Mayor John Dailey: “Today I Say Unequivocally that Black Lives Matter”

Mayor John Dailey: “Today I Say Unequivocally that Black Lives Matter”

Today Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey released a statement addressing the events that have taken place over the last few weeks. Listed below is the unedited statement.

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey

Over the past few weeks, I have heard the protestors, read thousands of emails, and taken hundreds of phone calls. I am inspired to see so many in our community make their voices heard and express their commitment to equality and justice.

The past few weeks have been traumatic for our nation and our Tallahassee community. I know our community is hurting, but I also know that some in our community are hurting more than others as they uniquely bear the weight and trauma of this moment.

I also know it is important for our entire community to hear their leaders say Black Lives Matter. Today I say unequivocally that Black Lives Matter.

But I know words are not enough.

At our last meeting, the City Commission unanimously expressed our support for a Citizens Review Board to review officer-involved shootings. We have already implemented Campaign Zero’s “8 Can’t Wait” policies and I’ve joined mayors across the country in signing former President Barack Obama’s pledge to review and, where necessary, reform police use of force in our community. We’ve come a long way but I know we have more to do and we can’t do it alone.

We need more voices at the table that truly represent our entire community because we can only learn to better serve everyone in Tallahassee if we hear everyone’s story. I am proud to serve on the first majority-minority City Commission since Reconstruction and on the first Tallahassee City Commission with two black women.

We need you, the public, to join us as we review things like our use of force policy. But we also need you to help us diversify our police force so it better reflects our community.

We need to pass the Children’s Services Council in Leon County this November, which will provide a dedicated funding source for the needs of our community’s children and families.

In my faith tradition we are called to do justice. We do justice by making other people’s problems our problems.

When we really make other people’s problems our problems; when black lives don’t just matter in Tallahassee but are valued, respected, and honored; when one’s skin color is no longer viewed as a threat — then, and only then, will we truly be Tallahassee Strong.

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  1. “Black lives matter” sounds as if nobody else matters! In God’s eyes ALL lives matter, None more than others. I think the mayor’s pandering statement does more to divide than foster unity.

  2. “…when one’s skin color is no longer viewed as a threat”?
    1. Blacks themselves view blacks are more of a threat than whites.
    2. Blacks are Much more likely to commit crimes against all races, including blacks, according to both national FBI and Leon County statistics.
    3. So skin color will no longer be viewed as a threat when blacks don’t commit the majority of crimes.

  3. You’re not the only one. I think the brownshirts are coming too. These cities that are abolishing the police are not going to go without security. They’ll just put in their own, tasked with enforcing their racist agenda.
    It could easily happen here. This is a leftist town with a local govt whose tradition of corruption is almost difficult to believe.
    And I’ve wondered where conservative leadership is as well. I’ve written and called our senators and congressman, imploring them to cut all welfare completely. If no one is going to stop the rioters, can we at least stop paying them to riot? How can they riot at 2pm on a Wednesday? Why aren’t they at work? I’’m at work. I have to work to feed them.
    If you’ve ever read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, you can see it all playing out in front of our eyes. Literally in Seattle “the gutter had come to power”.

  4. Black lives matter. That is a truth. Black Lives Matter is a pro-socialiat black separatist organization. Which one was he talking about?

  5. All lives should matter but they don’t. Where is the outrage over all the crimes committed by the illegals? They have raped, robbed, and actually murdered a number of American citizens and the local press, TV and radio news have absolutely nothing to say. In fact they encourage the illegals including providing them with full services and protection from the authorities.

    American lives seem not to matter when the life is taken by an illegal.

  6. I really feel like every news story I’ve read in the last 2 weeks comes from the onion. It’s difficult to tell where this “mayor” falls between coward and idiot.
    -Justice for Floyd: Why is it hands across America for a dirtbag who would point a gun at a pregnant woman’s belly during a home invasion? His life might matter to you, but not to me
    -Well, it’s more about police brutality against all blacks:
    First of all, all blacks don’t commit crimes. Secondly, cops kill more white people every year than black. And yes, white people represent a larger population, but black males commit crimes in disproportionately high numbers. Where is the outrage when anyone is killed by anyone? Innocent children are molested, raped, killed. Where are the protests? Why isn’t the mayor prostrating himself for them?
    -Well, then this is about “systemic racism”: the only systemic racism in this country is against whites. In 2016, fisher v university of texas, the supreme court declared it IS constitutional for the state, the govt, to discriminate against white people based on their skin color alone. That’s “systemic”. The system, the govt, can legally discriminate.
    The people buying into this blackmail are nauseating beyond belief

    1. Excellent post, Jason!
      I want to know WHY have the PRESSTITUTES not interviewed that woman Floyd pointed a gun at when she was pregnant? I’d LOVE to read her take on all this.

      Oh, right. That wouldn’t forward their narrative.

      1. Imagine her having to watch his neverending memorials. What a disgrace. If black lives truly mattered to these people, why didn’t hers? Hypocrisy is the most harmless quality of this movement

  7. people are advocating police reform and that is a two way street. mandatory classes for Blks on family planning, parental skills, how to behave in school and graduate, how to respect authority, how to merge with society. stay away from drugs, violence along with crime. anger mgt.

