LCS to Form Task Force on Reopening Schools

LCS to Form Task Force on Reopening Schools

At the May 12 Leon County School Board meeting, Superintendent Rocky Hanna announced that the school district will form a task force for reopening Leon County Schools in the fall.

The task force will be responsible for planning multiple components of the 2020-2021 school year, including issues related to the budget and the digital divide.

The task force will consist of 20 people. Hanna said he will appoint 10 people and 10 will be chosen by the Board. Hanna said he does not intend to be the chair of the task force and suggested Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle for the position.

Hanna said he hopes to move forward with the task force early next week.

Yesterday, at the Board’s agenda review meeting, Hanna outlined options for returning to school in the fall. One option is that students all return to school in person. Another is that students continue distance learning as they are now.

A hybrid model is another option. In this case, schools would reopen at half capacity, with half of students continuing distance learning. In the case of another virus outbreak, students would likely be sent back home.

The district’s plan for the fall will depend on decisions from the state government. The Florida Board of Education will meet Wednesday, May 13 to begin discussions on reopening schools.

14 Responses to "LCS to Form Task Force on Reopening Schools"

  1. Rocky has a rich history of creating a task force.

    There was the One Man Task force while Rocky was Principal of Leon High. This task force (membership of one-Rocky himself) was designed to date teachers he supervised, then silence them.

    We all know about the famous “Notebook” Task Force comprised of Rocky and Woody. This Task Force never thought Hank Coxe and the U. S. Attorney would ultimately both discover Rocky as ring leader purposely mislead state and federal authorities.

    Then we have the ESE Task Force, again made of just Rocky who as soon as he became Superintendent cause upheaval in the lives of ESE students and families.

    Rocky the King of the Task Force. Also king of child neglect, king of nepotism, king of the fat cat club and intimidation expert.

    Rocky do what you best, cause disruption by deception.

  2. Rocky, we fully understand your ego driven need to garner headlines leading up to an election.

    We also fully understand that you have mislead the public as to who you are. Let’s talk facts:
    1. School opening and closure during the pandemic and the aftermath will be directed by the Governor and Commissioner of Education.
    2. Most districts in Florida during the pandemic have an Instructional Continuity Plan. You and your ego driven Assistant Superintendent Gregory have a Pandemic Plan. Talk obout over inflated egos driven by a need to grab headlines.
    3. Rocky and the Board approved $400,000 in raises a week ago, now they want to layoff teachers.

    Rocky your campaign slogan should be something like ill-informed, ill-mannered, ripped off taxpayers but elected or Rip-off Rocky, I scammed taxpayers out of $600,000 with false accusations but hey I got elected.

    Re-elect Rocky to ensure our teachers remain the 46th lowest paid in Florida.

  3. “Task Forces” are a common tool of the left to force unpleasant things upon the public or to do nothing whatsoever about the issue while allowing leadership to control the task force outcome while at the same time maintaining a teflon coated shield around the leader(s) so the gullible public wont blaim the leader for the outcome or total lack of outcome of the task force.
    You remember Barack Obama was a big fan of task forces.
    “I am uhh appointing a uhh task force to look into why that uhh border agent was uhh shot with a uhh gun from the uhh Fast and uhh Furious gun runners.”
    And so many other transfer of responsibility task forces lazy leftists created.
    Also does anyone out there really think the outcome of Rocky’s task force is not already known and pre determined by Rocky? Really? Really? Really???????

  4. So you have a Pandemic Task Force and a Reopening Schools Task Force. News flash for Rocky, 10-15 days left in school, a little late to the start and finish line Rocky. Maybe they can start a Task Force Rocky can head, a two part task force… How as a principal to date and bully teachers and part 2 How as Superintendent you can elevate your buddies to Assistant Superintendent positions without advertising jobs. Rocky when look in the mirror do you see credibility? If yes, look again we see through you.

  5. As the School Board prepare their 20/21 budget, they need to let us know how much non-restricted carry forward will be projected and how much debt they will be carrying forward. Also, if all appointment of staff is July 1, then, will staff be appointed for 6 months until the state budget is known? Also, I will offer 20 to 1 odds that Hanna’s new committee will contain only Democrats/Liberals.

  6. A couple of weeks ago, Tallahassee Reports announced that Hanna and the Board approved bonuses of $1400 each for highly paid administrators. I sent a Zing and a message to the editor of The Democrat about it to no avail. Duh. Today, I see that the school budget must be cut as early as the fall possibly laying off teachers and cutting programs. I am ashamed of and angered by the Board and Hanna for such poor stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

  7. I hope the Board members appoint some parents or grandparents to serve. I suspect they will appoint all major contributors to their campaigns or other elected officials.

  8. Superintendent Hanna
    Either you’re misinformed, misguided, lack of knowledge, or just downright goofy. The opening and closing of schools is statutoryly decided by the commissioner of education and the governor set forth by the legislature. Leave it to Rocky to think he can control everything.

    Rocky maybe you needed a task force to look into your 10 years of child neglect. Not paying child support for 10 years, the only word that comes to mind is sinful.

  9. Looks like you all should have spent some money building more Classrooms so you can have fewer Students in each Class, you know, like we VOTED TO HAVE a long time ago.

  10. Does Florida’s Governor and the head of Florida’s State Department Education hold the ultimate power over opening or closing schools?

    Florida can not have a patchwork of open and closed counties. Based on wacko leftist political School Board motivated decisions.

    They all must open or all must close.

  11. School Board Members,
    Why are you not designating a “Task Force” to review the $600,000 RIPOFF of TAX DOLLARS by Rocky Hanna?

    Rocky Hanna cost us $600,000 for an investigation into the accusations he developed and sent to state and federal authorities. Attorney Hank Coxe, hired by you- the school board, found “I think it’s fair to say that the persons who originally created the materials that triggered some of these events had no direct knowledge … of anything, wrong or good or bad or anything,” Coxe replied. Coxe, in his preliminary investigation, found that the notebook was compiled by former Leon High School Principal Rocky Hanna. “The bottom line conclusion remains the same,” Coxe said. “We did not find any person who engaged in any inappropriate, fraudulent or criminal behavior in the construction process.

    The case was so outrageous that the U.S. Attorney closed the case! ” According to Attorney Stephen Dobson “this first time in my career that the US Attorney has stated that a case is closed.”

    Rocky ripped off taxpayers for $600,000. He now put himself over construction, awarding contracts. The school board has no credibility. Rocky Hanna acted with malice and criminal intent by knowingly falsifying information to state and federal authorities. Why not investigate Rocky? The opening of schools will be decided by the Governor and the Commissioner of Education. Rocky, you are a master of diversion and misinformation.

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