Opinion: Capital Regional Remains Ready to Serve You

Opinion: Capital Regional Remains Ready to Serve You

By Dr. Chris Tidwell, Capital Regional Medical Center, Medical Director of Emergency Services

While the global spread of COVID-19 has made a tremendous impact on how hospitals and physicians conduct patient care, what will never change is Capital Regional’s commitment to the safety of every patient and care facility. Access to emergency services remains available to all, and patients with urgent health concerns, whether COVID-19 related or not, should not put off medical attention. If you are experiencing emergency symptoms of any kind, such as those of a heart attack or stroke, it is both safe and necessary to seek medical attention.

We offer provider expertise and because our hospital caregivers deal with communicable diseases on a daily basis, we know how to identify and treat infectious illnesses while minimizing risk to caregivers, just as we have done in cases such as the seasonal flu or tuberculosis. While there may be alternative ways to handle routine medical situations, emergency concerns should still be considered critical. Our Emergency Departments are staffed with experienced clinicians who are at the ready to assist patients with emergency concerns, whether COVID-19 related or not. Red flag symptoms such as chest pain, sudden dizziness, weakness or numbness in limbs should be taken seriously, now as ever.

Our Emergency Departments have strong protocols in place and follow guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are following four pillars of enhanced safety – access control, safe distancing, infection prevention and designated care paths. Our emergency departments in Leon & Gadsden Counties, continue to be a safe place to seek medical attention, no matter what your health concern. We are here for you today for a healthier tomorrow.

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