City to Consider Selling Parcel Next to Academy Sports

City to Consider Selling Parcel Next to Academy Sports

At the May 13th Tallahassee City Commission meeting, elected officials will consider the sale of a city owned property near one of the busiest intersections in Tallahassee.

Tallahassee City Commissioners are being asked by city staff for approval to market a 3.46-acre  parcel located at the intersection of Mahan Drive and Weems Road. The parcel is located next to Academy Sports.

The sale would take place through competitive bid solicitation.

The property was acquired by the City in July 2016 as part of an 11.99 acre purchase from Winslett  Properties,  Inc. for $3,450,000  plus  closing  costs. The property was purchased to facilitate the Weems Road Extension project which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.   

The City has received inquiries from multiple parties interested in purchasing this parcel. 

Based on city policy, surplus property shall be marketed for sale or disposition by competitive bid solicitation, or, if the City Commission or City Manager considers it to be in the best interest of the City, without competitive bid solicitation. 

“Competitive Bidding” is defined in the policy as “receipt of written quotes from bidders with the object of obtaining the highest price for property, which is in the best interest of the City; also, the receipt of bids by auction.”  

Based on the high level of interest in the property, city staff is recommending the use of a commercial real estate broker to assist with marketing and negotiating the potential sale of the property. 

Any agreement, which may result from this solicitation, is subject to final approval by the Commission.

8 Responses to "City to Consider Selling Parcel Next to Academy Sports"

  1. The extension is useless – it won’t do anything to alleviate traffic – just like keeping weems road 2-lane. Yes, the bridge probably did need to be rebuilt — other than that, now when we sit in the same traffic we always have, it’ll just be a prettier view…waste of money but someone’s pockets will be padded by the sale of 3.46 acres – that’s the real master plan. This brought to you by the same people that made Gaines Street (sorry “G Street”) two lane then put 5000 college students on it.

  2. With all the Land Buying and Selling the City has been doing over the last 10 Years, Maybe it is time (or past time) to trade in the City Attorney for a City Attorney that is ALSO a Licensed Real-Estate Attorney.

  3. As I understood from the planning of this unneeded road that traversed forested wetlands with a nearby sinkhole, this property was to be used for a recreational area. The CoT continues its lack of concern for the environment by allowing this forested site to be sold and paved over sending more runoff to Upper Lake Lafayette which is directly connected to our drinking water supply. Just another poor land use planning decision that will have adverse environmental impacts.

    John Outland.

  4. City’s own real estate department can’t handle a bid process for qualified potential buyers? City doesn’t need to be paying a commission fee to anyone.

    This falls right in line with a 2010 Commission decision giving the City Manager carte blanc approval of any infrastructure bids over $250K. Previously, bids above $250 needed Commission approval, plus, gave citizen transparency! In 2010, Comm Miller expressed concerns of no oversight, thus, Commission approved with a Commission review in one year of approved bids. Request of CM Goad asking if this has been done elicited a response from ACM Tedder that did not indicate this review had occurred. SO, we have infrastructure bid being approved without Commission approval, not even an Agenda review, post-approval.

    How does that make you feel taxpayers?

  5. That area is really pretty and is full of mature live oaks. It’d be a shame to turn it into a parking lot, but that’s what they’ll do.

  6. 3.5 Acres is a lot of Commercial Property in THAT area and is worth a LOT of Money. I have been looking at Commercial Land in Tallahassee over the last several Years and from what I have seen, that piece of Property is worth well OVER $4 Million Dollars. It fronts on TWO Paved Major Roads on THREE SIDES with HIGH Traffic Count, you KNOW the Weems Extension will have a very high Traffic Count when it opens. The Lot will be able to have several Entry Points and one could possibly be joining the Sports Academy Parking Lot. If it sells for less than $4 Million, I will have to assume Corruption is involved.

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