TMH Doctor Provides Facts About COVID-19

TMH Doctor Provides Facts About COVID-19

Amid an increase in COVID-19 cases, Dr. Dean Watson, VP and Chief Integration Officer at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH), shared detailed information about COVID-19 via a video released on Twitter yesterday.

Dr. Watson stated:

  • Twenty-eight million people have been tested in the U.S. The majority of individuals coming back positive today are under the age of 35 and most of them are not symptomatic.
  • We are seeing a reduction in hospitalizations and reduction in mortality across the country.
  • The key indicators are hospitalization and mortality, not the number of positive tests.
  • We are seeing across the world that the virulence or the infection ability of the virus is reducing.
  • If you cannot social distance, wearing a mask is imperative.

17 Responses to "TMH Doctor Provides Facts About COVID-19"

  1. Has anyone done any analysis on the error rate of the testing? It is a shame our trust level of reporting has gotten so low.

  2. No matter what I read, if comments can be made, there are ALWAYS comments that attack, degrade, or discount what the article is about or who wrote the article. And then a bunch more comments arguing each point made. It is very tiresome.

  3. Why does the COVID-19 dashboard say there are 44 hospitalizations in Leon county? Where are they hospitalized then?

  4. Panic mode, News media again will start reporting again everyday every business that has a report of a positive person. Like today WTXL TV 27 reported one positive case was reported at some sports team. I just turned it off because I am not going to start listening to that worthless news that is trying to incite the panic mode. One person here, one person at potbelly, one person at PUBLIX example of last time. I don’t care, get treated, if TMH, CRMC has no ICU beds available due to coronavirus then that is news. Wtxl, WCTV top news of one person has reported positive of coronavirus at DMV today is not going to get my time or my viewings of their news. The protesters caused this, we all know that. They were all in environments were social DISTANCING was not used, good hygiene not used, masked not used and people not systematic didn’t do anything but spread it. If these protesters would do something productive like go back to work, be responsible, try to make an honest living instead of walking the streets and waiting for some more free stuff to come their way, the drop would go back down and we could start being productive and opening up the economy and moving America forward again instead of sitting back and waiting for the government to give it to us for free like the Liberal Democrats wants people to do! SOCIALISM does not work!

  5. > We are seeing a reduction in hospitalizations and reduction in mortality across the country.

    This is only because New York and New Jersey did a lot of work in flattening the curve. Hospitalizations in early opening states, such as Texas and Arizona are increasing and likely to keep increasing for a while, even if the freedom crowd started wearing masks tomorrow.

    > We are seeing across the world that the virulence or the infection ability of the virus is reducing.

    I have no idea where he gets that from. Anyone seen anything to back it up?

    1. Yes, and an Italian Doctor who has been on the front lines of this thing for months said the exact same thing. The daily death rate in the US has been dropping steadily since mid-May. This comes back to the point that most of the positive cases now are younger people that barely know they have this thing but are getting tested because it’s a requirement for returning to work or visiting Grandma.

  6. Next week somebody is going to make an announcement that wearing mask especially all off the wall material being used for pseudo protection and the incorrect wearing of conventional mask

  7. After the recent “white supremacy is a health risk for which you should protest in the streets, don’t worry about covid” stance from the so-called medical community, it should be obvious to anyone with one eye that these people are liars who care more about politics than the actual health of their patients.

  8. “TMH Doctor Provides Facts About COVID-19” ……………………….. Everything he said gets said DAILY, on EVERY News Station and all the Printed Media. All he did was repeat what has been said Thousands of Times in the past couple of weeks………… OK, I see what is different here now …….Watson is a “Chief Integration Officer”, OK, that makes all the difference now… it.

  9. Later at a mid town bar Dr. Watson was overheard laughing with his esteemed Doctor buddies about how the whole pandemic “thingy” will be over anyway November 4th right after Joe Biden is elected.

    1. It was at that moment all the other Doctors realized they had seen Dr. Watson somewhere before and that this “Dr. Watson” they all had become so chummy with had only played a Doctor on T.V.

    1. He doesn’t say people are going to TMH; in fact, he never mentions TMH at all. The only mention of TMH is that’s where he works.

      The reference to people being asymptomatic was tied to test results, not hospital visits.

    2. His so called “FACTS” are Country wide, not County wide. He just WORKS at TMH. I was hoping to see recent Leon County Facts, not stuff that everyone already has known for a few days now.

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