TPD Officer Placed on Leave was Troubled by City Support of BLM Protestors

TPD Officer Placed on Leave was Troubled by City Support of BLM Protestors

On Wednesday the Tallahassee Police Department announced it has placed one of its officers on leave over a “questionable” social media post.

Tallahassee Reports has obtained a copy of the Facebook post.

In a TPD statement, Police Chief Lawrence Revell said, “I hold every representative of TPD to the highest standard, whether on duty or off… I immediately called for Internal Affairs to open an investigation to determine if the post violates law or any TPD policy.”

A copy of the Facebook post is provided below.

In the Facebook post, the officer, identified as Sgt. Gavin Larremore by the Tallahassee Democrat, wrote about his experience during the recent protests that addressed social justice and the status of black lives.

The officer wrote, “By painting a huge BLM “mural” in a major intersection and calling it “art”, the city declared its support for an organization that spent the last month disrupting the lives of hard working Tallahassee citizens.”

The officer called the protesters a “mob of thugs.”

He said the “gang of loudmouths damaged businesses downtown, unlawfully restricted the free movement of the city’s law abiding citizens, attacked civilians and officers (including me personally)..all why chanting “F*** THE POLICE and promising to find out where we live so they could harm our families.”

The Tallahassee Democrat has reported that Larremore has been with TPD for 17 years and was one of the first officers on the scene when a truck drove into a crowd of protesters demonstrating downtown on May 30.

TPD says the officer was placed on leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

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  1. What a shame. Look at what has happened. BLM has allowed its members-or those that march under their signs- to become violent marauders. The threats and violence should be condemned every day by every one. Police officers should do it as well – without fear of being “disciplined”. Threats and violence against police should be treated as a federal offense. ALL looters, rioters, intimidators should be swiftly arrested. This violence occurs because it is permitted. Use all available tools to put a lid on his fire.

  2. Everyday I thank God I do not live in a big city and even more thankful not in Tallahassee anymore!

  3. We are all tired of so many things going in this God created world. Find another job so say the Trump clan. Yes, all lives matter so act accordingly. Ignore that u don’t like and move on. Blacks are entitled and should not have to raise hell to live in this Country created by God. So what if you’re tired Blacks are too. Want a dam cookie for speaking ur ??. You speak ur truths and allow others to speak their truth. People like u is what causes reactions from blacks. We will never come together as one as long as u are around. Move where u won’t have to ever see or put up with blacks.

  4. If this is what gets a person suspended, speaking the absolute truth, then its time to move out of Leon Kounty.

    I applaud his courage to speak his mind when the Burn Loot Murder crowd are allowed to paint their logo with our tax dollars.

  5. -The post-effects of slavery lead to a society where POC were stereotyped as dangerous and whites were racist.
    -The stereotype led to cops being more likely to assume a POC committed a crime or were likely to escalate the situation.
    -For some cops, they mean well and are respectful, just unaware bc it’s subconscious. Some used their position to shield their racism or justify their use of force.
    -POC were resentful of the stereotype and the discrimination. For some, this led to either distrust, disrespect, and(or) fear toward police
    -Both party’s actions led to some cops feeling justified in their assumptions and some POC feeling justified In their reactions.
    -Instances of police brutality against POC by certain police went unresolved
    -There were negative reactions and some retaliations
    -Some victim blaming occurred to invalidate opinions of police brutality
    -BLM formed to protect the victims of their community and seek justice
    -‘Blue’LM formed to protect the reputation police have as protectors
    -Generalizing and stereotyping is why both organizations have so many issues with each other yet they generalize and stereotype because of it

    MAYBE if we stopped assuming all POC are criminals or potentially dangerous and all Cops are racist or unethical, and we held ALL individuals 100% accountable to their actions EVERY time, such a largee number of POC(and then some) might no longer need BLM to make their concerns heard and police would not need ‘blue’LM to protect their reputation and trust in the community. Police and BLM are groups made to mean well and seek justice. Saying either organization does not deserve support is ignorant. How would BLM receive the justice they seek without a police system and how would the police system continue to protect people without their support or trust? They wouldn’t.

    Support the Police
    Help BLM seek the justice they deserve

  6. I drove downtown just to see the BLM painted on Gaines St. it is ridicules to have spent money painting this! You cant read it while driving a car safely!!

  7. These posts just show the audacity of white privilege, the tone-deafness and ignorance and the pervasive racism that is so casually expressed. I won’t even dignify the ignorance expressed here. It is so sad. The TPD did the right thing. End of story

    1. Kenin, NOT end of story. Assertions aren’t facts, so your opinions aren’t any valid judgement on the case. Sit back and we’ll see how it works out over time. The only “white privilege” I’ve ever known is to work my living butt off to make a buck. I didn’t get a box to check before I was born that dictated my skin color choice, did you? Quit with the asinine remarks that being born one skin color or another makes you automatically guilty of some sin. That’s the definition of racism, you see skin color as a mark of good or bad. How shallow and limited in experience is that thinking.

  8. There was nothing improper about the post. He spoke as one who was concerned about the law abiding citizens of the City of Tallahassee. He spoke up for us. That is something that the leaders need to do. Of course, our “leaders” are actually led about by the radicals with a ring in their noses. A lack of real leadership will lead to even more situations.

  9. Meet Susan Rosenberg:
    A BLM fundraiser, the convicted terrorist was sent to prison for her involvement in a series of bombings in NY and Chicago. She was captured with 740 pounds of explosives and a sub-machine gun.
    On his last day in office, BJ Klinton commuted her sentence.
    THIS is the terrorist, anti-family and anti-semitic organization supported de facto by the City Kommissars.

