Leon County COVID-19 Positive Test Rate Falls to 4.6%

Leon County COVID-19 Positive Test Rate Falls to 4.6%

The latest report by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) shows that the positive test rate for COVID-19 in Leon County has dropped as the number of tests have increased.

The overall positive test rate for Leon County, as of May 8th, is 4.6%. This rate is based on 5,527 tests which resulted in 252 positive results.

The positive test rate for Florida is 7.6%.

Since May 2nd Leon County has conducted approximately 2,227 tests. The results of those tests show that 2,110 were negative and 17 were positive. This is a .76% positive test rate.

The table below, from the Florida DOH, summarizes the testing information for Leon County since April 25.

Florida testing information since April 24.

3 Responses to "Leon County COVID-19 Positive Test Rate Falls to 4.6%"

  1. Of course it is low. The tests are not being done “correctly. At drive up they handled us the test kids and said to do it yourself with no instructions. Later I learned you must push the swab up your nose as far as it can go which is three to four inches otherwise you get a false reading. The drive through is a waste of time and money with misleading results.

    1. I thought Northwood had set up an obstacle driving course for teens that couldn’t take Driving School. WTH is that all about, with all the cones and stations?
      My guess: ANOTHER complete waste of our tax money

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