Leon County Commissioners Make Face Masks Mandatory in Leon County

Leon County Commissioners Make Face Masks Mandatory in Leon County

At a special meeting today, the Leon County Commissioners unanimously voted to make face coverings mandatory inside businesses in Leon County. The order will take effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, June 25.

The decision comes after a spike in reported COVID-19 cases in Leon County as well as throughout Florida.

Chairman Bryan Desloge said the order will be reviewed every week and adjusted based on the community’s response. County Commissioner Kristin Dozier said the order will likely last for a month or more.

Under the order, face coverings will be mandatory in establishments including restaurants, retail stores, public transit, churches, and nonprofits. Establishments will be required to post signage telling patrons to wear masks.

Commissioner Desloge noted, “You’re under a roof, you’re wearing a mask.”

The order will also encourage, but not require, people to wear masks where they cannot social distance, including outdoors.

There are numerous exceptions to the order, including children under the age of six, people with trouble breathing because of medical problems, and public safety personnel. Additionally, people exercising while maintaining six feet of distance will not be required to wear masks.

Violation of an emergency order is a second-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of up to $500, up to 60 days in jail, or both. Commissioners Nick Maddox and Kristin Dozier expressed concerns that these penalties are too extreme given how many people oppose the requirement.

Because changing penalties requires an ordinance, the Commissioners approved enacting an emergency ordinance to change the penalties from criminal to civic penalties.

The Commissioners voted to model the penalties after Alachua County’s sliding scale. They modified the penalties to a $50 fine for the first violation, a $125 fine for the second violation, and a mandatory court appearance and a $250 fine for all subsequent violations. Violation of the order will not authorize the search or arrest of individuals.

The Commissioners will revisit the order at their next meeting on July 14.

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  2. I am enjoying shopping in Crawfordville, Bainbridge, and Thomasville. Feel sorry for the businesses in Tallahassee that do not get my business. No more sales taxes for Leon county from me. My friends are doing the same thing – not shopping in Leon county.

  3. If I lived in Leon County(thank God I moved) the two minute presentation by a taxpayer in Ventura County(link below) would be my address to the knuckleheads that compose the Leon County Board of Commissioners.

    You only need to watch the first 3 minutes.

  4. To imagine that this ordinance is even remotely connected to public safety is willful and woefully naïve. The masking of America is just one of a multipronged insidious global coup attempt to crush the little ants and destroy their mounds. Shopping in neighboring communities or even relocating from this region to another will only bring a momentary respite and prolong the evitable. If we do not come to our senses, those who wish to harm us will simply whip out some other weapon to wield the errant pesky little insects to heel.

    Regardless of one’s political or social ideology, clear evidence indicates that this virus is not organic; moreover, given all that we know, its global proliferation was intentional. Those who consider themselves informed and have been tracking the science of the virus since the beginning must admit that there have been egregious inconsistencies regarding the lethality of the virus. There are no statistics to support that there has been an increase in the mortality rate in the face of rising virus cases. The data merely indicates a rise in cases, not death associated with the increased numbers. Why is there hardly any mention of the myriads who tested positive and were only mildly affected and recovered?

    Under the cover of this darkness, those who wish to do us harm are busy at work dismantling not only our country but the world at large. I only wish that those on all sides of the political spectrum would for a moment slay their sacred pollical cows and ferret out the truth for themselves. While it pains me to admit it, the average college degree-holding voter in the United States is politically illiterate, while incessantly mocking the “low IQ voters” of the nation. There is so much more afoot here.

    Are the self-proclaimed protectors of our health and freedoms aware that domestic violence and child abuse claims have skyrocketed during this virus panic? Do they realize that delaying our children’s return to school is doing them more harm than good? Most child abuse cases are discovered and reported through school systems. How many of those lives have we lost? How many of our loved ones have perished alone in nursing homes where they were forced to share spaces with virus infected patients? Are most even aware that nearly 40% of the virus deaths in the United States occurred in such institutions?

    Municipalities all around the nation are enacting detrimental policies that are not in the best interest of communities. Today I discovered that in Oakland, California a group of commissioners voted to remove police officers from the schools in that district. They opted to hire more counselors and social workers in their place. Interestingly, the meeting was held via Zoom, and there was essentially no community input. Who will protect the children and teachers in those challenging schools? One might say that under the cover of night, the authorities made their decision, much like Leon County commissioners and their mask policy.

    If the mask ordinance were sincerely about public safety, I cannot truthfully say that I would be pleased, but I would understand and comply. However, the virus is nothing more than a cover for evil government officials et al to illegitimately forward and effect an agenda that they have dreamed about for decades. We are being duped, people.

    1. Thank you for these words … an excellent summary! I’ve been saying this since day 1, and I just can’t believe how many people are not paying attention to what’s really going on. We have been lied to for so long by our leaders and “experts”, that many cannot tell what’s good and what’s garbage! Plus, the trend on these types of forums seems to be for venting emotions, rather than the use of logic, reasoning and common sense … which we seem to have lost almost completely.

