County Commission Approves Five-Year Grant Funding Agreement with COCA

County Commission Approves Five-Year Grant Funding Agreement with COCA

The Leon County Commissioners approved a five-year program funding agreement with the Council on Culture and Arts (COCA) at their meeting today.

According to the meeting agenda, “The Five-Year Grant Funding Agreement with COCA will include $150,000 from general revenue and one-cent of Tourist Development Tax (TDT) annually, which is estimated to generate $877,347 in FY 2021.”

The agreement supports COCA’s operations and grant programs. The agreement includes COCA’s grant services for local arts and cultural organizations as well as its administrative costs.

One modification to the agreement will require COCA to submit a written report of its grant programs to the County in February 2023. Another modification tasks COCA with a role in coordinating and promoting the 2024 Bicentennial celebration.

The agreement will be effective through FY 2025.

Earlier this year, COCA’s funding took a hit due to COVID-19. At the April 14 County Commission meeting, a report revealed that TDT revenue is projected to decrease by $2.1 million this year, reducing COCA’s budget by $435,000.

Staff reports that COCA’s budget recommendations will be presented to the COCA Board of Directors at the end of July.

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  1. COCA is a liberal high school mentality popularity group. Total waste of $$$ for majority of hard working self supporting small art businesses in Tallahassee.

  2. Well, just when you think the government cant piss away any more money…… they prove us wrong. Why not shut down all law enforcement n use those funds for the arts. It’s only going to get worse in tally. Ignorant government workers and braindead college students. What do u get…. tally

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