City Commission Candidate Profile: William Moore

City Commission Candidate Profile: William Moore

In October 2019, William Moore filed to run for City Commission Seat 1. Incumbent Elaine Bryant is also running for the position, as well as Jacqueline Porter and Jermaine Miller.

Moore graduated from Leon High School in 2019 and now attends Florida State University as a neuroscience major. He has worked for Scriberr News, and he wrote and published Mankind’s Greatest Challenges, a book about his ideas for addressing major problems in society.


What motivated you to run for local office?

“My family has lived in Tallahassee for generations, so I was distraught when the FBI investigation found corruption in our local government which is what eventually motivated me to run for office.”

What unique perspective would you bring to the position?

“First of all, special interests have had no impact on any of my policy ideas; I will make my decisions based on what’s best for the people and our communities, not the rich and powerful. Also, I think it’ll be good for a young face to be in office. I have a lot of different perspectives and beliefs than the other Commissioners and Candidates simply because I was born in a completely different generation.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Tallahassee?

“Tallahassee’s biggest problems are our environment, homeless crisis, crime rates and lack of attention towards our youth.”

What is your plan to address these challenges?

“I have a great tax plan for harmful single-use items that will be a moderate step towards eventually abolishing all environmentally harmful products in Tallahassee. The tax would charge businesses who use these harmful items which would fund benefits for those who use alternatives; therefore, the more people who keep using harmful products, the more benefits there will be for those who use eco-friendly alternatives.”

“Also, I’d like to intertwine our city with more nature. Humans are the hardest animals to live among. If you go downtown, you won’t see any other species besides ourselves. Much like the city of Singapore, I’d like to combine human creations with the natural beauty of nature. Therefore, when companies destroy nature to construct a building, they should have to find a way to intertwine nature with their project instead of simply planting trees in a remote location.”

“In order to fix our homeless crisis we really need to change the curriculum of our rehabilitation programs. We need to start trying to fix the root of these people’s problems instead of just merely keeping them alive. However, our homeless crisis and crime rates would not be such humongous problems if we could effectively help our troubled youth, which our schools have clearly not done a good job at.”


Responsibilities of the City Commissioner position include setting City policies and setting tax rates. It has a four-year term length and annual salary of $39,588.00. The primary election date is August 18 and the general election date is November 3.

Campaign contribution and expenditure information is available here.

Ahead of the 2020 local election season, Tallahassee Reports has asked all local candidates to answer basic questions about their candidacy. The answers to the questions are in the candidates own words.The goal is to get as much information out to voters as possible. More focused questions will be addressed as the election draws nearer.

5 Responses to "City Commission Candidate Profile: William Moore"

  1. “if we could effectively help our troubled youth”,
    To help us reduce troubled youth we might consider helping their troubled parents not to have those kids in the first place.

  2. Proof that we need earnest focus on our Public School Board and System.

    “We need to start trying to fix the root of these people’s problems…”

    Please leave that line out of your neuroscience doctoral thesis.

    Regardless, best of luck to all candidates.

  3. Well, hes qualified to be a Tallahassee Commissioner. Bill the small businesses to fix all the city’s problems. No thanks. Stay in school and stick to neuro-science or enroll in some economics classes so you know what you are spewing.

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