Suspect in Glenview Shooting Apprehended by TPD

Suspect in Glenview Shooting Apprehended by TPD

On June 28 at 1 am, TPD responded to a call regarding a female victim with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to the upper chest at 100 Glenview Drive. Upon arrival they received a description of the suspect and suspect vehicle which soon led to a high speed chase and the identification of Gariah Jones as the shooter.

The suspect vehicle was first identified at the intersection of South Adams and Osceola street. After several blocks, the vehicle accelerated to a high rate of speed while northbound on Jim Lee Road. Officers lost sight of the vehicle near Magnolia Drive, ending the pursuit.

The car was again located in the area of James Street and Coleman Street where it collided with a marked police vehicle head-on, injuring the officer who was driving.

Gariah Jones, 22, was taken into custody at 1:22 AM and has since been charged with attempted murder.

The driver of the vehicle fled and has yet to be apprehended.

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  1. If only Gariah Jones knew that the City Commission was going to put the City Hall recommended TPD rules of engagement on their website.

    “Hold on officer, I need to know how far I can go. Lemme check the web.” At least Curtis Richardson said this should be better.

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