March Tallahassee Airport Traffic Hit by COVID-19 Pandemic

March Tallahassee Airport Traffic Hit by COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest information from the Tallahassee International Airport shows that passenger traffic decreased 48.1% in March when compared to traffic one year ago. The number of passengers was down from 73,055 in last March to 37,918 this year.

The full impact of COVID-19 will not be evident until April numbers are reported.

The Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts decreased for the three major carriers. American was down 45.6%, the Delta Group was down 53.5% and Silver Airways was down 24.5%.

The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 24-months. The annual rate of passengers at TIA in March was 846,699. Despite the major decline in April, this is still 3.16% above the annualized rate reported during this month last year. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic.

The annualized passenger traffic before the Great Recession was approximately 947,000 in 2007.

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  1. James and others like him are really stuck in a corner here. They claim that this was all hyped up. If that’s true then they prove how weak and incompetent their elected officials were against liberal pressure. If it’s not true then they prove their elected officials were incompetent with preparedness and response as they dragged their feet to scramble to bail out the rich whilst throwing a pittance of relief to the underpaid masses. They’ll dance in the streets overjoyed when they get scraps thrown at them. Not realizing that had we not given huge tax cuts to the rich the stimulus checks we could have gotten could have been thousands of dollars per month rather than a measly 1200 pocket change.

    1. James, this virus was not hyped at all. If anything, it was probably underestimated initially here in the US and that is why we are the most affected nation on this planet. Worse still is that it won’t be over here anytime soon.

      1. This is the liberal talking points. It will not work out the way you think.

        You are your ignorant friends should stay home until we rational thinking people give you the all clear. This is brain washing beyond what anything people thought.

        1. @James –

          If you are going to be relying on calling people ignorant as an argument, it might help if you were able to form coherent sentences.

          “All of this for no reason except hyped virus.” — This is not a well formed sentence.

          “This is the liberal talking points.” — This is not a well formed sentence.

          “This is brain washing beyond what anything people thought.” — This is coming from someone who wants to call people ignorant.

          The height of conservative thought in Tallahassee right here!

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