  5. I AM SO FED UP WITH ALL THIS GOV’T OVERREACH under the guise of “keeping us all safe” and justifying it by saying this “deadly virus” is a “PANDEMIC”!!! The Spanish Flu which infected half a BILLION people & caused the death of 50 MILLION worldwide can be called a Pandemic!!
    8 deaths in Leon County throughout this whole “sham” DOES NOT constitute calling it a “pandemic” !!!!
    You people work for US and last time I checked, this is still AMERICA, though it’s starting to look less and less like it, when we have had our liberties and freedoms stripped from us for months now!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of this communist style, overreaching, POWER GRAB by you people!! You should be & WILL BE VOTED OUT/THROWN OUT OF OFFICE ASAP! Or you can listen to the rest of the people you represent and STOP THIS INSANITY & OVERREACH! The spike in numbers of infected compared to the death rate only PROVES the point that this is almost a non-issue, not unlike a flu season, and the RECOVERY rate is still 99.7% if not higher!!
    Take your masks off, take a nice big breath of fresh air, and get the oxygen flowing to your brains again! AND make the RIGHT decision to END THE MANDATORY MASK order!!
    I’m 100% on board to begin protesting this and will also be filing law suits!!

  6. These boneheads earn(are given) $80,289/ year..to sit back and sip on that Democratic Kool-Aid!! Mandated face masks in Leon County is ridiculous. Good luck with this one and the next election!

  7. It’s baby steps, every time we get used to something they make another law. Pretty soon US will have a law must be covered from head to toe.

  8. Sad our commission has brought national politics to our community. We have a positive infectious rate among the lowest in the state but our commission instead of working for the betterment of residents has decided to hold the national party line of submission. What’s next the organized destruction of our emblems and monuments or the renaming of streets. Vote them out and continue Leon county to do the right things to keep our communities safe.

  9. The point is prevention. It’s not because Leon County is some new epicenter, or because of mass hospitalization. You’re wearing a mask because we don’t want those things. FL has seen a huge spike, and we don’t want the county to follow suit. Having seen a notable flair in Leon County (119 cases in the past week vs. 31 the week prior), it is understandable that we don’t want it to get worse. The numbers can all be confirmed simply by looking, by the way.

    To those who say “you take care of you, and I’ll take care of me” – we can all take care of ourselves by supporting a policy that requires masks, thereby limiting the damage caused by irresponsible, selfish people.

    In response to the notion that hospitals are profiteering from erroneous reporting, I can certainly understand why there is distrust in a system that treats healthcare like a commodity, so remember that the next time you vote. In the meantime, ask yourself why the medical profession is so adamant that we all wear masks if their scheme is to profit from COVID-19 cases. Not a great business model.

  10. Thank you commissioners for your idiotic face mask ruling. You have just given Trump and republicans more votes. ? No votes for you! Make America Great Again!!!

  11. Couldn’t agree more, well said! I too am a veteran of war and I am so sick of hearing the mindless rants about rights and sacrifice. There was a time, not long ago, when Americans rallied to each others aide in times of crisis, regardless of the personal impact. What the heck is going on?! Many of you believed that caravans from the south were invading our country with little more then pictures and what a certain news network was telling you as your evidence. There is actual evidence that people die from this! Wearing a mask is out of the question? This “all about me” attitude will be our downfall.

  12. It amazes me that so many young fallen soldiers starting at the ages of 16 have made the ultimate sacrifice when duty called to protect the safety of our people while many adults in today’s world are being called to wear a mask in public to protect their neighbors which is apparently to much to ask. They even get to sleep in the comforts of their owns beds in their air conditioned homes instead of a hole in a mosquito invested swamp. Very shameful. Thank you to the American’s that are stepping up. War Veteran United States Marine Corps, my mask is strapped on to protect my neighbors. Ooh Rah!! Thank you Leon County for the enforcement.

  13. Perston emailed the Commission a bunch of logical questions they could not answer.
    Which proves the Commission is doing the mask thing for political “please reelect us” reasons only and it has nothing to do with your health.
    What are you sheeple voters gonna do? Vote the Bozos back into office?
    You are aren’t you?

  14. The more I read comments the more I am saddened. This is not about rights or infringement on them. It is about making sure we all stay live. Many of us have not experienced an event like this in our life times, we have to adjust. If you don’t want to wear the masks I say don’t wear them . BUT .. when you and your family become sick do not go to the hospital to use up resources and put others at risk! Remember this was no big deal right?! Just because this virus may not kill you, that doesn’t mean it won’t kill any loved ones you gave it to. Everyone has turned this into a political issue it is not, it is a major health crisis.

    1. What are you talking about “keeping us alive”?!!! Have you not seen the death rate in Leon County? 8 deaths!! EIGHT!!! That is FAR from a “pandemic”!! The recovery rate is 99.7% from this “deadly virus”!! And actually the more people that are infected and recover, while the death rate pretty much doesn’t change, only makes the mortality rate of this less & less!!
      If You or anyone else have health concerns and are afraid, then STAY HOME and let the rest of us healthy people, who are willing to take the “risk” of getting this or any number of other viruses & diseases floating around out there, to live FREE!

  15. I am so full of rage over the spoiled democrats and liberals that want to protect themselves by taking away my freedoms (like the freedom to breathe and enjoy life). The idea that I am responsible to keep them (liberals and democrats) safe is so selfish of them. I am responsible for me and my family, not their family. They should be more concerned about being RESPONSIBLE for their own family. Their rights stop at their body, not my body. If for some strange reason they feel as if I have harmed them then please by all means they should avail themselves to the courts to seek justice instead of using their leaders to remove my rights. Prove that I have caused harm and then put me in prison for committing manslaughter if you felt that I have killed your family member. If these liberals and democrats were sincere they should also stop driving since driving can cause the death or severe injury to an innocent person. Life is risk. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK LIBERAL HEADS: LIFE IS RISK. EACH PERSON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES. If you can’t handle it then please by all means secure yourself in your home and if you have to go out please wear a protective suit with its own air supply so you won’t have to worry. Democrats and Liberals are looking for a civil war and I do, I mean I really do feel sorry for you. I am a person who is over 65 and have other medical risks including COPD but I don’t fear life like the democrats and liberals do. I embrace life and freedom. Too bad democrats and liberals do not embrace life and freedom but instead embrace fear and want to control others. Shame on you. Get a pair and stop crying.

