Leon County Commissioners Discuss Phased Reopening Plan

Leon County Commissioners Discuss Phased Reopening Plan

At their special COVID-19 response meeting on Thursday, the Leon County Commissioners reviewed a presentation on Leon County’s three-phase reopening plan.

Earlier this week, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-123, outlining Florida’s statewide reopening plan and initiating phase one. Leon County’s plan reflects the executive order as well as state and federal guidelines.

In phase one of the statewide plan, many businesses can operate at 50% capacity, but schools and large venues remain closed, and visits to nursing homes are prohibited. Facemasks are recommended in public. In Leon County, government meetings can take place virtually. Parks are open, but campgrounds and playgrounds are closed.

In phase two of the statewide plan, non-essential travel is permitted, and additional businesses can reopen and expand capacity. In Leon County’s second phase, more businesses can reopen, and services like drug and alcohol testing may be offered in person.

Phase three of the plan is referred to as the “new normal” phase. In this phase, government meetings can be held in person, but County departments should maintain telecommunication as necessary. Most services and events may resume with certain restrictions and social distancing measures.

According to the presentation, it may take six months to over a year to reach the “new normal” phase. Additionally, the plan may change if the County chooses to impose further restrictions locally, such as requiring facemasks in public or temperature checks before entering buildings.

Commissioner Kristin Dozier noted that the use of masks in the community varies widely among businesses. She brought up the idea of celebrating businesses and individuals that utilize masks through a media campaign. She also suggested coordinating with organizations to make cloth masks available to the public.

The commissioners also discussed how to handle concerns regarding large gatherings of people. County Attorney Chasity O’Steen emphasized that people who notice large gatherings should not call 911. People can report them, but they should call non-emergency numbers.

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  1. Correct. We are starved for good news:
    “Lock-Downs End”
    “Student, Exchange, Guest-Work Visas Cut 98%”
    “Jobs Dearth Falls from 42.2 Million to 2 Million; 99% of New Grads Have Job Offers 2 Months Before Graduation in the Fields They Studied”
    “Salaries & Benefits & Profits Up, Taxes, Debt & Deficits Down”
    “Power-Madness Recedes”
    “Socialist Insecurity Numbers & Records Eliminated”
    “4th Fiber-Optic Telecomm Firm Offering Services Throughout Leon County; Bandwidth Soars, Rates Drop”
    “Choose Your Electric Company; 100 Operating in Florida; 5 Throughout Leon County”
    “Area Humidity Drops from 99.9% to 50%; Rains Increase Slightly, Poison Ivy & Mosquitoes Die Back, Crops Thrive”
    “Clinton Crime Family & John Roberts Secured at Super Max Today”
    “County Library Endowed with Perpetual Supply of 365 Substantive STEM Books & Materials per Year; Current Insubstantial Materials Moved to Elementary School Resource Centers (where they belong)”
    “DBPR Shut Down; Private Reputation Services Take Up the Slack; Guest-Workers Deported; Private Businesses Proliferate & Thrive; Customers Celebrate Improved Services, Lower Prices”
    “RKBA Fully Recognized; All Can Carry Until & Unless They Initiate Force; Mutual Respect Soars”
    “Driver Licensing Ends; All Can Drive Until & Unless They Cause Harm” (h/t Lawton Chiles)
    “16th Amendment Repealed; Federal Income Extortion Terminated”
    “17th Amendment Repealed; State Governments Choose Senators”
    “5,000 Congress-Critters Begin New One-Year Terms in January; Tighter Constituent OverSight; Fewer Laws Changed, Fewer New Laws Hatched, Debates Receive High Viewership; Conflict Between Titles & Contents Plummet; USCode Greatly Improves”

    To quote MLKII: “I have a dream!”… “…children play together…” “Free at Last! Great God Almighty, Free At Last!”

    1. Maybe the ACLU should sue Doris Maloy & force her to provide ALL the services her offices are charged with providing?

      Won’t happen.

