City Commissioners Approve $182,500 Personal Injury Settlement

City Commissioners Approve $182,500 Personal Injury Settlement

At their meeting today, the City Commission approved a $182,500 personal injury settlement with Annie Brown, who was injured when a City vehicle collided with her vehicle.

According to the meeting agenda, the incident occurred in December 2018 on East Tharpe Street. As Brown was making a left turn into a parking lot, a City vehicle exiting the parking lot attempted to make a left turn into the street and struck Brown’s vehicle, totaling it.

Brown received medical attention at Capital Regional Medical Center, where x-rays revealed no broken bones, but an MRI later revealed a rotator cuff tear and subacromial impingement.

Brown underwent surgery in April 2019. About one month later, after experiencing further symptoms, she had a CT scan that revealed a large subdural hematoma. After two operations at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, she was discharged in May 2019.

“Ms. Brown filed suit against the City seeking damages for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages recoverable under Florida law,” staff reports. “Due to the extensive medical treatment Ms. Brown received, her past medical and out of pocket expenses are in excess of $325,000.00.”

Staff reports that Brown will have future medical expenses related to monitoring her condition.

“This matter was set for mediation, but we were able to amicably resolve all of Ms. Brown’s claims, including costs and attorney fees, for a total amount of $182,500, subject to Commission approval,” staff reports.

The $182,000 settlement will come from Risk Management funds.

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