  16. The last person admitted to a hospital in Leon county due to COVID-19 was 10 days ago there isn’t a surgence of infectious cases. Only confirmation of asymptomatic cases which are not transmissible. The last COVID-19 related death was 15 days ago. The county commissioners are idiots

  17. Democrats have always sided with bandits over victims who own businesses or have money. They release the bandits early & under incarcerate them.

    These masks are a dog-whistle virtue signal to bandits, looters, window-breakers, thieves and statue defacers. The masks say “We are with you, bandits & thugs! Look at us! We’re bandits too! We’re all bandits! It’s Bandit celebration week again in Leon County!”

  18. Hi He says, vaccinations were mandatory for the greatest generation and we helped save you guys from smallpox diphtheria typhus and measles and chickens pox polio and more. Poor little thing. Sorry you are afraid of needles with good stuff in them!!!!

    1. Well Granny…..if you are a member of the greatest generation then you should know that the Polio vaccine was not available until 1955, measles vaccinations were not available until 1963, and Chicken Pox Vaccine was in use until 1995. There is no vaccination available for Typhus even now in 2020. So I don’t know what you were shooting up….but it wasn’t these.

  19. “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”
    ? Samuel Adams
    (Founder of Samuel Adams’ Beer – Try our new refreshing “Summer Ale 1776”)

    1. Thankful for your input George 111. First intelligent thing I have observed in this chat. I’m signing off with this. May God continue to bless America. We need it more now than we can imagine.

  20. Im thinking all of these hysteria minded people who are advocating “saving lives” by wearing masks are the same people who bought toilet paper in mass quantities and emptied the shelves. why? they have NO clue.

  21. What a shame!, people really haven’t put there trust in GOD, a mask and definitely this fake Virus won’t save you .We are relying on power hungry people whom we the people have put into office to control and mandate you, and not understanding to stand up for your rights, We need to round all of them up! Call the red cross for the big ships to come and take them there own little island where they wear their masks and pass laws for themselves, and anyone who wants wear a mask and scared ,to join them. TOTALLY! Fake, and evil! it’s for the big Corporations and this illegal beast system to make money and leave us all out to dry

  22. I will not comply with wearing a mask you are violating my rights And my constitutional rights what’s next gonna lock me in my house no votes for you Maga

  23. The mandate is ASININE. If you want to wear a mask, by all means, feel FREE to do so. You should be protected if you choose to be, or at least feel you are. I should not have to be forced to wear one if you are already doing so for YOUR protection.
    I have a hard enough time breathing without one due to narrow sinus passages and also issues with bronchitis. Wearing a mask makes it nearly impossible for me to breathe, and makes me even more susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia.

  24. Democrats in our government are out of control it’s time to make a change stop voting For them make America great again

  25. This thread of comments of people screaming “unconstitutional” and “muh rights” is particularly idiotic. It’s really an accurate sample of why we have over 5500 new infections today. It’s literally the equivalent of saying “They can’t make me drive on the right side of the road, I can drive down the left side all I want and there’s nothing they can do about it.” Sure, you have that choice, just don’t complain about the oncoming traffic (corona) that smacks you head on and puts you in the ICU. You disgraceful ignorant neighbors of mine.

  26. Why are we being controlled
    By local governments I will
    Not comply to this ridiculous
    Motion of the Leon County
    Commissioners they are
    Violating our constitutional rights !!! No votes for you
    This is Ridiculous

  27. so ignorant to choose security over freedom. You have zero authority to do this legally and it will be challenged. We have more deaths from MVC in Florida every year- are we banning cars? This is absurd and the medical professionals are not in agreement with recommendations. It wasn’t too long ago we were advising not to wear masks. Morgan and Morgan will benefit here.

  28. You have zero authority to do this legally and it will be challenged. We have more deaths from MVC in Florida every year- are we banning cars? This is absurd and the medical professionals are not in agreement with recommendations. It wasn’t too long ago we were advising not to wear masks. Morgan and Morgan will benefit here.

  29. You have zero authority to do this legally and it will be challenged. We have more deaths from MVC in Florida every year- are we banning cars? This is absurd and the medical professionals are not in agreement with recommendations. It wasn’t too long ago we were advising not to wear masks. Morgan and Morgan will benefit here.

  30. Time to DEFUND the commission AND enact strict term limits (6 years for all local service combined. No sliding from trough to trough.)

  31. Leon county has gone to for
    And are Violating our rights
    And our constitution i Refuse to wear a mask I’m free and it’s my right !!!! No votes for
    You ?

  32. I happen to be one of those ” old fogyies” that for 83 years alongside your grandparents helped build this great country from the ground up. Supposedly for our children and grandchildren. I cringe at what you are doing to it. As I listen and watch about this generation of disrespectful, clueless, uninformed, greedy, Godless, useless, undeserving, self serving, ME
    – BRATS, I question why we gave up so many and so much for you to just not to give a tinkers damn about it. I almost lose my lust for life! Maybe I will join the brave heroes that you are making a mockery of. You care so little for others that can’t be inconvenienced for a moment. Even if may keep someone from an unknown threat. If you had any decency you would work together for something that’s good for all. Remember LAWS are only made to keep honest people honest. There should have been no need for a mandate. Use your brains if you have any. May all of you who go naked and spit on each other get poison ivy. May you that put your pants on and bare the inconvenience enjoy watching when the naked start crying about how they have been singled out and been mistreated. By the way sweetie I watch all the GOOD OLD SHOWS that were made when we honored morales and real heroes , but only when I am not paying service to those in need. You should try it. Might take your mind off of yourself . Guess you didn’t appear for any commission meetings to help stop this. You probably didn’t vote them, nor will you vote them out. Those that complain the most are most likely wanting someone else to do it for them. MAGA

  33. Commissioners: Do you people ever pay attention to what’s happening? It’s NOT ABOUT CASES!!!!!! The rate of testing is increasing.Our hospitalizations and death rates here have been flat or decreasing for months!!

