A Renaissance for Bragg Stadium, Tallahassee’s South-Side

A Renaissance for Bragg Stadium, Tallahassee’s South-Side

By Larry Robinson, Ph.D, FAMU President – via FAMU News

On Thursday, July 9, several members of Florida A&M University Senior Leadership Team and I presented to the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board our plans for the Renaissance of Bragg Memorial Stadium.

Their unanimous vote in favor of continuing the due diligence necessary to support our $10 million request shows good faith and recognition of FAMU as one of Tallahassee’s major economic drivers, a treasured cultural resource and one of the key community assets on the city’s south-side. 

For many years, Bragg Stadium has hosted football games, commencement ceremonies, concerts and other events that have brought thousands of people to Tallahassee. In fact, our annual Homecoming festivities attract some of the largest gatherings in the region and produces a $2 million annual economic impact. There’s excitement in Tallahassee whenever there’s an event at Bragg.

These unprecedented times have reminded us of the value of Bragg Stadium as a true community resource. As the pandemic took its toll, Bragg was the site of two major food distribution events. Additionally, Bragg Stadium is home to the area’s largest free COVID-19 testing site, which has served more than 20,000 people since April 25. Bragg Stadium is being used to render a much-needed service to our community and will continue to do so with the requested investment.

I want to personally thank Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board Chair, City Commissioner Elaine Bryant, Ph.D.; Vice Chair, County Commissioner Jimbo Jackson; Mayor John Dailey; Mayor Pro Tem, City Commissioner Diane Williams-Cox; City Commissioner Curtis Richardson; City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow; Leon County Board Chair Brian Desloge; Leon County Board Vice Chair Commissioner Rick Minor; County Commissioner Kristin Dozier;  County Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley; County Commissioner Nick Maddox; and County Commissioner Bill Proctor.

I also want to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of City Manager Reese Goad; Assistant City Manager Wayne Tedder; County Administrator Vince Long; Deputy County Administrator Alan Rosenzweig; and the Blueprint IA team including, Ben Pingree, director of the Department of PLACE; Cristina Paredes, directorof the Office of Economic Vitality; Autumn Calder, director of Blueprint and the PLACE team.

As the dialogue continues, their consideration of the impact this venue has on Tallahassee is appreciated. Bragg Memorial Stadium is a treasured community resource and one of the largest economic engines on Tallahassee’s south-side. A renaissance for Bragg is a renaissance for the south-side.

8 Responses to "A Renaissance for Bragg Stadium, Tallahassee’s South-Side"

  1. I wonder if these type of comments surface on funding issues related to FSU?

    While FAMU’s homecoming football game may generate a $2 million or more economic impact, which is a 1/5th return on this investment in a single year…. a full slate of home games produces more revenue.

  2. How many times are taxpayers going to buy into this public funding of professional sports? (professional now that ‘student athletes’ can be paid for their ‘studying’) Get the sponsors to pay for it.

  3. I do not remember this project being listed on the BluePrint Penny Sales Tax Extension ballot initiative. Do You? Did you vote for this? How about the $7,500,000 pedestrian bridge? The Edison fiasco, did you vote for that? Your Penny sales tax is going to all kinds of projects now that were never explained.

    How is it that local taxes on the back of EVERYONE will go to pay for repairs on an athletic facility at a public institution that is in existence to serve one very distinct segment of society? A four year institution? Does anyone see the backwardness and unfairness of this proposal?

    Do you even know if you are going to be playing football? With Fans?

    To use the example of how important Bragg STADIUM is for COVID testing and food distribution is just garbage. People were tested in a parking lot. Not a stadium.

    This whole proposal is disingenuous. The elite elected leaders will eat this up along with the assistance of Blueprint. It will make them look good and secure a voting bloc.

  4. Not trying to be a hater here but did the administration ever find that $450,000.00 that went missing from the athletic related concessions budget back before Elmira came on board as President?

  5. I was accosted homecoming weekend by two young thugs in wife beater t-shirts and gold chains. I barely made it to my car in time to escape their wrath.

    They beat on my car window wanting money. Clean up Tallahassee!

  6. “In fact, our annual Homecoming festivities attract some of the largest gatherings in the region and produces a $2 million annual economic impact. ” ………….. That is true BUT, our Crime Rate goes up, More Officers have to perform Overtime, the Mall shuts down early so, in other words, it costs us about $3 Million to get $2 Million.

    1. $2M NOI not a success story even for FAMU! Should be an embarrassment! No wonder they are always operating in the RED year after year! Why are they SOooo codependent on the Government? Corporate welfare at best!

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