Video Shows Assault of Red Truck Occupants Before Moving Through Protesters

Video Shows Assault of Red Truck Occupants Before Moving Through Protesters

As protests broke out in the City of Tallahassee on Saturday due to questions surrounding the use of force by police officers, a Tallahassee Democrat headline stated that “Peaceful Tallahassee protests marred after truck hits demonstrators; no serious injuries.”

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that:

“The largely peaceful demonstrations in downtown and midtown Tallahassee were marred when a pickup truck hit a group of protesters on North Monroe Street. 

Three white people in a red pickup truck with a Georgia license plate yelled at the crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, then revved their engines before driving into the crowd, witnesses told the Tallahassee Democrat.”

However a new video raises questions about this account. See below.

The video, first published by WTXL, shows a protester throwing punches in the driver side window of the red truck before the truck, which was stopped at a red light, decided to move forward.

WTXL reported that the video “shows a red truck being surrounded by protesters on all sides before one of the people in the crowd begins punching a passenger inside the truck. The truck then revs up and lurches forward, several protesters jumping out of the way to avoid being hit.”

Another video confirms the red truck did not move forward until the punches started to fly at eight seconds into the video below.

What is not know is the verbal exchange that took place between the truck occupants and the protesters.

After the driver accelerated through the protesters, he pulled over and was arrested at the scene.

There is no word if the driver was charged.

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  1. glad it was not me………have a bat and machete..use have used both of them if it was me in the truck…..

  2. Reading the article on the WCTV web site, a girl named Dea Arenth received a Broken arm that she is blaming on the Red Truck incident but doesn’t say HOW. She does say “she was away from the gaggle surrounding the truck, farther down the road”. I think she is trying to get her 15 Minutes AND a Payout.

  3. It appears the wrong people were arrested. Now the blk council demanding the videos of the blks killed by tpd while they were armed & commiting a felony. They are go I by too far. ENOUGH

    1. There’s Deep Thinker with another brilliant idea: call someone a “racist” if you don’t like what he says! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

  4. Here’s a thought… how’s about you stay the hell out of the road and leave drivers alone.

    By continuing to associate this anarchy with George Floyd, the media assumes a complicit role in dishonoring Floyd and those who view what happened to him as a reprehensible act of cowardice by those responsible for his death.

    What we are witnessing has nothing whatsoever to do with George Floyd or perceived racism. FOX should take the lead in calling this ignorance what it is; anarchy under the guise of a cause.

  5. Why don’t you post videos of the whole incident?

    The truck rolled up to the intersection. Protestors were crossing the street in front of him.
    He revved his engine twice and jolted forward at them.
    THEN they surrounded the car. The driver rolled up the window. The passenger did not and started arguing with the guy out his window. Then they guy started wailing on him so the truck sped through the crowd.

  6. To Tallahassean.
    Reddit draws some personal conclusions here, so there may be some bias. Please post video of all the damage done by protestors to the buildings on the east side of Monroe St. from Call St to College Ave. to provide the full picture. In the videos you will see damage done by missiles heavier than plastic bottles or rocks and ask the question, “where did those missiles come from since there are no loose bricks or other heavy materials located in stacks downtown?

    1. Backpacks…the rocks and bricks came from the agitators backpacks.
      Sure many were peaceful and all that and if they had backpacks I’m sure the good kids had no rocks and bricks.
      But you are known by the company you keep and by the time Tallahassee protesting began everyone knew violence, looting, and general mayhem was in the mix in other cities. And still they showed up.
      We are just lucky none of our young folks got hurt.

      1. Drove south on Monroe today. A window is missing at Cap. City Bank. There are a few boarded up windows just north of the Park Ave. intersection on both sides.
        Careful where you throw those “presents” from Soros, KLANTIFA. I know one business owner 4 blocks from the Capitol who will introduce you to his “little friend” if you try that at his establishment – no questions asked!

        1. We don’t know what transpired between the truck’s occupants and the puncher. Still, the story is more complicated than the original righteousness allowed.

          But “Careful where you throw those “presents” from Soros, KLANTIFA.”?

