Downtown Market to Reopen July 11th

Downtown Market to Reopen July 11th

The Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority recently announced the reopening of its Downtown Market on July 11. The event occurs each Saturday in Ponce de Leon Park from 9 A.M to 2 P.M. New safety guidelines will be put in place to follow Leon County’s mask ordinance for COVID-19.

“Many of our vendors rely on our Market not only for extra income, but also for socializing,” said Director of Downtown Experience Allen Thompson. “It’s really exciting to be able to bring our Market back in a way
that makes the experience safe and fun for our vendors and patrons.”

The Downtown Market will now require vendors to wear face coverings, remain 6 feet apart and space their booths in 8 to 10 foot increments. Tape will be used to mark a 6 foot pathway for patrons to walk. Masks will be provided but patrons will not be required to wear masks.

One of the unique features of the Downtown Market is its weekly local performing artist. With the new sanitation policies, patrons are welcome to stand 6 feet from the performer.

2 Responses to "Downtown Market to Reopen July 11th"

  1. Lives over livelihoods. As important as the latter is, it shall not exist without the former. Governmental leadership failed our citizens by re-opening too soon. That is an unexpurgated fact. Local bars are changing in name only and calling themselves restaurants. Cases in Florida will peak on July 16th-18th based on apolotical science. The only role of a leader is to SERVE. Our leadership should serve the citizens and make the hard choice to close the bars ( and restaurants) as well as preventing large gatherings. There was one at Lake Iamonia last evening that had a couple of hundred persons gathered around a band. They were a “bar” last week. Now they are ” a restaurant that sells mostly drinks. Baja did the same thing except they were so drunk they did it on Pensacola Street. ( sigh) It is sad these people are so unpatriotic that they endanger parents, grandparents, the elderly, and disabled by not social distancing. My name is seemore and I approved this message

  2. Covid cases up by more than 170, folks in many places like walmart (patrons & workers) not following madk guidelines. Confuse public by saying people dont need to wear masks if not a vender. Children starting school wont want masks because adults ignore nerf.

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