City Commission Candidate Profile: Elaine Bryant

City Commission Candidate Profile: Elaine Bryant

City Commissioner Elaine Bryant announced her run for Seat One in September 2019. William Moore, Jermaine Miller, and Jacqueline Porter are also running for the Seat One position.

Bryant was appointed City Commissioner in December 2018 to replace Scott Maddox. She is currently the CEO of EW Bryant Associates, a consulting training firm. She has also worked for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and she has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and a master’s degree in Psychology. Main focuses of Bryant’s campaign are economic development and public safety.


What motivated you to run for local office?

“I have always had a passion for service to our community.  Tallahassee is a special place with great potential to optimize its assets for the good of its citizenry and make us all Tallahassee Proud! When I was afforded the opportunity to apply for Seat One, I felt strongly that I could bring my commitment to service and utilize my gifts to be a blessing to our community.”

What unique perspective would you bring to the position?

“As the current Commissioner for Seat One, my unique perspective has been shaped by my integral involvement in the development of the strategic plan and my commitment to ensuring accountability for goal attainment. I strongly believe in community involvement which has been evident in our outreach during our strategic planning process and I am extremely proud to listen and include their voices and recommendations in the decision-making process.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Tallahassee?

Economic Development, Poverty, Enhance Public Safety.

What is your plan to address these challenges?

“My plan to address these challenges is the implementation of our Strategic Plan that was developed and approved by the Commission during last year. We have refined our mission and vision statements for the City of Tallahassee and developed seven priority areas with goals and objectives accompanied by targets for performance.

Economic Development, which advances the City as a competitive, innovative and sustainable regional economic hub, will hopefully make us attractive to various industries and businesses that will help us recruit and retain talent and provide jobs for people at all income strata in our community. When we increase our economic base, there should be a positive Impact on Poverty. Citizens at work will create an environment for a safer, more inclusive community.

Our TEMPO Program targets disconnected youth to get a GED, earn a living wage and other programs that meet the needs of persons who may otherwise never reach their potential. This is just one example of what is currently described in our Strategic Plan for which I plan to ensure accountability.

Developing and implementing community-based solutions to Enhance Public Safety is also one of my top three priorities. Our objectives focus on crime prevention, public awareness campaigns, training, state of the art technology and community engagement for a safer Tallahassee. This is just a snapshot of some of our challenges and how I plan to continue to serve as your Commissioner for Seat One.”


Responsibilities of the City Commissioner position include setting City policies and setting tax rates. It has a four-year term length and annual salary of $39,588.00. The primary election date is August 18 and the general election date is November 3.

Campaign contribution and expenditure information is available here.

Ahead of the 2020 local election season, Tallahassee Reports has asked all local candidates to answer basic questions about their candidacy. The answers to the questions are in the candidates own words.The goal is to get as much information out to voters as possible. More focused questions will be addressed as the election draws nearer.

14 Responses to "City Commission Candidate Profile: Elaine Bryant"

  1. She has done 0 for enhancement, criminal justice, safety, children since her appointment. She is an insider and votes for special interest lockstep with Daily. Her votes goes to out-of-town special interest that don’t give a care about this city. I still have big dogs in my yard for my safety nothing’s changed since she’s been in.

  2. More off topic stuff.
    The name of the alledged killer of the older white lady and younger black lady in the Monday Road area has been released in local media.
    But not the race of the alledged killer.
    Based on the lack of the racial make up of the alledged killer being released and/or leaked we are left to only assume the alledged killer was not a Caucasian citizen.
    I hate to bring that up in the sadness of the loss of life but you know our local media would shout it from the rooftops if a white man did it.

  3. From what I have seen when it comes to this Commissioner, she just Votes with the Majority and rarely speaks and rarely does anything.

  4. I see no improvements from her tenure. There are conflicts of interest due to her receiving funds for her business from the City of Tallahassee and she refuses to inform the citizens what was on the text message between she and Curtis.

    Didn’t she pledge that she would not run for office after being appointed to this office or am I mistaken?

    There was a major Construction development shut down on her watch and also there have been a lot of sewage spills on her watch.

    Already and abysmal failure.

  5. Off Topic: Since local government is pretty freewheeling with taxpayer money – not putting it where it was intended as in the OEV Blueprint sleight of hand as but one example –

    How far do you think the $7,500,000 used for Mayor Andy’s comfy walking bridge to boy toy Adam’s popper filled All Saint’s neighborhood sweat lodge would have actually gone towards youth programs, mentoring, police body cams, law enforcement training, etc?

    You know that kind of stuff instead of building trophies around a holding pond to talk about at the next Water Buffalo Pool Party?

  6. Off topic: According to the Leon County Property Appraiser’s records, the Market Value of the Fake Newsocrat’s VACANT building on Magnolia Drive has dropped to $2.2M, Gannett paid $3.7M in 2005 for it, YIKES! Could it have dropped that far because the presses were scrapped?
    Or just plain ‘ol Goodwill Impairment?
    More proof that Gannett destroys everything it touches.

  7. Good one, Snidester!
    But you forgot to give her an A+ for buzzword usage.
    And I’m sure she’s status quo on the cops. Otherwise, Goad would have to change his voicemail music to something other than “Under My Thumb!”

  8. Main qualifacations:
    1. A true insider (Usual Suspect) long before being appointed to the Commission.
    2. Misses Andrew Gillum more than any other Commissioner.
    3. Guaranteed vote for all things wasteful and leftist with the most opportunity to enrich friends and business associates from such votes.
    4. Always looking for an opportunity to back stab the chubby honkey cracker Mayor Flintstone to take his place while making it look like someone else did it.

    1. You just made me spit my beer out. Seriously though, if she’s for public safety what’s her stand on defund the police? Inquiring minds want to know.

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