Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley Encourages Vote-by-Mail for 2020 Elections

Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley Encourages Vote-by-Mail for 2020 Elections

Mark Earley, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, is encouraging all voters to Vote-by-Mail for the 2020 Primary and General Elections. 

Earley stated in a recent press release that his office is taking the COVID-19 emergency seriously and wants to adhere to the recommendations made by the Center for Disease Control for election polling. Earley said, “Voting by mail allows voters to cast their ballots from the safety and comfort of their own homes, minimizes interactions with other people, and helps to maintain social distancing. We all need to do our part to keep our nation healthy, and voting by mail is an important part of that process.”

Other Florida counties, like Palm Beach, have begun pushing for voters to vote by mail as well, afraid that COVID-19 may still be impacting the nation in the fall. Additionally, this push comes after hundreds of poll workers refused to show up for duty during the March primary, as they feared they might contract the COVID-19 virus.

As the COVID-19 crisis has forced the nation to participate in social distancing there has been an enormous boost in support for vote-by-mail ballots and all Florida Counties have this option available. A recent poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal suggests that a combined two-thirds of Americans back the Vote-by-Mail for the November elections. The survey ineicated that 58 percent of voters support allowing voting by mail generally, while 39 percent do not support it.

Voters may request a Vote-by-Mail ballot for the upcoming elections by visiting the Supervisor of Elections website, and click on the “Request Vote-by-Mail link to sign up. Earley suggests that all voters who want to vote by mail to request the ballot as soon as possible. The deadline to request the mail ballot for the fall elections is October 24th, 2020, that is ten days prior to election day.

8 Responses to "Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley Encourages Vote-by-Mail for 2020 Elections"

  1. Very bad idea… along with ballot harvesting, they are both rife with fraud. And yes, I’ve witnessed it myself. Far too many to properly vet and verify, and most volunteers are elderly with declining eyesight. Years ago we accomplished this in one day and in person, with a smaller population. Many countries still do.

    Ask yourself why we can’t.

  2. Don’t the voters who request a ballot have to be checked off on the voter rolls to show that they have registered to vote? If not, this is a bad idea.

    1. OP mentioned “ballot harvesting”. Valerie Voter requests absentee/mail ballot, gets it, fills out her preferences. Friendly Sally Socialist or Patently Postal offers to take it in, but considering Valerie’s political opinions decides to accidentally lose it, while rushing over Ronnie Regressive’s & Camelia Commie’s. And then there is the election night, “Oh, my, I just discovered the trunk of that rust-bucket down by the tracks was filled with mail-in ballots that just happened to contain votes for all of my favorites; I’ll just rush those in to turn the tide, just like Al F.” “Oops, too bad. Lost those ballots from military deployed over-seas.”

      Don’t get me started on the privacy violations & security holes the legislators & county supervisors of elections think are peachy. Things computer wranglers knew were dangerous are considered good enough because in Florida it’s the FLaw.

  3. How do I vote by mail or on line? Please send me instructions on what to and how? Also what date I can vote… thank you….

  4. The General Election in November should not be the only concern. Interested, eligible voters should request a vote-by-mail ballot for the 2020 Primary by August 8th.

  5. This is a bad idea. Ballots magically appear in Broward County. We may as well have voted for Alan Williams for Supervisor of Elections.

    Waiting on their next tactic of withholding election results for a later date, because a large batch of ballots has got to be stuck in a mailbox somewhere.

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