  8. Why does it seem that More Blacks are SAYING “Black Lives Matter” but more Whites actually BELIEVE IT? Just in Tallahassee, How many Blacks are Shooting other Blacks and how many Whites are Shooting Blacks? Just in Tallahassee, which Race are committing the most Crimes? We need to Reform the People in the Communities more then we need to Reform the Police. The Black Community Leaders aren’t doing it.

  9. Sell-out. If you dont get this under control, businesses WILL flee to other areas where this Behavior is Not Accepted.
    Businesses: Sue TLH for lack of protection. Bad Faith. You paid the taxes for police protection while the police stood there and let your buildings be destroyed. Congrats, John, another nail on the coffin of business, and thus, tax base in this City. Blackmail is a hell of a drug.

  10. Race has nothing to do with any of this nonsense. It’s classic Marxist/Socialist/Communist agitprop meant to continue tearing down the evil capitalist American republic and its institutions to create a greater socialist utopia, whatever that is. It helps to further move the Overton window. The BLM movement and Antifa are the useful idiots just like the brown shirts of the Nazis or the students of the Chicom cultural revolution. What these idiots don’t realize is once their usefulness goes away, they will be the first on the chopping block of the new order. When the enemedia and “leaders” of these Demonrat urban garbage cans kowtow to the mob they will also become the first targets of this mob as they scream for more blood. History doesn’t repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.

  11. 15 years as a Tallahassee elected official. Neighborhoods still asking for representation. In fact, they have been screaming for fair treatment for years. Economic segregation getting worse not better. Some areas of town still food deserts, limited access to transportation, limited economic opportunity, and the poorest zip code in the State. What has changed? Not to mention years of record crime all on the re-elected and re-elected watch of many Tallahassee elected officials. What has changed? Years of promises, CRA money, and millions of blueprint spending have to barely moved the needle. What will change as you continue to appoint the same connected people, and big donors to all the Citizen Advisory Councils? Another push for your family led Children’s Services Council, for this issue? Children’s issues? We have a $900,000,000 budget and we can’t find money to improve the lives of children without asking more of tax payers? Career community leaders, like yourself, had their chance to address change, heal those screaming out for justice and equality. YOU DIDN’T! It is time for new leadership, not more outrage over issues that could have been addressed during your first, second, third, and now fourth team in office.

    1. Well theres the problem. Dont sit around waiting on govt leaders. Go build a grocery, run a bus service, serve some children. Then the govt can get back to their actual job of protecting our lives and a few basic services. And get rid of all these taxes.

  12. Sorry, but I’ve forgotten all about George Floyd… what with all the rioting, looting, arson, destruction, and murder being done in his honor.

    My empathy and sympathy now rests with the families of Patrick Underwood, David Dorn, and many others – black and otherwise – who have been murdered (in Floyd’s honor) by black Democrat-financed anarchists. 

    The completely avoidable and tragic deaths of good people, and their blood is on the hands of Democrats and their Media PACs.

    Apparently, #OnlyCertainBlackLivesMatter

  13. I agree New Maven! Abolish the whole damn concept of city government. Leon County only needs one government. Mayor Dailey needs to open a bow tie store in Mid Town. All God’s people matter!

  14. If “White Lives Matter” is racist, then so is what the Yabba Dabba Do-Gooder said.


    And vote HELL NO on the CSC!

  15. Disappointing speech / All Lives Matter Mr Mayor, just not one group as opposed to many other races, traditions, religions, abilities or lack thereof, strong and the weak, and those with lofty goals and those ok with the stays quo.

    Mr Mayor, you forgot about us the regular people and raised one group above, whereas, we are all created equal.

    You, our City Manager and Assistant Manager in charge of our police forcr have shamed our City. Yes, we want justice for anyone wronged by a LE personnel, however, we are ALL entitled anonymity until the Grand Jury indicts. Otherwise, society is no better than a vigilante force.

  16. I was disappointed. I had hoped that the emphasis would be on justice for all without singling out one aspect of our Community. I had hoped to hear his support of our police forces and dedication to enforcing the Laws regarding crime…regardless of color. What happened to the desire to have a *color-blind* society? All human beings are valuable. But our police need to feel secure in doing their duty and our citizens need to feel secure that our community is safe. None of us can feel/be safe if there is no protection against crime.

  17. Good virtue signaling and pandering Mayor Flintstone!!!
    What took the whitest of the white mayors we have had in years to be motivated to make his statement at this time?
    And what about yesterday if today you say it? How did you feel yesterday? Clumsy late to the party virtue signaling is kind of lame and awkward.
    DINO [Democrat In Name Only]
    Get it???
    Fred Flintstone & Dino his pet!

  18. ALL LIVES MATTER! YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF!!!! Matthew 22:39. If We Start Here Then Hearts Can Change! Can’t Have Hate and Fear In the Heart and Have Peace!!! It Starts In the Heart!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you for these words Mayor. Please don’t give up and let police reform and community reform to go to waste!

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