President Thrasher Announces Special Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality

President Thrasher Announces Special Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality

Dear FSU Family,

The past month has provided each of us an opportunity to confront and reflect on our weaknesses and aspirations related to racism and racial equity. The recent sobering and horrifying moments of violence and racial injustices have profoundly impacted me and the students, faculty and staff of Florida State University.

I have spent the past several weeks listening and learning from countless individuals within the FSU family who have experienced oppression and acts of racism. Their expressions of anger, sadness and frustration are palpable. I also have been hearing from many others who want to be agents of change, part of the societal shift in recognizing and challenging racial injustices.

I am steadfast in my commitment to move Florida State University forward in addressing these challenges through meaningful and even difficult dialogue, providing support and implementing structural change. The work is immediate and will commence with actions that advance FSU’s Strategic Plan Goal III – to Realize the University’s Full Potential of Diversity and Inclusion.

As first steps, we are actively engaged in the following actions:

  • Town Hall meetings with student organizations, faculty and staff, and alumni, including identity and affinity groups representing Black and LatinX members of the campus community
  • A review of the report from the President’s Advisory Panel on University Namings and the development of a plan for assessment and implementation
  • Creation of an educational outreach program about FSU’s history and relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida
  • The Division of Student Affairs will launch the Student Equity and Inclusion Office, a resource office focused on further educating, training, and implementing programs and services aimed at fostering a more inclusive student experience.
  • Implementation of mandatory diversity and inclusion training for all students, faculty and staff to commence Fall semester 2020
  • Intensifying efforts to recruit, support and retain students, faculty and staff from underrepresented groups. Part of this effort includes the administration of a campus climate survey during Fall semester to identify and mitigate barriers to recruitment and retention of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups.
  • Partnering with FSUPD to administer anti-bias training to officers and establish a Community Relations liaison within the force. Additionally, the University will request that an FSU student representative be appointed to the TPD Community Review Board.

Finally, next week I will announce the appointment of a Special Presidential Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality for the 2020-2021 academic year. The task force will be charged with exploring the university’s historical connections to race and ethnicity, identifying racial/ethnic disparities on campus and implementing initiatives in support of the diversity and inclusion goal in the University’s strategic plan. This task force will be results-driven and transparent in its work, providing regular updates to my leadership team as well as the campus community.

I am convinced that through continuing dialogue and innovative solutions, we will achieve an even better and stronger Florida State University.


President John Thrasher

10 Responses to "President Thrasher Announces Special Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality"

  1. Hey Thrasher, just tell them: “NO, if you don’t like it here, go to a different College”. This is WHY those that are 30 and younger are the way they are, no one ever said NO to them.

  2. Thrasher has surrendered to the “Woke” crowd. This is an affront to the vast majority of us who do not and never have committed racist acts. He is a coward. Appoint a committee to do the dirty work and then no one will have to take the blame. As of now I will no longer support the liberal bias from this university. FSU has become a brainwashing factory. These mandatory classes on diversity, etc. are intended to reveal your white privilege, your moral derangement for not accepting all the perversion that is currently in the news. In other words if you are not a radical democrat who hates all things white and American you need to be indoctrinated.

    1. Agree Willie:
      Seems like Trasher’s just been a mindless figurehead like Joe Biden controlled by a group if puppet masters for several years now.
      Probley just sits in his office drooling on himself and touching himself inappropiatly all day.
      And if you actually could sit down and speak with Thrasher one on one he will be unable to tell you anything whatsoever about the taskforce described in the above article. You would have to speak to Thrasher’s puppet masters to obtain that information.
      Thrasher; what a joke.

    1. Can’t believe TR got scooped on the City Kommissars approving a BLM mural on the street at Gaines and Railroad. The Kommissars just admitted they are anti-nuclear family, America-hating Socialists with this move.
      I, for one, DO NOT APPROVE of my taxes being used for this foolishness.

      1. The fact that TR may have gotten “Scooped” on this tells me that the City Commissioners decided this quickly and behind closed doors. I guess the Sunshine Law doesn’t apply to the City Commission. I expect Law Suites to be filed real soon.

  3. This action by President Thrasher assumes that there are rampant acts of racism and racially inequality at FSU. Certainly a concern worthy of a full and open investigation, complete with empirical data to support such said claim(s). I’d like to see the data on that, please.

    Admit to and show me your problem, before you try to sell me your solution.

    1. Right On Edward! I’d like to see some facts before saying rampant racism and inequality exist. It’s time for Thrasher to man up and tell those unhappy with FSU to go elsewhere and stop creating study commissions to look at every whining complaint.

  4. Then you need to only allow Students to Enroll based on their GPA and nothing else. You will never have Racial Equality if you keep handing them Enrollment based on their Skin Color or if they can play a Sport.

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