Leon Teachers Union Responds to Schools Reopening Plans

After Leon County Schools (LCS) reopening letter had been shared through the LCS website and other media outlets, the Leon County Teachers Association (LCTA) sent out a letter of their own addressing a need for clear communication and collaborative decision making.

It appears that the LCTA feels like the LCS is not properly negotiating the parameters of reopening policies with the union.

According to the letter, LCTA is “formally requesting that LCS inform all parties involved to cease public conservation on any platform that defines the working conditions of instructional bargaining unit as final.”

The LCTA Board of Directors stated that “conversations that use terminology such as ‘teachers will’ and ‘teachers should’ sends the message that LCTA and LCS have reached an agreement”, which is not the case.

The LCTA states the best method to develop procedures and address concerns is through Memorandums of Understanding. These MOU’s will address issues that impact working conditions and contract language. Many LCTA members have been reached for imput on the newest reopening plan.

The letter stated, “We have expressed during several meetings the importance of discussing issues that impact teachers’ working conditions as protected under Florida Statute.”

LCTA has requested a meeting to discuss all of these concerns.

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