows they are unable to verify my identity. I’m frustrated as I still can’t get through to speak to an agent have called hundreds of times with still no luck.

    1. Mee too. Same thing still pending for a month. It says verify identity pending but no action necessary.

      1. mine said that also and i had to send the my Id and SS. Aly has what you need in the comment above. super easy but i sent in mine over 3 weeks ago and still havent heard anything.

  79. My last day working was March 18. I sent my application by mail on April 8 with returned received and didn’t receive any thing yet. This is ridiculous!!!!!!

  80. I applied since the 03/19/2020 as well and haven’t seen a single cent. When will we get are Unemployment checks, I’ve got Bills to pay and Family to support.

  81. I applied 3/23/20. I have a pin issue. So not only have I emailed, I’ve called everyday several times a day, and sent paper application in with delivery confirmation. I’ve worked since the age of 16 in the state of Florida.. I DONT UNDERSTAND…. are we hoping everyone catches the virus and we then dont have to pay???? Governor…. open the unemployment office back up allow 1 at a time and no more than 200 people a day….let’s fix the problem!!!!! And help the voters!!!!!

  82. I file my claim on 3/14/2020 and it’s still pending approval. It’s asking me to claim my weekly benefit. This system and the people In charge of it is sad

    1. Florida politicians dont want to pay anyone. Look what is 250.00 a week gona pay. Food for your family. Look at the wage rate here it is pitiful. You have to work 80 hrs or more just to get by. The politicians are lineing there pockets. You have to all stick together and protest at the statehouse. Tell desantis to not take a pay check and see what he does.

      1. I also speculate that we may not get back dated pay despite claiming previous weeks (for those that were even able to enroll). I think it is partly intentional so that people don’t get their money.

  83. It is totally inappropriate to speculate on the DEO’s Director being fired on the spot had he been a Caucasian.
    Stop it Dont even go there in your mind.

  84. Hi started work in nov.2919 after jot working taking care of my mom then grandchild…..I started fall back on bill needed to fine work started nov 2019but at the end of March. I’m 60 and diabetic. I was the first to go .then 1 week later the rest went home too. But anyways I found out I was ineligible because I didnt have enough time put in for 2019. Do I qualified for anything. Om broke I have had no checks in 4weejs.

  85. My daughter has been trying to apply for 3 weeks. Worse system ever. Don’t believe these numbers. Florida is terrible!

  86. WOW! at this rate it’s going to be a long time before people see some cash. This is pitifull. Some heads need to roll.

    1. I see so many people who are complaining that they applied a month ago or even less… I applied in Late Jan and have not received any money. The system was broken before Covid-19.

      1. Still waiting after a month. Emails by the 100’s and calls in 1000’s with NO ANSWER or email response. I’m with the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!

        We will all remember this at election time. We need to replace DeSantis and especially Rick Scott . They are responsible for this horrific FAILURE!!!