Superintendent Rocky Hanna Addresses Reopening Questions at Business Meeting

Superintendent Rocky Hanna Addresses Reopening Questions at Business Meeting

Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna addressed questions about reopening Leon County Schools in a presentation to the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates (NEBA) on June 23.

He said the reopening task force is in the process of finalizing the reopening plan, which will be presented to parents on July 1.

So far, the district plans to reopen schools on Aug. 10 and give parents the option to choose between brick-and-mortar or distance learning, deciding by semester.

Hanna discussed how distance learning will change in the fall, noting that every student will have their own device. In June, the Leon County School Board voted to purchase 32,500 Chromebooks—one for each student in the district.

The district will also consolidate to only one distance learning platform, Canvas. Additionally, the district is in negotiations to use Florida Virtual School’s curriculum.

“We’re in negotiations with Florida Virtual School to get their content, which is aligned to all of our standards by grade and by course. And we pull all their content and load it onto this learning management system that our kids can access and do assessments on,” Hanna said.

Hanna also discussed how an in-person school day would change in the fall.

He said the reopening plan includes screening and taking the temperature of every child first thing every day. A child with a fever would go to a separate area to wait for a parent to pick them up. If the child tested positive for COVID-19, the Leon County Health Department would conduct contract tracing.

He said classes will adhere to social distancing guidelines, including putting up dividers, spreading out, and wearing masks when necessary.

Hanna noted that there is a possibility that students who choose brick and mortar learning may get sent home again in October or November because of a second wave of COVID-19. In this case, class loads would be split to make it easier for students to manage them.

“One thing we found is it was hard for a kid to manage six teachers in six classes at the same time,” he said.

One month, students would focus on three of their classes, and then they would switch to the other three classes in the second month.

There are still many unknowns, including what arts and athletics will look like in the upcoming school year. Hanna said they will be addressed at a later date, and decisions will likely be made by mid-July.

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  1. Rocky, for a man that had to be sued to provide child support when you admitted you were aware for 10 years that you fathered a child, your words are meaningless. Rocky, your words mean nothing after admitting you falsified information to state and federal authorities because you are a vindictive human being

    Rocky you are an unethical educator unfit to lead. Those that campaign and endorse you, accept the vengeance that emits from within you.

  2. Sounds like Who’s on first base, What is on second base, Why is on third base and I don’t Know is up to bat. The game is on. We will figure out the rules as we go. Play Ball!

    1. Coming soon to a child near you:
      “A Colossal Failure Part II”
      You’ll laugh.
      You’ll cry.

      But most of all, you’ll pay a lot of money for it.

      (I’m still waiting for someone to explain how buying 32,500 Chromebooks will impact our property taxes.)

      1. The Chromebook purchase and a related HAA HAA type “donation”.
        Thats it.
        Of course Rocky and his brother are using a different entity to receive the “donation” and if anyone outs the “donation transaction” we will once again be scolded into this: “its perfectly legal, shuffle along, nothing to see here”.
        Sigh … such accepted and even expected corruption.

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