  34. The question has been asked multiple times. If masks are effective and you are wearing one, why do I have to wear one? Here are two answers: If masks are 80% effective and both parties are wearing them, they become 96% effective. Also masks don’t protect one from contracting the virus through the eyes.

  35. With freedom comes responsibility, and we have a responsibility to slow this virus down. If wearing a mask will do that then we have fulfilled our responsibility. For those of you who want to go elsewhere to live and shop because of this then go ahead. Is our form of government perfect, no it isn’t, and they proved they are far from perfect by bowing down to the demands of the BLM. But that’s another story.

  36. My legal side coming out now as law is blatantly unconstitutional as well and violates The ADA..You can actually sue Publix..Trader Joe’s..any business that does NOT allow you in because your not wearing a mask once you tell them you can’t wear one for medical reasons..they are not allowed to ask you what your medical condition is either as that would violate The 5th Amendment..so this “law” should be ignored by all who don’t want to wear a mask

  37. I constantly hear we need to listen to, and follow science, and I agree. From the beginning the scientist and doctors at the CDC told us that we don’t need to wear masks to prevent getting the virus. So what are we supposed to do when scientist lie to us? Perhaps we should just turn to data.

    1. Keep in mind that, those SAME People at the CDC and at WHO also said that the US does NOT need to worry, that there is only ONE person with Covid and he is in Washington State and being Monitored. Do not Panic, it is all under control, go about your daily lives. Remember THAT? I sure do. It wasn’t until late April that we learned that WHO was working for China and fudging the Numbers, remember THAT? I sure do. I will never believe the CDC or WHO again.

        1. Absolutely. I have confidence that he is not going to sleep at the wheel. But wake up this health problem is not about politics it’s HEALTH and saving lives.

  38. Anyone with a basic ability to use Excel and math can easily run official Florida COVID numbers to determine what is the actual risk of death and/or infection to this virus. As of 6/23/20 Florida has tested approximately 7.64% of it’s population or around 1.6 million Floridians. This is now a statistically reliable and valid sample you can extrapolate to the entire 21 million Florida residents. Of those tested only 6.3% were positive. If you extrapolate the 6.3% positive rate to the entirety of Florida’s population, you come up with approximately 1.3 million potential positive Florida residents. Since we know the actual death rate of 3,238 as of 6/23/20 you can easily calculate the estimated death rate at 0.24% to estimated positive Florida cases. A better way to put it is you have a 99.76% estimated recovery rate.

    Still another way to interpret this easily available Florida COVID data is to look at the 6.3% positive rate of those tested. You have a 93.9% chance of being negative if you are tested. You also have a 0.23% chance of dying if you are tested.

    This is not the hysterical fear-based, panic porn pandemic we were sold. The actual real data does not support the need for facemasks in any way shape or form. The argument to wear facemasks because cases are increasing is insanity. Of course with mass testing more cases will occur, in particular even more cases in Leon County will occur when all the students return. So what! This virus is not the mass killer it was hyped as being. We will either have 100% of folks infected or the virus will slowly die off or weaken like it already has. It is now easily treatable. It will most likely become just like the common flu or cold. WILL WE STILL NEED TO FACEMASK FOREVER WHEN THIS OCCURS!!!???

  39. Oh, and make sure you follow the rules about washing the masks after EACH USE!

    Cloth face coverings should:

    • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
    • Be secured with ties or ear loops.
    • Include multiple layers of fabric.
    • Allow for breathing without restriction.
    • Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.

    How often should cloth face coverings be washed or otherwise cleaned?

    Cloth face coverings should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use. Mayo Clinic recommends that cloth face coverings be washed after every day of use.

    How do I store my cloth mask?

    Masks should not be placed in pockets for later use. To store or transport, carefully fold the mask so the contaminated outside is folded inward and against itself. Place in clean or new paper bag, and perform hand hygiene.

    1. Oh yeah…….. Fit Snugly, Consist of Multiple Layers of Fabric AND be able to Breath WITHOUT Restriction? Good luck on that……….. Pick TWO.

    2. Sorry Tom but you have confused the rules for masks with the rules for the proper handling and reuse of condoms.
      Well at least we all know about condoms now for when our thugmissioners demand the 24/7 wearing of condoms.
      Thanks Tom.

    3. Laughable, really. I see so many people who ignorantly remove their mask and hang it on the rear view mirror inside their car. Think about that. You will see it on your next drive. Really?

      If the mask was catching all the disease while you were out in public around people, what in god’s name do you think will happen to those germs when your mask is happily swinging inside your vehicle to the air conditioning breeze, the re circulation, and the crappy music. I would say the germs are having a party.

      (I will not carry papers)

  40. OK, Commissioners, you are WORKING From Home, you are UNDER ROOF, so the next time you are having a Commission Meeting/Workshop, you better be wearing a Mask, or is that why you added “Business owners, managers, and employees who are in an area of a business establishment that is not open to customers, patrons, or the public, provided that six feet of distance exists between persons.” to the Exempt list. You should wear one anyway, lead by example.

