Leon County School Board Discusses Reopening Task Force Recommendations

Leon County School Board Discusses Reopening Task Force Recommendations

At a reopening workshop today, the Leon County School Board reviewed recommendations from the Re-Open Leon Schools Task Force for the upcoming school year. The recommendations covered protocols for health and safety, academic services, and community and workforce development.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna will review the recommendations and School Board input to create the reopening action plan.

The first recommendation from the task force is creating clear protocols for mask use. Board member Rosanne Wood commented that masks are likely the most controversial part of the plan.

“Speaking for myself, I don’t like to wear a mask, and I don’t know many people who do,” Wood said. “However, we are trying to follow the CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe. Many teachers are worried about coming to school. They are the adults. They are the ones that are most vulnerable to spread, and they are our essential workers.”

“I think parents need to realize that this consideration is for everyone,” she said. “We really can’t afford to have our teachers getting sick, because then their students won’t have a teacher.”

Superintendent Rocky Hanna added that the task force has committed to following CDC guidance, and students will need to wear masks where they can’t be six feet apart. He also noted that the district plans to create “mask free zones,” “mask timeouts,” and “mask breaks,” so students do not have to wear masks the whole day.

The task force also discussed maintaining “covid-capacity” classrooms—classrooms in which students can maintain six feet of distance.

Other task force recommendations include creating protocols for sick students, temperature checks, sanitization, and more.

LCS has given parents the option to choose between distance or brick-and-mortar learning on a semester-by-semester basis. On July 13, LCS will begin contacting parents to determine their decisions and plan for staffing.

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  1. Schools opening is critical for parents to get back to work and thus Make Leon Counties Economey GREAT AGAIN.
    So with that being said, our Leftist Godless School Superintendent and his hand picked highly paid crew of leftist godless Rocky whores and weird leftist men, are given a 100% chance of either keeping school shut down or opening and closing school several times at unpredictable intervals in order to kill the local economey and drive us all out of our minds. And thus (in their leftist addled minds drive the Orange Man out of office).
    Thats what we should be expecting from our leftist school board management.
    ps: in fairness to the 3 or 4 upper management employees who are NOT Rocky whores I am officially making the statement that all of upper management are not Rocky whores.
    Everyone feeling better now?

  2. I can remember about 10-16 Years ago we all Vote TO lower the number of Students per Classroom which meant hiring more Teachers and adding more Classrooms………….. What ever happened to THAT? If you had followed thru with that plan, you would have this problem NOW.

  3. Rocky you are I’ll prepared. You hand pick buddies make the following

    Leon County Schools district administrators
    Superintendent Rocky Hanna — $134,465

    Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle — $125,407

    Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox — $123,433

    Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Rodgers — $123,185

    Chief of Safety and Security John Hunkiar — $121,604

    Chief Financial Officer Kim Banks — $118,920

    Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory — $116,587

    Assistant Superintendent Deana McAllister — $112,204

    Director of Elementary Schools Sue Kraul — $109,094

    Director of Secondary Schools Scott Hansen — $106,384

    Director of Technology and Information Bill Nimmons — $102,422

    Director of Staff Development Shane Syfrett — $102,422

    Director of Purchasing June Kail — $98,738

    Director of Property Management Michael Moore — $96,557

    Director of Early Childhood Programs Brooke Brunner — $95,779

    Director of Food Services James Howcroft — $92,838

    Director of Construction Danny Allbritton — $91,920

    Director of Maintenance Alvin Watkins — $90,720

    Director of ESE Operations and Compliance Cathy Shields — $89,395

    Director of Payroll Deena Howell — $88,922

    Director of Code Enforcement, Compliance Rod McQueen — $86,912

    Director of Risk Management Services Janet Heath — $82,996

    Interim Director of Transportation James Cole — $81,252

    Director of Internal Auditing Livetra Paul — $80,501

    Director, Interdivisional Support Services Ricky Bell — $77,967

    Director of Benefits Pam Faulkner — $74,851

    Coordinator of School Choice Office Jamie Holleman — $73,920

    Coordinator of Title 1 Office Ashley Scott — $71,920

    Coordinator of Communications and Media Relations Chris Petley — $71,790

    Coordinator of Volunteer and Mentor Services Kelli Walker — $67,924

    Coordinator of Policy and Planning Marline Feliciano — $66,605

    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Sha’Rhonda Brown — $56,924

    Shane keeping quiet about Scott Hansen calling you and intimidating you.paid off.

  4. Oh, I so agree, Mr. Disgusted. Only 1,830 deaths outside of nursing homes! We can relax if so few people are dead. That’s at least 30% fewer than those killed in 9-11, and that barely made the news. And I’ll bet the numbers would be pretty much the same if we hadn’t taken precautions. Can’t think of how they’d get any higher, can you? And let’s not count nursing home deaths – I’m sure those infections had nothing to do with healthworkers and visitors. They’re old anyways, and it’s not like they can infect other people. Besides, the numbers are comparable with flu, and it’s not like we bother with a flu vaccine, right? All in all, I’d say we’re in pretty good shape. Let’s open the schools, no restrictions, and too bad for anyone who dies. After all, only 103 Florida children have been hospitalized with COVID-19. No biggie. One thing I just can’t figure out, though – why do these health experts want us to be safe anyway? If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were acting in an ethical and responsible way, but that can’t be true given how much they hate America. I just can’t figure out their motive. In any case, no one is going to make my child put a piece of cloth over his mouth – that’s an infringement of his Trump-given rights. And who says covering your mouth helps stop harmful things coming out of it anyways?

  5. School board members (also known as enabling a known bully of women – per his hidden agreement to rid Leon High of a teacher he dated while he was the principal)

    Why not discuss Rocky Hanna costing the district $600,000 with his Self Admitted Falsification of Information to State and Federal Authorities???

    How can any school board take anything that Rocky says seriously? A self admitted fountain of misinformation who dated teachers he supervised, purposely mislead the school board attorney who investigated Rocky’s “notebook”, hired his buddy Scott Hansen and others like, Cox, Gregory and Rodgers and pays them over $100,000 each as students go without computers, teachers are the 46th lowest paid.

    Tune in to the next episode of the Rocky Horror Show now playing at each and every school board meeting.

  6. I predict these cowards will shut down any school at the first positive case and start eating a fresh bowl of panic porn. This, despite the fact that as of 6/30/20, according to the Florida Dept. of Health 49.2% of Covid deaths in Florida (3,604) were from nursing homes (1,774). This leaves only 1,830 deaths as of 6/30/20 in the general population. Hospitalizations have also decreased to only 9.6% of those tested positive as of 6/30/20. AND we have now tested 9.06% of Florida’s population. AMAZING!!

    Stop with the lies, stop the panic porn, open the d**n schools with NO RESTRICTIONS!! This virus is here to stay like the common cold and have as much effect on people as the common cold. Tell the Governor, School Board and Leon County Commission, NO MORE!!

  7. Here’s an idea:
    Tell the students who are chronic juvenile delinquents that if they don’t stop acting up in class, they’ll have to do distance learning – from a nursing home.

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