New Website Provides Sewage Spill Information for Florida Counties

New Website Provides Sewage Spill Information for Florida Counties

As sewage spills become increasingly common across Florida, a new website,, allows users to access spill data for their county and compare it to other Florida counties. The Tallahassee Sewage Advocacy Group released the website in May.

The website uses Florida Department of Environmental Protection data on spills throughout Florida from 2000 to 2020. Users can input their county to calculate gallons spilled per capita. The generated report also lists the date and volume of each recorded spill.

According to the website, Leon County had 23 spills in 2019, totaling around 237,000 gallons and 0.81 gallons per capita.

Nearby Wakulla County had five spills in 2019, totaling 17,000 gallons and 0.52 gallons per capita.

Jefferson County had one 1,000-gallon spill, calculated at 0.07 gallons per capita.

In recent years, Leon County has seen many large sewage spills, prompting concerns over problems with the City’s sewage collection system, particularly the system’s outdated vitreous clay piping. Most large spills have occurred during storms and heavy rainfall.

In 2016, during Hurricane Hermine, power outages caused over 1.6 million gallons of sewage to spill in Tallahassee, according to a previous Tallahassee Reports article.

In 2018, a 25,000-gallon spill near Tallahassee Community College was able to be contained in a parking lot. According to reports, the spill was caused by heavy rain.

In 2019, 10,000 gallons of wastewater spilled near Tom Brown Park. Only 2,400 gallons were recovered, according to reports.

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  1. Mr. Ryan should consider running for Leon County Commissioner At-Large in the 2022 election cycle. He would have my vote!

  2. It seems that the City (and County) would prefer to spend our Tax Dollars on pretty things such as Parks and Bike Trails instead of the unseen and un-noticed things like fixing our Sewer System and building an Under Ground Sewer Grid to get Homes off the Septic Tanks, Water Towers and Fire Hydrants. just to name a few.

  3. multi-fin? 98% of Web Sites have what they do in their Title. FlaSewageSpills would be a LOT better. I own 27 Domain Names and 14 Web Sites and they ALL tell you what it is for.

  4. Although the announcement of our new, easy to use online app is appreciated and now being used statewide, i wish to add the following about Tallahassee/Leon County;
    -City has been under a very grave and expensive Consent Order since 2009, unbeknownst to tax payers until recent months;
    -1.3 million gallons spilled in 2018 ranking it 15 in Florida although it’s ranked 23 in population:
    -City committed $3 million per year to fix the FDEP Consent Order all unbeknownst to tax payers in 2011; however, did extra funds get drawn from other departments (e.g, police, fire, homeless, health and human services)?
    -in September, the City asked FDEP to consider closing the Consent Order since it felt it had fulfilled its requirements. However, in March, it suddenly found 167 “#5” very serious grade defects in the City’s sewage collection system dating back to 2013 and asked FDEP to withdraw their prior closure request. As such, our much requested Input/Infiltration Study has commenced using an outside consultant. A Preliminary report provided recently is greatly concerning but the study is moving forward under the guidance of the City’s new GM in Underground Utilities.
    -sewage spill information as they occur in Tallahassee can be found under our Facebook page. The last one being Memorial Day weekend of 41,000 gallons off Meridian Rd caused by the County’s contractor, Sandco, a Ghazvini family related company.
    Terry Ryan- Co-Founder
    Tallahassee Sewage Advocacy Group

    1. Thank you Mr Ryan!

      The information you are providing should have been provided by the Tallahassee Democrat and the City of Tallahassee.

      Sandco needs to tend to their environmental and safety issues as they have been a long time problem and perpetrator. Also, it has always been disturbing to me that they give so much money to political candidates and help them entrench them and did not offer any health benefits to their rank-and-file.

      Citizens need to follow campaign reports and not vote for any candidates receiving multiple contributions from the Sandco Dynasty where they set up numerous corporations to funnel funds into public officials accounts. This has been a long time ongoing corruptive force for too long.

  5. The city manager is in over his head. By not putting an appropriate city manager in this position this is detrimental to the public safety Health and Welfare.

    The city of Tallahassee TV station was lauding the Weems Road Environmental stormwater project; the next minute there is a massive spill. I drove by the other day and there where large bulldozers taking large amounts of debris out of Weems.

    This starts and ends with the city manager. A lot of this happened under Ric Fernandez.

    I warned citizens that Mayor Dailey was not proactive and rather than deal with Public Safety Health and Welfare issues he’s making TV commercials with Kraft Nissan. Curtis is sending secret text messages to another city commissioner. The sheriff is paying his campaign manager taxpayer dollars under the guise of a lobbying contract.

    The city commission is complacent and enables and covers up. Vote all incumbents out.

    It is time for a nationwide search for a new city manager.
    Goad was put in to enable and not ask questions and look the other way at all the corruption. Let’s face facts here.

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