  2. Just to be the Devil’s Advocate here……………….. You think the Government wanting yo to Wear a Mask is taking away YOUR Rights………..OK, doesn’t the Government MAKE YOU Drive on the Right Side of the Road? Not Pass on Double Yellow Lines, Drive certain Speeds? Your Life is SAVED just by the Government painting a Yellow or White Stripe on a Road or placing a big Red Sign beside the Road or a little Red Light above the Road. The Government does that. No Protests against THAT. The Government MAKES you do a LOT of things that you blindly follow happily, think about THAT. But you want to protest wearing a Mask to protect others. Protest the Local Governments for wasting your Tax Dollars on crap not needed ($7.4 Million on a Pedestrian Bridge), Protest the Children’s Advocate Services who will get to raise your Property Taxes because they spent all their Money on crap not needed because they will not be accountable for any of their actions. Protest how they are allowing 10 to 20 Dwellings to be built on a single Acre. Protest how they allow Developers to change the Rules to benefit them mid way thru the Development. Protest them for paying Big Developers to build their Projects while they hurt the small Businesses. Protest them for allowing the Contractors to take Days & Weeks off in the middle of a Project because they are a few days ahead of Schedule. Just to name a few things.

    1. Dave, good try about the road system, but no sale – it’s a false comparison. The road system is a hundred-years-old-plus system of traffic navigation that evolved from the mutual consensus of free citizens and their elected officials. A government, I emphasize, that functions only “at the consent of the governed” as stated in The Declaration of Independence. So (to use your example as analogy) – a sudden and draconian “law” that repeals the NORMAL speed limits and says you MUST ALWAYS go no faster than 5 miles an hour because “it’s about saving lives” is not easily accepted by free citizens. Soon, such free citizens will see that this 5 mph “law” is killing or causing far more death than the regular speed limit by delaying ambulances and 911 response, premature births that happened on the road, fire trucks responding to a blaze, etc. So the free citizens will begin to rebel. It’s a completely justified and normal response to a repressive “law”, especially in America, which has a historically low tolerance for repression in any form.

      We Americans insist on being free and risking our lives – in spite of the risk every time we get into an automobile. Likewise, we don’t “lockdown” all society, destroy the economy, and force everyone to wear Face Diapers for a laughably exaggerated and falsified disease no more lethal than the seasonal Flu.

      I add that we’ve all seen ridiculously dangerous intersections, interstate ramps, and road signage that’s been badly designed and is responsible for many deaths over the years. So if you’re relying on “the government” to take care of your safety and your life over common sense and personal responsibility, you’re a very unwise person.

  3. Absolutely This. Well done.

    To those on the Commision, how do you know your handler hasn’t already been compromised? The FBI may have let you walk, but they aint the only ones Watching.

  4. It is a clear violation of the ADA to force everyone wear a mask as it may pose mental and/or physical risk to the individual. Under the ADA you are NOT required to disclose any medical conditions to anyone demanding you tell them why you should NOT wear a mask. The Department of Justice ADA violation reporting number is 800-514-0301. If anyone is found to be in violation of the ADA, they can face steep penalties. Organizations and businesses can be fined up to $92,383 for the first ADA violation and $184,767 for any subsequent violation.

    Prolonged use of wearing a mask can lead to Respiratory Acidosis (look it up) and to some vulnerable persons lead to severe medical consequences, especially those with preexisting breathing problems.

  5. Will a phased reopening keep Jimbo from doing county work on school board time? As long as Jimbo gives Rocky “self confessed liar to state and federal authorities” Hanna, the Ft Braden re-election vote nobody in the school system will care! Double dippers delight.

    Jimbo as you campaign for the Rockstar, ask your Ft Branden followers how many approve of a guy who had to be sued to pay child support for his own child after hiding like a coward for 10 years.

