Leon County Hospitalizations Increase, TMH Reports Two Covid-19 Patients in ICU

Leon County Hospitalizations Increase, TMH Reports Two Covid-19 Patients in ICU

Based on reports from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) and Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC), there are a total of 24 COVID-19 patients being treated at the two hospitals. TMH reported 12 patients and CRMC reported 12.

TR has been tracking current hospitalizations since June 1. See chart below.

In addition, TMH reported that there were two COVID-19 patients in the ICU. TMH has 46 adult ICU beds.

A recent report by WCTV indicated that ICU bed availability in Leon County was down to 11%. However, based on the TMH numbers, it appears COVID-19 patients are not the reason for the lower ICU capacity numbers.

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7 Responses to "Leon County Hospitalizations Increase, TMH Reports Two Covid-19 Patients in ICU"

  1. Communist punks cooking the numbers for there globalist, CCP, communist, SATAN loving…. masters….!! DON’T FALL FOR THERE COMMIE BS……………

  2. Stormy. An appropriate title as indeed you do seem a tempest on this issue. I respect your passion.
    I’ve seen everything you posted already, except the strokes and organ failure. That’s an new one. That said, we have all also seen everything to contradict it. Respirators turn out to be a horrible treatment idea and this week anti-malarial drugs “significantly reduce” the death rate which when age adjusted is already very low. Which side you choose to believe is no longer mathematical, it is emotional.
    Accept that billions of dollars are at stake here and thus there is no limit to what lies will be told or deeds will be done. One side wins if normalcy returns, the other side wins if is normalcy can be suspended through November. 130K dead people is meaningless when that much money and power is the pot.

    I’ve heard Fauci himself shun masks. I seen footage of him putting on his mask for the presser and then immediately taking it off when he thought the camera was off. Enough to make anyone speculate. Assume I grant source control by the mask is valid. Fine, that does not explain away something else.

    I submit the game is afoot and the phrase “asymptomatic positive” is the biggest indicator of a lie. They are the perfect drone. The title drives the total up, the bearer self isolates from church, family, and work. They stimulate others to get tested even though they too are not symptomatic and the avalanche grows. However, in some way they feel relieved since they do not need treatment and only a small percentage will then pay for another test. 7 months into this an nobody can decide if an “asymptomatic positive” is actually infectious.

    Giving that title to someone is much easier to do than actually infecting people and may well turn out to be a stroke of sinister genius. I guess we will all wait and see.

  3. There are 2 distinct types of tests. One is antibody test which tells if you have antibodies as result of having had and recovered from virus. The other is virus test which gives positive or negative result. They don’t combine the numbers of these tests done. All reporting is strictly pos/neg tests.
    And yes it is that deadly. Ask the family of any of the nearly 130,000 people who have died if it’s deadly. Children are dying, young people are dying, middle aged people are dying as well as the old. Besides which they still don’t know what the long term effects of the virus on the body will be. Even with perfectly healthy young adults it’s causing strokes, multi system organ failure, and if you survive that weeks to months of recovery. The damage to the lungs alone takes weeks to overcome.

    Why is it so hard to just wear a little piece of material that has been proven to reduce the likelihood of transmitting this equal opportunity killer??

    This thing is GLOBAL!! It’s not some rumor that was started here for some stupid political advantage!! If we don’t pull together to save each other, we are going to die together!!

  4. Just want to add this, from the CDC’s own website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html

    “What do your results mean?
    If you test positive
    A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    So we can trust all those positive numbers as truly representative of actual Covid cases, right?

    1. That is referring to an antibody test, which detects a past infection. Antibodies can take weeks after infection to build up in your system. They do not tell if you if you currently have Covid-19.

      These numbers are not referring to antibody tests but rather test for the actual virus.

  5. I can just see the Leon County Commission: 3, 2, 1, PANIC PORN!!! HAIR ON FIRE!!! SHUT IT ALL DOWN!!! QUARANTINE EVERYONE!!! MASKS IN YOUR HOUSE NOW!!! MASKS OUTSIDE NOW!!!

    It is completely normal for us to have ICU capacities that run in the 80s and 90s. Folks are less fearful of returning to the hospitals. Everyone is being tested. Positive numbers will always increase. This virus is less deadly then originally sold to us. Overall hospitalizations in Florida are down to 9.3% as of 7/1/20 from a peak of 18.1% last month. The death rate of those tested (includes both negative and positive) is 0.18% as of 7/1/20.

    But of course, our dear leaders will always go with the panic porn mainstream narrative. And, they will do their level best to spread the true virus, panic pornitis, to everyone they can. No agenda at all, just the science, right?

  6. Leave it to WCTV to mislead readers. They and the Democrap are the scummiest media sources ever. They do everything they can to try to create panic.

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