          You need to realize that when you try to use that story shift to drag in the Big Conspiracy theme, you’ve blown it. You come across as someone selling KoolAid, not reason and fairness. Most of the protesters are just outraged at the police resorting to deadly force. And, if you bother to look around outside of your conspiracy silo, you’ll find even the Wall Street Journal and the American Conservative sites have strong criticisms of police militarization. They have retained some understanding of justice and how over several decades police departments have morphed into counter-insurgency forces looking for what they are mistakenly trained for. You haven’t, you’re just a cheerleader, shouting the team’s slogans.

  7. You are spot on Jason! What gets me is when the Democrat paper is dead wrong and they probably know it, you can’t leave a comment to correct them or a video to show the truth. I’ve had the correct video shortly after the guy was arrested someone posted it, but no place to shame the democrat or the mayor.

    1. That’s a despotic action started by Bob Gabordi.
      If you challenged him on his blahg, he would ban you. Their last publisher Skippy (who was recently laid off) continued this policy – he banned Preston Scott, if memory serves correctly.

      Illiberals have ZERO TOLERANCE when challenged with inarguable facts that obliterate their agenda. They are akin to a first grader on the playground, who is losing a game of “marbles.” All they know how to do is take their marbles and go home.

  8. Better be careful, Tallahassee Reports. Disagree with the Mayor, Matlow, Proctor and the Black Ministerial Alliance, and you’ll be labeled “racist.”

  9. God bless Tallahassee Reports, thank you. Between local print and television enemedia we cannot get factual news on anything local without you all here. Keep up the excellent work. I am always skeptical of ANY of these nationwide narratives of folks purposefully driving through crowds of rioters without being provoked and trying to defend their lives.

  10. This why we (the royal “we”) investigate. So far, I’ve seen three clips about this event. The first was of a red pick-up truck barreling through a crowd of protesters. The second was a red pick-up truck stopped in a crowd of protesters when a protester jumped onto the hood and the driver accelerated through the crowd. And now, this one, where the truck is stopped in a crowd of protesters, one of the protesters begins to batter the passenger, and then driver starts accelerating through the crowd. The one thing about which I am not clear is why the truck was there in the first place. But the, with further investigation, I imagine we will find out.

  11. Thank you TR for once again showing how the biased Fake Newsocrat slants their reporting to fit their illiberal, progressive, anti-America narrative. And has anyone confirmed if one of the passengers was preggers?
    Saw that on a comment board. The KLANTIFA thug that started it should be arrested, not the driver. The cops got this one wrong.
    And don’t you need a permit to demonstrate in the street? Did they have one? If not, they all should have been arrested.
    So sick of this Cloward-Piven garbage.

    1. The new chief of police needs to make a decision to follow truth and humanity instead of the ad nauseam mayor’s Democratic Party operative play book.

      As for the Tallahassee Democrat the book is in the works as to explaining each crossroad where they could go one way but chose to go down the wrong road.

      Gabordi’s choosing to go with The Usual Suspects instead of Truth and Humanity will be a separate stand-alone book because there are so many things to cover on that one.

      1. Spot on, Hope!
        The Feds should subpoena’s Gabordi’s emails to see what/when he knew about the criminal behavior of his “walking buddy.” Collusion? Perhaps there’s evidence to charge him as an accessory?
        Wow, that would be schadenfreude!

        Hey TR, did the city ever pay the rest of that $10K CONtract to the Fake Newsocrat for getting TFlub to write 10 puff pieces? Or did the “newsletter” write it off after it was exposed?

      2. We understand it’s kind of difficult for our new Chief of Police to make any real time decisions.
        Poor sap it must be tough on him to have to call Reese Goad to get permission on everything he does.
        ” Come on Reese I really need to go make a #2″.
        “No Larry I told you to poop at home. You need you to stay in your office because I might need you to do something for me.”
        ” Aww come on Reese I’m starting to crown.”
        “Well I hope you got your Depends on Stinky Larry.”

        Larry thinking to himself:
        ” why did I ever agree to take this wack @ss job.”…”now hes calling me “Stinky Larry”.

  12. what is a protester? Volcanoes erupt. Demonstrators demonstrate. Thugs punch people. Arsonists set fires. Thieves steal stuff. Vandals damage buildings. Law Enforcement Officers arrest people. Traffic laws exist to protect pedestrians & drivers. Volcanoes erupt. People & people with news credentials sometimes lie.

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