Leon County Commissioners Approve 2019 Real Estate Portfolio

Leon County Commissioners Approve 2019 Real Estate Portfolio

The Leon County Commissioners approved a status report on the 2019 Leon County Real Estate Portfolio at their July 14 meeting. The report is prepared annually. The full report can be viewed here.

The report includes information on properties and buildings owned by Leon County. According to the report, “As of December 31, 2019, the County real estate portfolio consisted of 604 parcels of property totaling 6,371 acres and 138 buildings containing 2,438,504 square feet.”

According to the report, 112 of the parcels in Leon County’s real estate portfolio are “Tax Deed” parcels acquired through escheatment, 47 were acquired during 2019.

The report also details Leon County’s leasing activity. Leon County leases space in two primary County-owned buildings: the Leon County Government Annex and the Lake Jackson Town Center at Huntington Oaks Plaza (pictured above). The Leon County Government Annex was projected to generate $1,915,055 and the Lake Jackson Town Center $258,154 in 2019 rental income.

Additionally, the report lists major projects completed and underway. According to the report, completed projects include Phase 1 of the Magnolia Drive multi-use trail, the Lonnie Road sidewalk project, and drainage improvements on Meridian Road.

Projects in progress include the Tower Oaks Subdivision paving project, the Safe Route to School sidewalk improvement projects, and various drainage improvement projects.

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  1. From Investopedia:
    “Escheatment” is the process of returning lost or unclaimed property to the government of a State, for safekeeping until the owner(s) is identified. Geographic jurisdiction of the State is determined by the last known address of the original owner.

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