  6. Great liberal slap-down Jill.
    Chris probley wears a mask for virtue signaling only and likes to eat his nose buggers while shopping at Publix or Whole Foods.
    All the while looking forward to voting for whoever the DNC puts in “you minorities are not black enough” senile ‘Ole pervert Uncle Joe’s place.
    Is that about right?

  7. Idiots! This is not about the infringement on your freedom not to wear a mask. It is about my freedom NOT to catch the virus from one of you stupids. Grow up and look beyond your infantile egos and recognize that you do live in a social context.

    1. If you dont wanna get sick then stay home, nobody is telling you that you can’t. The rest of us are tired of being held hostage by people intent on turning this country into a Socialist third world shit hole. We want to return to normal life. You call us stupid, well tell me how is giving up rights we were given through our constitution stupid. Stupid is sitting back and watching it happen and not doing anything about it. Socialism is coming if we don’t remain diligent and push back. This was only a test to see how easy it would be to peacefully implement a one world socialist government where only the rich are free to do what they want. We the people failed miserably, we let them. This however opened our eyes a bit to what is truly going on, the government will succeed if we don’t stop it. The next move will be to remove our defenses / guns. If they take our guns we are doomed. President Trump and a few others are the only ones stopping it from happening right now.

    2. Chris, the only “idiocy” here is the idiocy of falling for a ridiculously exaggerated flu-like disease as an excuse to shut down America. The overall survival rate for C-19 is 99%. If you catch it (and a mask won’t prevent that) and you’re relatively healthy, your chances of dying barely total a fraction of 1%. Also, lockdowns and masks aren’t effective: 66% of the C-9 cases in New York were all in “lockdown” at home when they became infected. New York is still in hyper-strict “lockdown” – yet has thousands more cases of C-19 than Florida, which is generally opening up.

      Dem-Socialists are acting as if ONLY deaths from C-19 are important; the recent estimates of death from the economic shutdown (depression, suicide, alchoholism, drug use, delayed med treatments, etc.) are that in ONE MONTH more Americans are dying as have died in the ENTIRE C-19 infection. Yet the Dem-Socialists turn a blind eye to those deaths – so their argument to justify repression “it’s for public health” is totally false.

      Let us Americans who want to resume life get America roaring again. Meantime, you sit it out in your “obedience mask” at home if you like.

    3. Stay home if you don’t like it. Do you disinfect all your clothing and hair before entering your home? Wearing any mask other than a SCBA and doing decon is like putting a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes.
      Stay home if you don’t like it. How in the hell do you suppose your immune system works? It is working 24/7 to reach equilibrium with everything/everyone you come into contact. How sick will everyone be once we are all again out and about and no one worked out their immune system the way they did before the Shanghai Shivers came along?
      My Body My Choice, right?
      Stay home if you don’t like it, the rest of us have a Civilization to build and don”t need Social Distance Warriors in our way.

  8. And somehow normally clear thinking local citizens want to believe Stinkel will judge his beloved local fellow leftists caught up in the usual suspect FBI investigation fairly…not gonna happen.

  9. Enough!! It’s time we take back our lives and our country!!! None of this was or is necessary. These politicians acting like their doing this for our benefit. What scares me the most is how easily it was done. Wake up America before we have no civil liberties to protect.

  10. This is not about our health. It is about the election. Fear of standing in line to vote is the goal; Mail-in ballots are the final attempt at Corrupted Vote Counts. The Second Wave (Incoming) is a Farce.
    Vote like your life depends on it.

  11. Someone needs to tell Buckhead Bill to point his web camera away from that window…or was that done to further confuse his sheeple about his residency?

  12. It’s really a simple matter of 1+1=2 folks… an Occam‘s razor scenario, if you will.

    ~ What impedes China’s goal of world economic and military dominance, power, and control?… America’s economy and President Trump’s “America First” policies.

    ~ What impedes the Democrat’s goal of returning to dominance, power, and control of America?… America’s economy and President Trump’ “America First” policies.