  41. I want to know what Constitutional authority the County Commission has to force me to wear pants inside businesses? It’s like Communist China that I am being forced to wear pants, and the ‘scientists’ who say that it helps reduce the spread of germs are just Soros funded buffoons that love Communist China and hate America. They can have their scientific religion.

    So many TRUE PATRIOTS in this thread boldly planning to move out of Leon County to somewhere that is run by actual Americans and not beholden to these perverted Dim Libs. Please update this thread with your destination so I too, can go live in FREEDOM and can face the KUNG FLU without the nanny state telling me how to live my life.

    I do wonder, however, how we are going to vote all of these commissioners OUT OF OFFICE, if we have all moved out of the county to a respectable place?

    MAGA 2020!

  42. under their own rules we are all EXEMPT! read their rules below – certainly you have a sensory condition that makes wearing a mask difficult!

    People who cannot wear a cloth face covering are not required to show proof of their medical condition nor are they required to name their medical condition.

    What are the exceptions to the face covering requirement?

    Facial coverings are not required to be worn by the following persons:
    • Persons under the age of six years
    • Persons who have trouble breathing due to a chronic pre-existing condition or individuals with a documented or demonstrable medical problem. It is the intent of this provision that those individuals who cannot tolerate a facial covering for a medical, sensory or any other condition which makes it difficult for them to utilize a facial covering and function in public are not required to wear one

  43. I am running for County Commissioner in 2022, already filed awhile back and I personally would have voted NO on this. I think they are over stepping on this with a Knee Jerk reaction. Those that are worried about catching the Virus should purchase several of the good Masks with the Filters, purchase the good Gloves, purchase the good Hand Sanitizers and keep some with you at all times, purchase the good Sanitizer Wipes and keep some with you, do this for your Family as well, Wash your Hands as often as possible and self social distance and you will be fine. That is what I do but I haven’t worn a Mask yet. I do a lot of things differently now because of the Virus and it wasn’t that hard to make the changes BUT, I will not force anyone else to do what I have been doing. If you don’t want to catch the Virus, or any virus, you should take precautions that you feel are best for you. If a Business demands you wear a Mask to enter, then wear a Mask or go somewhere else, personally, I will put on a Mask for the short time I am there but I would not make you do it if you don’t want to. And yes, I do own a few Masks already and one is a very cool one so I am ready.

  44. If your that scared of this virus. STAY AT HOME LIKE SHEEP. IDK anybody that has this or currently got it now. This is ridiculous trying to do business with this damn thing on. SAD

  45. My objection is not to masks. My objection is to the state of irrational fear and intellectual laziness that leads to unnecessary actions like this. There are too many people who confuse their feelings with facts, and the moment something presses their anxiety button they stop considering anything less than the most extreme responses to situations. How people with this state of mind allow it to affect their own lives is of no concern to me. However, when this mindset bleeds over into the public realm by way of influencing public policy, and this begins to chip away at our freedoms (something that any honest student of history will acknowledge is dangerous) this demands a forceful rebuttal.

    The FACTS are that COVID 19 can be easily managed by having seniors and high risk individuals wear masks. That’s all that needs to be done – and it should be their choice. If a parent wants to put a mask on their child, they should be free to do this without being called a germaphobe, but they should also not expect others to go to these extremes when children are not at a significant risk even if they contract COVID 19. We should continue restrictions at skilled nursing facilities and entities working with high risk populations. However, we should be allowing families a pathway to visitation through testing and the use of PPE. We do not need to limit visitation at the hospital to one person between 7am and 7pm when they lack the staff to respond to calls for help, and then also leave patients without the supportive care they need (and will often not receive) between 7pm and 7am. Again, a reasonable option for rapid testing and permitting safe visitation with the use of PPE should be implemented.

    Unfortunately, these things are hard to address when so many people are being driven by their emotions and not fact and reason.

    The FACTS are that only six people have died of COVID 19 in Leon County – which is sad and very real for those who are impacted – but nonetheless nowhere near the numbers that warranted closing schools and businesses. No objective analysis would support taking the actions that have now caused a surge in substance and domestic abuse cases, a rise in psychological crises – including suicide, extreme and widespread financial hardship, and a failure to legitimately educate our children for nearly 3 months of the last school year.

    The FACTS are that we are more likely to contract and die from salmonella or e-coli, MRSA, pneumonia, or to die in an auto accident, than we are to contract and die from Covid19 – and these other conditions actually pose a legitimate risk to children and people of all ages. But we still drive to the grocery store, purchase food grown and packaged by complete strangers, and use our ungloved hands to open doors and handle objects in public. Parents allow their kids to play on playgrounds, and somehow they manage to live free and happy lives with these very real risks in the background.

    So, it really isn’t about the masks for me. It is about the mindset that squelches objective and reasonable discussion.

    Seniors and high risk individuals can protect themselves by properly using PPE. Announcing this, as well as highlighting the facts about COVID-19, is the extent to which the local government should have treaded on our freedoms and choices.

    1. Excellent post, C Marks!
      I see Erwin Jackson is asking his Facebook friends if they see a kommissar at a business after today and they’re not wearing a mask, send him a photo of the scofflaw tyrant.
      Also: The local rag asked TPD and LCSO exactly how they plan to enforce this unconstitutional mandate. They both said NO COMMENT, lol!!!
      And I see that the county kommissars are getting 260,000 masks to give out FREE to residents.
      I recommend deducting the cost from their salaries.
      If they try to raise their portion of our property taxes to pay for them, they should all be arrested for misappropriation of funds.

