New COVID Report Shows Leon County Details

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  1. In a 780 patient covid19 study in Indonesia, you were more likely to die from Covid19 if your vitamin D level was deficient, than if you were old (>50yo), or had comorbidities. The odds ratio for dying with Vit D deficiency was greater than the other two associations (age and comorbidities.) Vit D is a powerful enhancement of your innate immune system, can be obtained free thru sun exposure (without sunblock), and is the reason why flu season is winter, when fewer people get sun. The virus is not afraid of summer weather. Humans are healthier in the sunny weather. Northern shadowy cities will do worse than sunny states like California and Florida.

  2. Many studies and past experience with the health problems caused by coronavirus found that low vitamin D levels and lack of regular exercise were major factors in Coronavirus seriousness and deaths.

  3. other countries such as N Korea, China, Germany, Long Island hospitals found effective treatments such as vitamin C IV& ozone and have much better success in hospitals using it Yet authorities aren’t telling hospitals and nursing homes about the known proven effective treatments that have been used for CV & past similar viruses- commonly used in Tallahassee but not on CV. (concerned)

  4. More studies are coming out which show huge numbers have likely had this virus and are fully recovered. Anecdotally most all of know plenty of people who would say they had it. The total number of deaths for the nation is normal – yes, even with COVID-19. The mortality rate for this, if taking the likely, but unproven, cases is very low. Other causes of death which normally take place are down, while others (notably pneumonia) are up. Add this all up and we will likely end up with the equivalent of a bad flu season. So, we have nearly crashed the economy, cost millions their jobs, allowed civil rights to be curtailed and the big takeaway is you may get sick and if you were already sick it could be bad. Shocking. Yes, it will come back. As growing numbers of epidemiologists suggest we did not allow this to run its course. Distancing, while suppressing the numbers (flattening the curve) has elongated this pandemic. In essence, we have changed the dates. Given the hundreds of viruses out there, how many times has one been beaten by a vaccine? Time to go back to work citizens…it should be your choice. Open your business (if you choose with whatever guidelines you want) or not…go to work or not…go out or not…go shopping or not. Whether you and I disagree I wish everyone great health. Blessings!

  5. It’s hilarious to hear DeSantis saying that this disease doesn’t live up to the “hysteria.”

    Yes, it does. We have only experienced this reduced level of illness and death because of widespread unprecedented cooperation to close unnecessary business and do social distancing.

    Undo that and this disease will be back killing people with a vengeance. Even Georgia’s coroner’s office says, you go out to the stores without a mask and taking other precautions that you are “playing Russian roulette.”

    No, it’s not over with.

  6. These stats do not indicate active cases, only all reported cases. Going forward, the number of active cases will be more important for immediate decision making than total historical cases.

    Hopefully DOH will add that.

  7. “Communities” don’t have underlying health problems; individual people do. Furthermore, death impacts all involved, no matter the pigment tone of an individual. Its not a matter of disproportionality – that’s the media hacks and exploiters talking… its a matter of biological and genealogical construct. Some are simply more susceptible to disease by nature of their very natural existence. If we’re going to list by “race”, then list by all races. Not doing so, itself, is actually racist.

  8. I agree with Doe. However, the chart doesn’t provide the percentage of people in each racial category in Leon County. this is necessary to know how much each racial category is being affected.

  9. I agree with Doe. We have to protect our vulnerable communities and if that means breaking data down by race so we can better analyze it and find answers and solutions to problems, then by all means, please continue.

  10. It is not racist, it helps to keep track of which communities are being affected. If you have not been paying attention, black communities around the US are disproportionately being affected by the virus and are having a higher mortality rate than white people. Tracking this date brings awareness to this issue and helps to see where we can help in preventing the spread of the virus and help treating the people most affected by this. Anything racial doesn’t mean that it is racist. In this case it is bringing awareness to who is being affected by this disease. Furthermore the black community is at higher risk due to underlying disease prevalent in the community. Awareness of this issue and how it is affecting the community is key to helping to combat the disease and protect vulnerable populations

  11. Number of Leon County Covid-19 deaths in 2020: 2
    Number of Leon County people killed by falling trees during severe storms in 2020: 1
    Mayor Flintstone:
    Cut down all large trees NOW! Issue a Stay-Away-From-Trees Order immediately!

  12. It’s raciest that a State agency breaks down it’s public reports by race.
    What public health purpose does that serve?

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