Leon County Hospitalizations Reach 59

Leon County Hospitalizations Reach 59

Based on reports from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) and Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC), there are a total of 59 COVID-19 patients being treated at the two hospitals. As of July 9th, TMH reported 28 patients and CRMC reported 31.

TR has been tracking current hospitalizations since June 1. See chart below.

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  1. Thanks Tango247 for the link to Dr. Kelly Victory and her explanation of COVID19 and how we should respond. I’ve forwarded the link to a number of physician friends and asked for their opinion of her presentation.

  2. Ahh to live in a wonderful world where scientists and experts honestly tell us the virus will become exactly like the flu once Trump’s inevitable 2nd term is ushered in by the great American Voters.

    I do feel for the leftists and their liar liar pants on fire scientists and experts when on election eve at around 9:35 PM they have to repeat their crybaby tantrums they suffered from at exactly 9:35 PM way back on election eve of 2016.
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    1. But why isn’t he using hydroquatracitaline / zinc / z-packs along with internal disinfectants and UV light enemas? That’s the true cure for this TOTALLY FAKE disease that is nothing but a figment of the Soros loving, American hating, far left media.

      The part I don’t understand is why in the World our TRUE PATRIOT leader in Texas, Abott, is threatening to close down his state again? And why are officials in Houston ordering refrigerated trucks to store bodies? Maybe it’s to store all of the liberals who have strokes when they realize that this whole thing has been an election HOAX all along.


  3. @ Ann Coates,

    The ganster mask is worthless. Go check specs at NIOSH and inform yourself. Der Kommisar Jimbo Jackson got covid19 in spite of his gangster mask etc. Lastly, you are making assumptions none of the people testing positive didn’t use masks etc.

  4. Leon County has a cumulative hospitalized of 72 since the beginning of tracking Covid-19.
    There are 59 in the two local hospitals so there must several from surrounding counties.

    Is there anyway to tell how many in the hospitals are from Leon County?

  5. Ann – how about we take a time out from the zany capitalization and then take a moment to watch somebody even the most critical of assessors would say has a resume to render an opinion:


    She is not alone, more and more voices (including the coveted CDC) are coming into alignment about the over reaction to the Covid-19.

  6. But but but Muh Flu and

    I’ll do ANYthing for this country, except wear a mask! yew caint tell muh wut two due!!!! FOunding fathers, rights! COnstitution!

    tHeFounding FAtherS waNtEd to aboliSH all gubbment. Yer cherry pickin when u show me restrictive laws they wrote themselves!!

    1. What a stupid post. In case you have not noticed people who have been wearing masks religiously have been getting it, too. I’ll keep asking…how long, how much damage needs to be done? Since the mask guideline turned to mandate the cases keep rolling and businesses are mostly empty.

  7. Are these all hospitalizations due to Covid-19 (with symptoms) or are a great number of these hospitalized for something else, but have happened to test positive (without symptoms)?

    1. You have to have symptoms to be put in the hospital. Even if you test positive you do not need the hospital, just stay away from other people and call your doctor. You can still give it to other people.

      1. Sometimes people are hospitalized for non-covid related symptoms or an injury or surgery and they test positive. This drives the numbers up. Initially, only those with respiratory symptoms were tested, now more and more are tested, just like our in the community. Doesn’t mean all will die or even need a ventilator or even be sick.

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