New Information Surfaces in TPD Officer-Involved Shooting

New Information Surfaces in TPD Officer-Involved Shooting

On Wednesday, May 27, a Tallahassee Police Department officer fatally shot the suspect of a stabbing that had occurred earlier that morning. TPD has since identified the suspect as Natosha “Tony” McDade, 38.

Shortly after the shooting occurred, TPD Chief Revell held a press briefing at the scene. According to Revell, TPD was initially responding to the stabbing, which occurred in the 2200 block of Saxon Street. The stabbing victim, an adult male, died at the hospital shortly after.

Revell said McDade was located by an officer in the 2500 block of Holton Street and matched the description of the stabbing suspect. He said McDade pointed a handgun at the officer before the officer exited their vehicle. The officer then shot McDade, who died at the hospital that morning.

Revell said there is no indication so far that the officer acted improperly.

“The investigation for this officer-involved shooting is following our standard protocol,” he said. “The officer has been placed on administrative leave per that protocol.”

He said three investigations are underway: the stabbing scene investigation as well as the criminal and internal investigations that are part of the standard protocol for officer-involved shootings.

Revell was asked to comment on the three officer-involved shootings that have taken place since he became chief in January.

“We investigate each one both internally and criminally, and I don’t believe in these cases that our officers have acted inappropriately, but that will be up for a grand jury to decide,” he said.

Later that day, a live video taken the day before the incident surfaced on McDade’s Facebook page. In the video, for more than an hour, McDade talked about a fight that had occurred and expressed intent to kill the people involved and then be killed by law enforcement. McDade had finished a 10-year prison sentence in January.

“I will not be going back to prison,” McDade said. “Me and the law will have a standoff after I end you [expletive] lives.”

“I am killing and going to be killed, because I will not go back into federal prison,” they said.

As of today, TPD is still actively investigating the case. The stabbing victim has not been identified, but McDade’s acquaintances have indicated that he was involved in the fight McDade described.

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  1. Tony didn’t wake up and stab someone but that’s what TPD would have you to believe but if you was jumped by 5 people wtf would you do so some people don’t allow themselves to be victims and do nothing watch what you do karma is a cold ass dish when it’s served

  2. You wake up. There was a justified reason in most of these cases. But people do not care about the facts or reason. They just beleieve everything they hear or read. Mob mentality.

  3. I did not know any of those involved. Tony is an an acquaintance of one of my friends. My heart goes out to both families. We never know what a person is actually going thru but there should be help for these situations. The sad part is the system is so hung up on money that you cant get the proper help needed. Rest well…Morning will soon come.?

  4. It is sad tpd was called for the stabbing death then criticize their actions while they were defending themselves. It is not about being racist or police brutality but an organized effort to destroy America. Maybe they need a blk police force that specializes in responding to blk crimes/calls.

    1. believe it or not that is exactly what one so called “pastor” in Tallahassee is calling for – a supervisor, so to speak to accompany a white officer when dispatched to a call in a black area of town. Separate but equal??

  5. For the person who discussed gang initiation. Whom ever stated that needs to do more research..this situation is not that. This has been a horrific tragedy for both families. The situation is complex. Instead of trying to understand why, because that was made clear on social media. The focus needs to be on how can we constructively prevent this from happening again? Next, how do we ensure that our law enforcement is following proper procedures when dealing with a suspect? How do we cause social change to eliminate the frustration and disparities? I knew “Tony”. We had interactions years ago through friends. I don’t condone actions but I think life is hard. We do the best that we can. Our mind, body, and spirit gets tired going through so many challenges. How ever this started, the situation ended in the loss of 2 lives and a lot of questions for law enforcement. We need to find a solution..

  6. So if I have this right, guy stabs another guy, and this is sad. Cop shoots the guy who stabbed the guy, protests?

    1. The protests are about the countless other black lives that have been taken by police for NO reason with NO regard. Protest started before this, wake up.

  7. There is some new information on other local sources indicating video surfaced of a gang style beating in which the lady was the subject of the severe beating. A comment was included that it was not clear if the 21 year old she killed with a knife was one of the participants in the gang style beating video.
    Gang initiation is often done by such a beatdown which often includes gang sexual activity. Law Enforcement knows all about gang initiation. Video of these type of initiation activities is pretty standard gang procedure.
    Again there is no indication the young man she killed was even a part of that process but it shows the lady had a lot of issues in her life in addition to her recent release from prison.

  8. Real life hardship associated with the no job no money Covid-19 economic shutdown could very likely have played a major factor in pushing the lady over the edge.
    Fact is “we are not all in this together in these trying times” as liberals are prone to say when trying to get the population to tolerate economic restrictions.
    Open up the economey now. Let us work.

    1. first of all – “she” is a he and obviously messed up psychologically. second – he is…. or was a career criminal wanting the cops to kill him since he wasn’t brave enough to even carry that deed out. And to your points: perhaps you’re being sarcastic, because else it makes no sense. So you have no job or money which causes you to want to got out and stab someone?!? Come on!

      1. For one my friend didn’t stab anyone because he didn’t have any money. That incident happened because earlier they were jumped by 5 mf men who his ex girlfriend had to jump him. The boy Tony killed was one of the 5 who jumped him. So instead sounding like a dumb ass know what you’re talking about first. Oh another thing he was not psychologically messed up they knew what they wanted to be addressed as.

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