Leon County has Lowest COVID Fatality Rate Among 36 Large Florida Counties

Leon County has Lowest COVID Fatality Rate Among 36 Large Florida Counties

As of July 11th, Leon County has the lowest COVID death rate among Florida counties with a population of over 100,000. Leon County, with a total of 8 COVID fatalities, has a death rate of 2.7 deaths per 100,000 population.

The table below shows the ranking of death rates for the 36 large Florida counties.

Other North Florida counties on the list include Escambia (16.7), Santa Rosa (6.0), Okaloosa (4.7) and Bay (4.6)

Miami-Dade leads the state with 1,139 fatalities and a death rate of 41.9 per 100,000.

The Florida death rate is 19.8 fatalities per 100,000 and ranks 25th when compared to the fifty states.

The overall US death rate is 41.6 fatalities per 100,000 population.

Florida Large County Ranking of COVID Death Rates

8 Responses to "Leon County has Lowest COVID Fatality Rate Among 36 Large Florida Counties"

  1. Thanks TR for this report!

    Deaths per 100,000 is probably the best gauge for this virus.

    Just publishing positive cases daily does nothing but make people fearful, and really tells you nothing about the effects of the virus in the community.

  2. The color-coded map sure could use a legend underneath it so we knew what the colors meant.
    I heard from a nurse source we (Leon County) might have another Coronavirus fatality out Miccosukkee Road in one of the subdivisions last week, but I haven’t seen news of it yet.

    1. That’s because it’s probably rumor, just like 99% of the crap that most people love to jump on. Try sticking with official sources like DOH.

      1. 2 Leon County COVID-19 deaths reported today…guess my tip turned out to be sadly accurate, and then some.

    1. Mmmmmm, I love a good bowl of panic porn and TDS from a trustworthy and unbiased source such as the Atlantic. Yes, indeed, orange man bad and conservatives are rasciss. It tastes yummy.

  3. Great news! We should definitely re-open all bars, and movie theaters immediately to jump start our economy that has been wrecked by the fake news flu. Also, why should we be wearing masks when our fatality rate is so low and the virus is COMPLETELY HARMLESS to 99% of people who get it? Hopefully Evan Powers lawsuit will prevail over this fascist tyranny.

  4. Thanks for this info…

    Could you add column for % of population 65 or older?

    Could you add 2 more columns percent registered Democrat and percent registered Republican?

    Could you add more columns to show % African-American, % Caucasian, % Hispanic?

    Besides being a chart with lots of interesting information, I bet such a chart might show this virus doesn’t care who you are or what you believe…

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