City Commissioners Approve Creation of TPD Citizen Review Board

City Commissioners Approve Creation of TPD Citizen Review Board

At today’s City Commission meeting, the Commissioners unanimously voted to move forward with creating an independent Citizen Review Board for the Tallahassee Police Department.

The purpose of the Citizens Review Board will be to enable Tallahassee citizens to oversee policing practices and review events like officer-involved shootings.

The action comes after nationwide protests in response to police brutality. Throughout the Commission meeting, protestors gathered outside of City Hall. Tallahassee has seen three officer-involved shootings this year, including Tony McDade last week. The incidents are currently being reviewed by a grand jury.

TPD Chief Lawrence Revell said there are many models of Citizen Review Boards implemented across Florida, some of which have subpoena power. The logistics of the Board have not been finalized yet.

The Commissioners will discuss the details of the Board at their next meeting.

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  1. Who are the members of the City Commission Citizens Review Board? And I’m not just talking about voters who pop their heads every couple of years.

  2. I rarely comment but this time I will. I am a 60’ish white conservative male working a white collar job in Tallahassee. I have lived here for 45 years. In that time, I have NEVER had a good experience with local law enforcement. How many of you have experienced being tailgated by cops for no reason (other than they are trying to get you to commit a driving error)? I once passed a driver on a two lane bridge who had a dangerous swaying trailer, only to be pulled over by a cop, ordered to stick my hands out the window while I could clearly see the drawn gun in my side view mirror. There is a serious bully factor in the police department. We need better screening in the hiring of potential cops. They all seem to be failed ex-high school jocks.

    1. I have lived here for over 45 Years and have never had a bad experience with any Law Enforcement and believe me, I have been pulled over 100’s of times when I was younger, usually for speeding 15 to 30 OVER. Most were in my younger Hot Rod Days. Most of the time I didn’t get a Ticket and I think that is because I was always Respectful, Polite and owned up to why I was pulled over. The times I DID get a Ticket, it was marked down to a smaller speed to lessen the Fine for me. And yes, I have been pulled over by Black Male & Female Cops and White male & Female Cops and the results were the Same. The last Time I was pulled over was earlier this Year in Georgia on a Highway doing 19 over and the Officer could have given me a “Super Speeder” Ticket, a $1,200 Fine BUT, he knocked it down so it only cost me $220. With every time I was pulled over, I always thanked the Officer and wished them a good day with a Smile because, it could have been worse. This isn’t because I am White, I have Black Friends that tell the same story, Show Respect, be Polite and accept Responsibility. Own your Actions.

  3. Alright, Walt, Time to Step Up to the Plate. Sheriff is the Chief LEO is his/her given County. Florida Constitution lays out Powers, Duties, and Obligations, To Wit:

    (e)?Be conservators of the peace in their counties.
    (f)?Suppress tumults, riots, and unlawful assemblies in their counties with force and strong hand when necessary.
    (g)?Apprehend, without warrant, any person disturbing the peace, and carry that person before the proper judicial officer, that further proceedings may be had against him or her according to law.

    Police Escorts for ‘protesters’ blocking US Highways is Ludicrous. Walt, Dominate these folks before they make Us/You look like jerks. You have the Authority. Do it.

  4. Just heard Bobbie Mack and Greg Tish interviewing Comish. Matlow on 93.3 FM. Topic was the TPD Citizen Review Board and a few other things were also discussed.
    10% of Matlow’s answers were on topic and informative.
    90% of Matlow’s answers were typical circular leftist speak.
    What is this “leftist speak” you speak of Snidely?
    Well that is the art of saying a lot of vaguely related words combined with virtue signaling leftist platitudes all the while never straying too far from the current leftist “talking points” Matlow picks up from CNN, MSNBC, and other fake news outlets.
    Anyway it was not a total waste of time and thanks to 93.3, Bobbie Mack, and Greg Tish.

    1. That’s what Biden does………. A Reporter asked him a very simple question, 10 words or less to answer it. Biden used at LEAST 250 Words and still never answered the Question. The Reporter called him on it and he got pretty testy and said loudly “I Answered the Question if you were paying attention, you would have known that”. The Reporter just walked away shaking her head in disbelief. I was watching the City Commission Meeting on TV the other day listening to Matlow give some long Speech that had very little to do with the Topic they were discussing.

      1. I saw that interview too.
        Leftists are accustomed to their “leftist speak” trick of rambling on often in a nonsensical manner, not even addressing the question asked of them, and totally expecting a pass and never being called out on the game.
        I totally understand 93.3’s position, yeah the hosts knew they were being bamboozled, but if you call them out you may not get another interview.

  5. Sorry, but I’ve forgotten all about George Floyd. My empathy and sympathy now rests with the families of Patrick Underwood and David Dorn. Both black men murdered by black Democrat-funded anarchists. The completely avoidable and tragic deaths of good men, and their blood is on the hands of Democrats and their Media PACs.

    RIP good sirs, and thank you for your service.

  6. Hope each member is required to ride on patrol at least one week or one day per month to see what LE goes through on their beat.

    1. Yes, once a Month with every other Month being at Night and the other during the Day. ALSO, do Back Ground Checks on their Family Members. If one of them has a Son or sibling that is always in trouble with the Law, they will be more towards going after the Cops.

      1. You’re erroneously assuming that family members of people who commit crimes are okay with that behavior and enable it. And simultaneously you are assuming that every one who is arrested and prosecuted is actually guilty of what they are charged. Both of those assumptions are commonly false.

  7. Who selects the members?
    How many members will there be?
    Will the members serve a term, or serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority?
    Will the board be independent of city control?
    Will the board’s findings be released without amendment or approval by any other authority?
    Will the board have legal guidance other than the city attorney?
    Will the board decide its meeting dates and agenda?

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