    What do the two aforementioned entities have in common, in order to achieve their respective goals?… the destruction of America’s economy and President Trump’s “America First” policies.

    If you think that China and Democrats are above colluding to achieve their mutual goal – no matter the cost to life and liberty – then you’re dangerously naïve.

    Wake up America. It’s happening right in front of our eyes.

  13. To tell the truth I don’t care if School don’t start back know time soon I teach mine at home better safe than sorry

  14. And furthermore, if they’re saying “no large gatherings”, they’re saying:
    1) No screwel, (K-12 AND FSU, FAMU & TCC)
    2) No football games (another year’s slaying of our golden goose.)

    Here’s a question for them:
    With the reduced school year, WHY are we still paying for it in our property tax bills? That portion of it should be lowered significantly.

    1. No screwel K – 12 is just our local Nannies way of keeping one of the parents out of The Workforce. It’s got nothing to do whatsoever with Grandmas and Grandpas health and safety. Darn liberals.
      Hey maybe it is the time for some local candidates running as Republicans to win!!!

      1. HMMmmmmm…just wondering where local elected Republican In Name Only Brian DesLodge stands on all this punishment of the local voters.
        Brian…Brian…Brian maybe you might want to consider bucking your fellow liberals stand and pretending to stand for what’s right.
        Everyone will know your pants will be on fire the whole time.
        But your false stand for what’s right may just convince your sheeple voters in your district to vote your back stabbing RINO @ss back into office.
        Brian…Brian…Brian can you understand that is your only hope?

      2. But think about that. If all the grands are killed off by government policy…. voila! They can claim they “saved” Medicare, Medicaid, & the Socialist InSecurity Abomination. Fewer benefit receivers in proportion to tax-victims.

        Oh, wait, that doesn’t factor in the 20 years employment & then shedding of the gig/contingent/temp economy I was reading about in a couple weeks back, so they’d still have all those involuntarily-retired 40-year-olds to support on basic nonsense income or whatever Nasty & Ocrazio & Bernie & BiteMe & Schmutzie are calling it this week. These illiberal leftists were always a bit actuarially ignorant (willfully?).

        I like that conference call image; reveals their character a bit.

  15. Prediction: In 6 months, due to their tyrannical impositions, many of these clowns will be switching roles with the ones currently filing for unemployment.

  16. 6 months to a year???????????? Are you folks on the Commission learning impaired? If you’re paying attention, you would know that Leon County now has one of the lowest infection rates in the state, and yet some (i.e., liberal) County Commissioners want to keep the lock down in place. I don’t wear a mask now and I’m not going to wear a mask anytime in the future. The sooner you folks get used to the idea that the state is not in a death spiral, the sooner we can get back to “normal”, instead of the “new normal.”

    1. Thats 6 months provided America votes in to office whoever ends up as the Democratic candidate for President. And maybe after 6 – 7 years the liberals can get the economey back up to the total $uck level of BHO.

      Thats an additional time frame our local Nannys are factoring in of 6+6= 12 months as a spanking type of punishment when The Great Donald Trump is reelected President and Commander In Chief of the USA.

      Our local Nannies are going to be so mad at us when we elect Trump, keep the Senate, and take back the House that our Nannies are already planning to use authority they dont legally possess to punish us like snot nose whiney diaper babies on the playground taking their ball and going home when the inevitable election night repeat of 2016 occurs.
      Sshhhh dont tell our Nannies now but Trump’s going to carry their precious minority vote on election eve too. SShhhh!!!!!

        1. And somehow normally clear thinking local citizens want to believe Stinkel will judge his beloved local fellow leftists caught up in the usual suspect FBI investigation fairly…not gonna happen.

    2. Questions questions.

      Why is “any mask” acceptable? Everyone needs to ask himself or herself that. How could “any mask” be acceptable? Because it’s NOT about the mask. It’s about compliance.

      And does the virus only infect inside small businesses and not inside large ones? Because that seems to have been the unspoken message from the medical specialists.

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