Three Tallahassee Transportation Projects Expected to be Completed This Year

Three Tallahassee Transportation Projects Expected to be Completed This Year

The City Commissioners will review updates on three transportation projects at their July 8 meeting. The Weems Road Extension, Weems Road PASS Phase 2, and FAMU Way Phase 3 are all expected to be complete by the end of this year.

Weems Road Extension
Construction for the Weems Road Extension project began in April 2019. The project was designed to improve traffic congestion near the intersection of Mahan Drive and Capital Circle Northeast by constructing a new a two-lane road extending Weems Road from Mahan Drive to Capital Circle.

The project includes constructing a new stormwater facility, 350 feet of bridge, and 1,000 feet of roadway, and a new trail connecting to the Goose Pond Trail, staff reports.

The Weems Road Extension project is scheduled to be completed in late July.

Weems Road PASS Phase 2
The purpose of the Weems Road Pedestrian and Street Safety (PASS) project is to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation as well as the drainage system in the Weems Road area.

Phase 1 of the project included improvements to the road, railroad tracks, and a roundabout, and it was completed in 2012. The second phase includes constructing a new sidewalk as well as a 12-foot wide multi-use trail on the sides of the road.

“Additionally, the project includes water and sewer enhancements, the construction of a new bridge structure at the outfall of the existing stormwater facility, and a roundabout at the intersection of Weems Road and Eliza Road,” staff reports.

The entire Weems Road PASS Project is expected to be complete in October 2020.

FAMU Way Phase 3
The FAMU Way Improvements and Extension projects began over 10 years ago to create an entrance to the FAMU campus and relieve traffic congestion on Gaines Street.

The first two phases of the project included extending FAMU Way from Wahnish Way to Gamble Street as well as the construction of roundabouts, sidewalks, a multi-use trail, a playground, and more, staff reports.

Phase 3 began in August 2019, and it will extend FAMU way from Gamble Street to Lake Bradford Road.

The expected completion date of the project is November.

11 Responses to "Three Tallahassee Transportation Projects Expected to be Completed This Year"

  1. I simply can’t wait until the always congested two lane Weems rd is opened back up into a brand new, always congested, two lane road with flowers on each side. I’m so excited.

  2. Wow the City has gotten really good at hiding the graft and corruption with the transportation projects.

  3. With all the important issues this is what they focus on?

    Our right of ways are not kept up as nice as other cities, there are hundreds of transportation issues that need addressing, and there are many places where trees need to be trimmed that obstruct the veiw when entering out of businesses.

    But, incite those rioters, paint those murals, make those TV commercials, spew your hatred on Facebook, hide those texts, meanwhile thank you to all the First Responders everywhere including the wonderful Publix Employees. Thank you law enforcement rank-and-file for your hard work day in and day out.

    All lives matter!

    Vote ALL incumbents out!

    1. I know someone who works in City Engineering. It’s worse than you are able to deduce.

      So when they were redoing Gaines Street, apparently the city was supposed to acquire enough land to make Gaines double laned both ways.

      They thought it was too expensive, and the money better spent somewhere else.

      Like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. And reviewing each and every statement someone made in the past through a 2020 revisionist lens.

      Can’t make this stuff up.

      1. The people voted to represent the citizens to prevent this or expose this would be Curtis Richardson and Dianne Williams Cox.

        But, they are too busy rabble-rousing for black lives matter and painting, er… defacing public property..

        Not only are they not improving conditions they are making them worse for the people they represent.

        1. Update:

          Residents can’t make a left into the Gardens of Weems Plantations.

          The sign for the entrance to “Tavistock Dr.” as “Travistock Dr.”

          I know rednecks aren’t that sophisticated (I don’t expect them to realize there are words that they’re not familiar with), especially the ones here, but they don’t pay attention to simple details?

          I am laughing at the slack jawed yokel looking at the design and saying “Wiielll shucks! That theyre sign is spelt wrong. Aint no name called Tavis! Its Travis! You caint tell muh wut two due!!”

    1. FAMU Way is actually $4.4 million under budget — only because they didn’t follow state or federal eminent domain guidelines and screwed over dozens of people and paid them next to nothing.

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