Blueprint Asks for Public Input on Debbie Lightsey Nature Park

Blueprint Asks for Public Input on Debbie Lightsey Nature Park

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency has asked the public for input on the design of the Debbie Lightsey Nature Park.

From June 21 to June 27, Blueprint’s website will host virtual engagement activities for the public to learn about the Southwest Greenways and Debbie Lightsey Nature Park project and provide feedback. Activities include a live chat with the project team and a virtual aerial tour of the site.

The website also includes a public input survey that will be available until June 27. According to the press release, the design team will consider public comments during the project’s design phase, which will end in early 2021.

The site of the park was previously known as the “Delta Industrial Site” in southwest Tallahassee. Blueprint purchased the parcel in 2006, and plans for the Debbie Lightsey Nature Park began in 2016. In 2017, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors approved using 2020 sales tax revenue to fund the project.

The park is named after former City Commissioner Debbie Lightsey, who served from 1989 to 2010. The 133-acre park will include trails and overlooks for recreation that does not harm the natural environment. The project will also include the construction of 6.5 miles of greenways.

Construction is slated to begin following the completion of the design phase in 2021.

9 Responses to "Blueprint Asks for Public Input on Debbie Lightsey Nature Park"

  1. I can tell you from personal experience that no one at BluePrint will listen to the public. Neither will disgraced former City Manager Ric Fernandez’ son-in-law.

    They will do whatever they want with zero oversight (except for developers, hand picked committee members and lobbyists input).

  2. OK, explain how they will be able to maintain THIS Park, look at Tom Brown Park, I stopped going there because it looks (and is) Run Down. The Road needs re-paved, a LOT of the Pic-Nic areas are no longer covered, many boards on the Board Walks are rotted, the place hasn’t really been maintained in YEARS.

  3. Going to be named for someone, who…voted herself $100,000 of our tax $$$ to herself as ‘deferred compensation’, while on the City Commission and then declared it as part of her retirement package (which you can’t do…legally) to get her an extra $20,000 or so per year. Why the city fathers allowed this, I do not know.

  4. Where exactly is this to be located? A Map would help a lot here. When I googled it, it showed about a Half Arce Lot at Cap. Circle & Jackson Bluff Rd.

    1. OK, I found it. Just south of the Armory and across from those Warehouse Shops & Cascade Dr. It’s all Wet Lands and from the Drawings, it looks like they are removing the big Holding Ponds. It’s heavily wooded as well. Looks like you are just putting in Walking Trails but I am sure it will be over designed and over priced. Shouldn’t cost over $200,000 and I am being generous.

      1. Agreed.
        I recommend they buy the ash trays at the nearby Flea Market, but I suspect they’ll order them from the Sharper Image catalog.

  5. She did not rat out any of her co-conspirators, unindicted or otherwise.

    My input for the “Lightsey Boondoggle:”
    Ash trays every 300 feet!

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