  46. It’s sad how misinformed people are that they think masks help stop anything..there’s a plethora of information out there that shows masks don’t help people in fact for a lot of people they can HURT them..typical Democrat run County BS..oh well it won’t bother me cause fortunately I can escape to Destin which is a well run Republican Area..I just feel sorry for my Business Owner Friends in Tally who are being bankrupted by Voodoo Science and Political Nutjobs here in Tally..Best Wishes to All that have to stay in Tallygrad under this latest decree from Der Kommissars

  47. Do I need to go to the drivers license agency and have my picture taken with the facemask now that’s this will be a permanent way of life as dictated by those who know best. Can I refuse to pull my mask down at the bank in order to prove that I am who I am since that will be violating this dictate. Where is the Kool-Aid that they will be giving us to drink next (for those of you who remember Jim Jones.) This is not about safety it is about control because government officials don’t care about the welfare of their citizens they just care about how they can line their pockets with our tax dollars. They’re not getting them from revenues, due to loss of business so lets fine people for not wearing masks. But let people who riot and loot go their merry way as long as they have on a mask . The people who want to live in a dictatorship should be allowed to. Let the rest of us live in freedom that carries risk with it. We will keep the police also to ensure there is Law and order. We know there have to be rules but it crosses the line when you try to control every aspect of someone’s life in the name of safety. Those of you who want to have every aspect of your life controlled aren’t worth the pinky finger of one World War II soldier who died fighting for the freedom that you have thrown away.
    I will follow this socialist law but I will spend more time at home and less money on local businesses. I will order online from Companies not based in Tallahassee because as of now I don’t have to wear a mask in my home but that could change when you have power-hungry people in office. And hopefully soon I can find a place that reminds me of the United States of America not Communist China and I’ll move there

  48. Next thing you know they are going to tell folks they have to wear seatbelts or can’t drink as much alcohol as they want and then drive a car…

  49. The science shows that my mask protects you and your mask protects me. If we both wear masks we are much safer. If you want businesses open and to avoid another shut down masks are a good middle ground. Thank you commissioners for basing your d we vision on science instead of politics.

    1. Did you just thank city commissioners for not being political? Political is what they do, they dont know anything else. So theyre scientists now? Did they get their scientific data from the same medical community that just recently declared that since white supremacy is even more deadly than covid, go ahead and protest in large groups – mask wearing not necessary in that case. That medical community? Yeah, sounds like some serious science at work there.

    2. Ah, the “science” we absolutely must all worship and obey – same as the climate change hoax. It’s always and ONLY the “science” that supports the liberal agenda or narrative that liberals want. Any science or statistics that refutes or disproves the liberal “science” is attempted to be silenced and smeared by the msm and liberals. Until we grant ALL the science equal voice and presentation in the public arena, the “liberal science” or “expert” has no authority or validity.

  50. Awesome! Thank you commissioners for try to keep us ALL safe. Now, being high risk, I might actually be able to walk into an establishment that I have to go to such as the grocery without someone without a mask invariably invading my space. I’ve read multiple times from folks defending not wearing a mask: “It’s not mandatory, so I’m not wearing one. If you don’t like it, stay home”. NOW, I get to say “It’s mandatory, wear one and if you don’t like it, stay home”!

    1. It’s not mandatory. If you don’t want to wear one all you have to do is say you have a medical condition that precludes you from wearing a mask. That’s it. So, I wouldn’t be telling anyone who’s not wearing one to stay home…they don’t have to.

    2. Tell you what, Mr. or Ms. Risk – when you see me in the grocery with (gasp!) no mask you can take my picture and report me to the “authorities” by calling 911. That is, if you can calm your shaking hands. And you may as well keep shopping, as I will – it will be a mightty long wait for the “authorities” to show up.

  51. Your killing the small businesses of this town. Are you all being paid off by big box stores? You just lost the votes of all business owners and patrons. Hope you enjoy food stamps and unemployment.

  52. You are putting one more knife into an already bleeding economy. The retailers can’t take anymore of this. I say all the commissioners that signed this will not be reelected. We will make signs with your names on them that say this business killed by political bullcrap.

    1. Yep. One friend of mine went bankrupt, another guy i know killed himself.
      Thats tallahassee govt “keeping people safe”

  53. Did you commissioners read this?

    876.12?Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public way.—No person or persons over 16 years of age shall, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter upon, or be or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road, highway, or other public way in this state.
    History.—s. 2, ch. 26542, 1951.

  54. I will claim racial profiling. I’m white so that should work. Or I’ll claim I’m a protester or identify as a 6 year old. Lots of options. If all else fails, I’ll get a fine.

  55. Absolutely unbelievable. The NERVE of these power-hungry, control-obsessed crazies! Why not just order us to stitch the mask permanently to our faces?

  56. This group of: double-dippers, ad nauseam self-promoters, Buffalo Pool Party participants, recently investigated by the FBI, promoted, contributed, and voted for a candidate for governor who recently was found curled-up on a Miami hotel room floor in a drug orgy,
    does personal business deals with JT Burnette, etc are telling us what we have to do because they know what is best?

    There seems to be something unconstitutional about this.

  57. Why are Republicans such big babies? Just wear a face mask and keep it moving. The only people I feel bad for are the employees who will have to deal with the Karens of Leon county. I see one in the comments right now… haha

    1. Big babies is pretty hypocritical coming from the group that invented the words “triggered” and “microaggressions” and the idea that free speech is violence.

