School Board Approves Emergency Purchase to Stock Food Pickup Sites

School Board Approves Emergency Purchase to Stock Food Pickup Sites

Today the Leon County School Board approved a $58,924.80 emergency purchase to stock the district’s food pickup sites.

“The Nutrition Services Department is requesting approval for an emergency purchase relating to the operation of 16 Supplemental Food Pickup sites,” staff reports. “At these sites, students are able to pick up meals during the COVID-19 emergency.”

The school district organized the drive-through food pickup sites in March when schools shut down. At the sites, volunteers distribute meals to students in need. The sites are located at schools throughout Leon County.

The emergency purchase order includes over 900 cases of meal kits totaling $58,924.80. It will be paid to Notables, the meal kit vendor.

“Notables will provide shelf-stable meals that don’t need refrigeration for distribution to students,” staff reports.

Previously, at its April 28 meeting, LCS approved paying $89,565.60 to ES Foods Inc. and $63,000 to 4R Restaurant Group LLC for additional food supply. LCS also previously partnered with Second Harvest and United Way of the Big Bend to distribute food.

3 Responses to "School Board Approves Emergency Purchase to Stock Food Pickup Sites"

  1. I will NOT vote for anyone on that school board who approved that sham of a graduation ceremony. They did not care about the students at all, it was all to appease their democratic voting base.

    If it was in the name of safety, why were they allowing all the people to roam around outside the cars? Or allowing their staff and media to go up to cars and have them roll down windows to talk to them and give them hugs?

  2. Imagine what could be provided had Rocky not given out raises amounting to $400,0000 to his hand picked cheering squad!

    The school board remains silent on the reign of terror and error of Rocky Hanna.
    Soon the voters will go the polls. Will we re-elect a man that pays his insiders that do not teach students over $100,000 each while teachers are the 46th lowest paid in Florida? Will we re-elect a man that had to be sued to pay child support, paying out his owed $100,000 over years although we now know that Rocky is worth far more than he let voters know in the first dirty election. Who in Leon Schools will Rocky and his brother pay to have followed during this election? Anyone that gets in the way of Rocky will pay the price.

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