City Commissioners Approve $2 Million in Funding for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Project

City Commissioners Approve $2 Million in Funding for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Project

The City Commissioners will approved the use of $2 million for an electric vehicle charging station pilot project. The initiative supports the City’s Clean Energy Plan resolution which aims to transition the City to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

The pilot project will include the installation of up to four public electric vehicle charging stations throughout Tallahassee. Staff reports that the stations would be owned and operated by the City, and staff would determine competitive charging rates.

The $2 million in initial funding for the pilot project would come from the Electric Undesignated RR&I Fund. Staff reports that charging equipment would be purchased from Novacharge, and installation work will be completed by existing City contractors.

“Based on an existing City-owned site, the development and installation of two DC Fast Chargers, four Level 2+ chargers, solar canopy, network service equipment, and electric distribution infrastructure upgrades, the cost of each location is estimated to be about $300,000-$400,000,” staff reports.

The cost could vary based on each site and the scope of the equipment being installed, staff reports.

Locations for the charging stations that are being considered include the police headquarters on North Monroe Street, Lake Anita, Tom Brown Park, and Cascades Park.

“These locations would leverage existing popular destinations but would not interfere with existing EV (electric vehicle) charging operations,” staff reports.

The charging station pilot project launch would also include a marketing campaign to promote the City as a leader in renewable energy initiatives.

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  1. I understand people’s concerns, but we also have to look at the future. Gas prices are going up and I would trade
    my gas guzzling vehicle in a heart beat if I could. I agree with doing a test at Tom Brown Park, and see how that works first. I also agree with giving businesses money to put one in front of their shops so customers who have EV can comfortably shop. Everything is about to change. Let’s try to make the best of both worlds.

  2. Can we please leave color out of this discussion. The first step should be to see how many citizens have electric vehicles. Spending 2 million dollars on a project that so few will benefit from is a huge waste of my tax dollars. Put it on the ballot in November and let the citizens who’ll actually pay for vote yea or nay.

  3. Why do Pilot Programs always cost us so much? If you MUST, do ONE Charging Station at a Tom Brown Park and see how much it gets used. Don’t do ANY special Events just so the Chargers get used, that would be considered a False Reading. You know, just like the City & County Commissioners did with that $7.4 Million Pedestrian Bridge that no one was using so, to get the Numbers up so they can brag about it, EVERY K-Run – Walk Event that was put on was made to start at Cascades Park so they HAD to cross the Bridge giving us False Numbers.

  4. Afraid I’m not old enough to remember, did the government fund gas stations with the advent of the automobile? Or was the private sector relied upon to fill that niche? Is there a cost benefit analysis on this? When will the city recoup its money for its capital outlay? From this article, it appears like an opportunity to virtue signal:

    “ The charging station pilot project launch would also include a marketing campaign to promote the City as a leader in renewable energy initiatives.”

  5. This really is insane. The city once again competes with the private sector. Was this another one of the City Hall lobbyists’ ideas? Will you put one in at The Edison so I can charge up my Tesla while enjoying a $25 pork chop lunch and repeating the mantra that Black Lives Matter? Isn’t that how it works?

  6. Here is a thought, in stead of the City doing this, use the $2 Million to give incentives for local Businesses to get a one or two installed at their locations and THEY Maintain them. That way the City only spends the Incentive Money and nothing to maintain them? That is what I will be pushing if Elected to County Commission in 2022 (District 5)

  7. What’s next?
    i know:
    Mayor Flintstone will introduce an agenda item to sue Post Cereals for using his likeness on boxes of Fruity Pebbles without compensation.
    What do they know that we don’t?

  8. Founding Fathers realized that governments were only as effective as they treat the most underprivileged.

    Here we have $2 million being spent xfor a service very few citizens will need and inaccessible. Yet, Tallahassee has neighborhoods still without sidewalks, forcing citizens to walk in the street. It has known drug houses in known xareas and landlords not forced to terminate leases. Citizens have terrible drug problems, yet, very little resources and, especially, lack of long term care, let alone affordable.

    Yet, the City has funds developers needs and stopped years ago collecting impact fees.

    Who are the citizens benefiting from these policies? TR would best serve Tallahassee by investigating.

    1. So true this will not help the underprivileged the poor and anyone not driving a Tesla or some other electric car.
      So lets take a Snidley test:
      I dont care who your are this will work out the same unless you are dishonest. So how many people do you know who drive Teslas? Wow that many!!!! You think they are the coolest and want a Tesla too…right? Good on you!!!!
      Now how many of your known Tesla owners are Black?

      There you go. What our Commissioners just did is patronize to White Privilege. Despite whatever the heck Mayor Flintstone said recently that was intended to placate local Black residents. To heck with what was said…look at what was just done for Zero Tesla owners who are Black.
      And then after we get past the “chargers for rich white folks” situation why is this even a need??? Did some of the Mayors and Commissioners white friends have problems charging their Tesla cars at their homes or offices? No you know that is not true.

      So lets recap:
      You are a typical Black local voter. What did Mayor Flintstone recently do for you? Well there was his recent words he said that were intended to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but are otherwise worthless.
      What about the wealthy Tesla drivers did they get warm fuzzy worthless words? Why no they got extremely expensive not even effin needed Tesla charging stations.
      Words or actions? What do you deserve? Vote carefully in these very important upcoming local and National elections.

  9. If the city get scooter looters, then they could cut off the power to charging stations and make them have to escape foot loose.

    1. Speaking of the Scooters……… where did they all go? I only see a hand full down town now, Black with Green trim, all the others are gone. Did the others give up? How much did the City pay them for doing this?

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