  58. Thank you, County Commissioners for looking out for the health and safety of the people in Leon County. I can’t count the number of times having to go get groceries or something essential and, wearing a mask, those who do not come right up within 2 feet of me, risking my health and those in my family who are high risk. We can take numerous precautions, but as long as as uncaring person can act selfishly with no repercussions, all of our safety precautions are for naught. Wearing a mask is effective in reducing the spread, and will help us get back faster to the normal that we all want and miss.

    1. If someone getting within two feet of you while youre wearing a mask can give you the virus, whats the point of the mask in the first place?
      Why not outlaw driving? You could kill an innocent person. Is it worth the risk?

  59. Sham politics! What are spineless move! I can tell you one place I am planning on leaving as soon as humanly possible! Liberal dirt bag tactics!

    1. Agree – the For Sale sign is going up in my yard soon as I can get things lined up. It’s a nice home in a decent area of Tally, should go very quick.
      Taking my tax dollars and considerable spending on local businesses with me.

  60. Not happy. I guess I’m just too stupid to know what’s safe and what isn’t. Can’t imagine how I’ve made it this far.

    1. Thank you, This should’ve been implemented months ago and maybe some of my family wouldn’t have died due to the stupidness and selfishness of other people. You have my vote and many others.

      1. Sorry for your loss but, are you saying that they died because THEY were wearing a Mask and others were not? If they were not wearing a Mask, when they could have been, why should you need a rule to make you wear a Mask when you were always allowed to wear one before the Rule?

      2. Karen, I am sorry for your loss of family members, but the facts are a mask truly benefits the wearer. Tell me, why didn’t your family members wear masks? Since the wearer is the one getting the benefits, then you have just basically stated that your family members were selfish and stupid. I do not believe that is the case you wanted to present

    2. A defacto shut down with a swipe at the Governor. Pretty bold for a County Commission. The increase in cases was predicted at the start of this madness. Caution was exercised, the curve was flattened, lives were saved and millions of dollars lost. The data is now here. The data does not support continued subordination of anyone based on this virus. If we put them back on now, and are intellectually honest, we can never take them off again. There will always be another scary virus.

  61. Thomasville here I come…. government is out of control. The only way to truly make your voice heard is voting and taking your money elsewhere.

  62. OMG… There are 11 people hospitalized in Leon County for Covid-19 as of today according to Tallahassee Reports…and you’re gonna require 292,000 people to wear masks?

    Why don’t they require us all to wear neck braces in case we’re in an automobile accident?

    Why not require us all to wear Depends in case we lose control our bodily functions?

    They do not need to start setting unconstitutional precedents for any silly mandates such as this…until we give up completely to the socialist left and surrender our Liberty to the devil.

    1. Spot on, Vern.
      This is a violation of the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. It will be overturned, just like the individual mandate for ObamaCare.
      As far as what else will the County Gestapo try to force us to buy, I expect them to argue that since we all have an economic stake in the Seminoles, everyone will be mandated to buy season tickets!

  63. Making people wear a mask is laughable. I only know a handful of elderly people that MAY get sick. Even then, am I supposed give up going to my favorite restaurants for some old fogies watching the finale of M.A.S.H. while us young people have fun. Not an issue. It’s not like they are in college town. How come the parking isn’t free anymore?

  64. Its about keeping people safe. The bottom line is people have died! Im confused why so many of you are opposed to keeping your family and yourself safe. Its a mask….not chains….

    1. It has nothing to do with safety. Cloth masks and the way people wear them are spreading way more pathogens than people without them who are distancing. You just have to check the discussions to see this is mainly about them trying to stick it to the Governor, who as a resident of Leon County has to follow their rules. It is a joke, all you have to do is is say you have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask and you’re done. No one can ask or require you to provide proof since that would be a HIPAA violation. It is unenforceable posturing! Vote them ALL out!

    2. If wearing a mask is how you keep your family safe, by all means go ahead. If masks work, how could you get the virus from someone who isnt wearing one? There is no scientfic rationale for this. It’s about obedience.

        1. “people have died” . 30 people died from car crashes in 2018. More from old age. Do not get in a car or walk near a street!

        1. Thats your evidence? “Moisture droplets” come out of people’s mouths when they talk? Amazing!
          Your article didnt address how you can get the virus from the “moisture droplets” of another person if you are wearing a mask. If masks are effective, how is that possible?
          And of course im being political. This whole sh!tshow is political. But selfish? Youre the one trying to force others into your religion. You can wear your mask and i wont try to force you to take it off. Why cant you show others similar courtesy?
          Because youre selfish. And incidentally, why is there no mask-wearing law for the flu?

          1. It’s only political in this country. A cloth mask stems the spread, not the contraction. You can still breath in particles from someone, but your particles are restricted from getting out. The same way a vacuums suction can only be felt near the hole, but a fans blow can be felt from across a room.

        2. Charles, the facts are that wearing a mask protects others, not the wearer. i.e. you wear a mask and I do not, I cough and the droplets fly threw the air, you are protected unless the droplets happen to hit your eyes, which by the way CAN be a conduit for the virus

  65. What a surprise! More political muscle flexing by the dirtbags who get elected in this town. There is nothing scientific to back this up. Ive said it before- if youre wearing a mask, and the masks are effective, how is my not wearing one going to affect the mask-wearers? It wont. This is their way of forcing the citizens to kiss their ring.
    Especially nauseating is this quote from Mary Ann Lindley-Stalin: “I think we need to kind of let this ride for a while and if we find out that it’s just being ignored universally then maybe we step to the next phase“. I wonder what the “next phase” is? Torture?
    I suggest any and everyone who disagrees with this violation of our rights try to get one of these idiots on the phone and ask them to explain how person A not wearing a mask can affect person B who is wearing one.

