New Website Helps Tallahassee Organizations Weather Economic Uncertainty

New Website Helps Tallahassee Organizations Weather Economic Uncertainty

The Taproot Agency has launched, a free website that shares how-to videos submitted by Tallahassee professionals and invites visitors to return the favor by making a voluntary financial contribution to those organizations.

“When we saw how COVID-19 restrictions were affecting lifestyles and livelihoods, we put our heads together to come up with a way to help,” said Stacey Getz, managing partner and chief strategy officer at Taproot. “Without access to certain goods and services, people were scrambling to find DIY tutorials online, while many businesses and nonprofits were struggling to make ends meet. Learn from a Local addresses both of those challenges by offering expert advice from familiar faces, and by putting money in the pockets of those who need it.”

The website showcases videos from popular local businesses like Tallahassee Nurseries, RedEye Coffee and Heath & Soul, and features a wide range of topics including, “Five Daily Practices for Improved Mental Health,” “How to Refresh Your Living Room without Spending Any Money” and “How to Make a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich.” There are even videos geared toward kids such as, “How to Juggle a Soccer Ball” and “How to Draw a Giraffe.” 

Every video is accompanied by a payment window that allows viewers to voluntarily contribute any dollar amount to that organization. At the end of each month, Taproot will mail a check to each participating entity for the full amount of contributions earned. For those who desire to submit a video but do not want to receive contributions, Taproot will donate their share to Second Harvest of the Big Bend. 

“We had a blast making our video and consider it a privilege to participate in this community-wide initiative,” said Dr. Cory Couch, partner with Chaney, Couch and Associates Family Dentistry. “Even though our practice is currently only able to treat patient emergencies, we felt like Second Harvest could use the money more than us right now, and we appreciated having the opportunity to give back in that way.” 

Any business, freelancer or nonprofit within a 50-mile radius of Tallahassee and employing less than 50 people can submit a video at no cost. Contributors just need a cell phone and a quiet, well-lit location to create their video, and can submit their masterpiece directly to the website. Members of the Taproot team personally review and post videos within a few business days of receiving them.

“For us, this is all about strengthening community connectedness and empowering our neighbors to serve one another during this stressful and uncertain time,” said Getz. “Consider it just one small way to bring everyone a little closer together even while we’re apart.” 

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