  66. They need to stop testing! If you are sick go to the doctor! Stop looking at numbers testing positive..99% recover..
    Also assume with higher number tested counties receive funding..so more tests ..more money..

  67. Thanks to you all for stepping up and doing the right thing! It’s so refreshing in this era of confusion and misinformation. It’s about respect, people! Not just for you but for all others.

    1. Speaking of confusion and misinformation.

      We have a 2% test rate, only a fraction of the population bothers to get tested, and a 99.5% survival rate.

      Quit panicking. Think for yourself.

  68. I have no problem with it because I don’t want to get sick. They had to do this because so many people aren’t smart enough to know that wearing a mask will help protect them and those around them.

    1. You just explained everything that is wrong about govt very succinctly. These mediocrities who happened to win a popular election somehow know better than i do what’s best for me?
      That is patently ludicrous.
      Govt is here to prevent me from violating your rights and vice versa. Not to protect me from hurting myself, nor to keep me healthy.
      If youre wearing a mask and masks are effective, i cant give you the virus. Let me assess my own risks. It’s not yours or anyone else’s job. Dont try to force others into your religion.

    2. Bruce, wearing a Mask does not significantly help you avoid illness, it helps others avoid the illness, check the facts and you will find out masks are to protect others, not yourself.

    1. Agree completely – what an asinine move by Leon County. Hope they soon have numerous class-action lawsuits and legal challenges to keep them occupied, and I hope those lawsuits and challenges are all successful. The county commission never considered (or cared) about the negative impact this “ordinance” would have on already-endangered local businesses. One more reason Leon County will be seeing an exodus of businesses and citizens, taking their tax money and jobs with them – Just like most liberal-run cities and states have seen. Illinois lost 800,000 citizens just in the last year or two, New York and CA are losing population rapidly also.

    1. Yes it can. Yes it is unconstitutional. If you are given a citation and then you do not show up to pay for it and judge issues a warrant for your arrest. The bench warrant tells law enforcement to put you in jail yet the directive tells them they can’t jail you. It is not a law. It is an unenforceable mandate. This is called “color of law”.
      This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. And when the plaintiff wins their judgment against Leon County the taxpayers will pay the multi-million dollar judgement. Voters in Leon County should recall the entire commission. But what would I expect from a county that elected the likes of Andrew Gillum?

  69. I think you have over stepped your authority and have violated the rights of the people in Leon Co. I hope the courts will over rule this. Not that I believe you care but I will do what ever I can to make sure none of you are ever elected again

    1. Selling masks that state the Leon county commissioners SUCK. also I am seceding from the county. Everyone of those asses will not get reelected.

  70. Unenforceable and Unconstitutional. A foolish move that may likely and rightly cost some of them the seat the have/had the honor of holding.

  71. Kinds puts a damper on the whole restaurant experience. Can I have a tiny straw slit for enjoying my gordarita?

  72. Kristin Dozier said she was concerned about overrunning hospital ICU space. Really? When the number of hospitalizations is currently only 44? How obtuse can she be?

    1. Hey TR:
      What about an update in the morning, getting comments from McNeil and Goad’s puppet Revell as to how they plan to enforce this?
      And if they think this is a wise use of their understaffed LEO’s time?

      1. Exactly! What a burden to put on our already overburdened law enforcement. No steps forward and 3 steps back.

        I would like our law enforcement brass to announce that they will not enforce this as they have a more important responsibility regarding ensuring the public safety of citizens.

    1. Evan Power: What are you going to do about this?
      I say we start a RECALL CAMPAIGN on EVERY ONE of these Lil’ Hitlers!
      I want to be the first name on each RECALL petition!

      1. Make me second this would be a protest march I would attend so glad I am retired law enforcement enforcing this inane taxing would be ridiculous

    2. The authority of science and respect for your fellow Americans! It makes sense! Why do you have to be so selfish!? It’s a mask! To protect the vulnerable! Not a jail sentence!

      1. Why are other people my responsibility? Why can’t you just be responsible for yourself? You do all the things you need to to not get sick but what I do isn’t your problem. I have trouble breathing with a mask on. This is just controlling people based on a false science. LITERALLY EVERYONE is going to get sick from this before there’s a vaccine. The world still needs to move on. You don’t want to get sick? You stay home, stop controlling what I do in my life. If I get it and die, at least I’ll stop having to deal with stupid people that never question their information.

      2. No Lymee, it is definitely NOT any authority of “science”. When liberals declare “we must listen to the science!” they mean ONLY the science opinions (not proven) that supports their agenda. Any science that disproves or refutes the liberals’ “science” is immediately targeted to be smeared, silenced, and discredited. liberals never say “Let’s hear ALL the science.” No – it must be ONLY the “science or “experts” that promote the liberal agenda. Until ALL science and experts are given an equal say, all liberal “science” has no authority or validity at all.

    3. You have to know that our world has rules, and to have rules we need authorities.
      They are the authority, they make the rules and you follow!!!

      1. Utterly unthinking and ridiculous statements. Through history and now there are hundreds of “authorities” that murderered millions. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Un are just a few. Also, the Costitution declares America where the “authorities” can only function by “the consent of the governed”. And we can remove or revoke and “authority” we wish, by voting. So – you mindlessly follow any “rule” or “authority” you wish, but don’t dare claim any right to tell everyone else they must agree with you or comply – that is always the mindless mantra of liberals.

    4. They should be forced to prove there is a new virus. Scaring people and getting them to go along isn’t science.

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