  10. I think it would be vital to the collective knowledge – here in Tallahassee at the very least – for a reporter to contact the City Manager, Mayor, and members of the City Commission – and every candidate for local elected office for that matter – and simply ask them if they have truly researched BLM, fully understand their mission and vision, and thus have made an informed decision to either support them or not.

    I think an answer from each of them (published verbatim of course) is extremely important and germane to the decisions being made by the electorate in the upcoming elections.

    We should not focus solely on a mission of targeting those who disagree with the BLM organization. True fair and balanced journalism dictates complete transparency for all associated with such an important issue facing our city, state, and nation… particularly those who seek to guide and enact public policy on the matter.

    1. BLM is a radical Marxist group dedicated to America’s destruction, as they say on their website. By COT’s inaction in quelling unlawful traffic-stopping protests and extreme belligerence to Tallahassee police, COT gave full approval to BLM’s tactics and disruption in Tallahassee. That tells you everything about COT officials, they value radical political ideology over public safety. Just like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, and the other blue-governed cities that are ravaged by the mob.
      No wonder guns and ammo are flying off the shelves – our elected officials are happy to sacrifice us to the mob if it achieves the Dem-Socialist agenda.

  11. I wonder if the mayor and city comm. can sit back and say: we are proud of our decision to paint BLM on our road. It has brought our community together. Black people are happy, white people are happy. As a city we are proud that all our citizens are free to express an opinion and not be belittled and be respected. As a city we support our law enforcement and will always defend our citizens from outside groups that hate our country. Wait! I need another Jack Daniels and must wake up! This is not the reality of our City Officials. They are being overtaken by the liberal bull crap that is consuming our nation. God help us!

  12. Obviously the Sergeant observed the truth of the matter. He should be supported by the citizens and leadership alike.

  13. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you get to say anything with no consequences. He said what he said, now he has to face the repercussions.

    1. What he said was true!! BLM is a bunch of violent, profanity laced, thugs that deserve to be in jail!! Go march in Chicago if you care about Black lives! But that’s Blacks killing Blacks nonstop so that doesn’t fit their fake narrative!! BLM is a self proclaimed Marxist group filled with violent thugs! Research how many ppl worldwide have been killed under Marxism!! ?

    1. Have you been keeping up with the news lately?

      If their lives don’t even matter to them, then why should they matter to me?

      It is unquestionably clear that #OnlyCertainBlackLivesMatter

  14. The mural was a waste of money. It’s an empty gesture that does nothing to actually help Black people in our city.

  15. Sometimes it makes you wonder if our Great Leaders spouses are raving idiots too. Like how does the Mayor’s wife, Mrs. Wilma Flintstone feel about her radical husbands wacko ideas?
    I think our Great Leaders spouses are all closet Trump voters!!!

  16. BLM is a Marxist organization that has a military wing which recently outed itself at Stone Mountain.

    The City needs to take a step backward and rethink this suspension.

    The recent City budget hearing disclosed 45 positions have opened up at TPD and 15 more personnel are up for retirement.

    Cynthia Barber is in charge of the TPD, First Responded and Crisis Crnter. She came in with no experience, NADA. Was she the reason Chief DeLeo left with all her micro-managing and not listening to troops on the ground.

    Mayor- remove the mural – add ALM!

  17. So, what does he call white people who use their rights to protest? Not thugs, I’m sure. He’s what’s wrong with the law enforcement and should possibly find another job. That or understand the rights of Americans and democracy a little better. Those agreeing with what he stated really need to sort themselves out. You’re also the problem.

    1. JE – you and I both know if it was white folks acting belligerent to police and yelling “f*** the Police” in his face, this policeman would have “called” the same attitude on them. You spend too much time thinking of your skin color, which isn’t a choice for anyone, we’re born as we are. The only thing we have control over is who we are on the inside. You protest peacefully, that’s your American right, but peacefully. You give ugly, you get ugly. Skin color doesn’t give you a right to do anything you want – black, white, or purple with green stripes. Give ugly as a protester, and then condemn those charged with keeping the peace? Place yourself in that man’s shoes in a violent protest, then you might have a right to say.

  18. Let’s change the City’s direction together. Vote for the only candidate who understands the value of the men and women who protect and serve this community.

  19. This post, the one resulting in the investigation, was not made publicly. It was posted inside the privacy settings (whatever they may be) of Facebook and viewable only to accepted friends. It was made by someone judged and targeted by BLM on the front lines and in the first person. Someone who learned by actual experience what they are and do without a filter and not by watching videos or reading or chiming in based on philosophy. This man has to wear a name tag and stood face to face with them and they made it personal. He is former USMC and laying down or kneeling is not his path.
    Like most things internet “private” it escaped and was shuttled up by someone seeking to show command loyalty in the hopes of future promotion. Not coincidentally, Reese Goad pushed out an email related to social media the day before the story broke. Meaning he was briefed. The outcome of this “investigation” was known before the investigation even started. They will levy something severe, it will be fought, and eventually rescinded or reduced but not before the Sgt. suffers significant and irrecoverable financial loss.

  20. Gee, what’s next? Will the Tally city attorney file charges against this officer and try to make an “example” of him? What kind of bass-ackwards idiots do we have running this city (we all know). So law and order are now Wrong, and BLM violence, riots, and unlawful public paintings are Right. Typical democrat-socialist mindless group-think.

    Hey COT, I’m an artist and I want to paint a huge “Salute to America as Founded” mural in a downtown public space – it will have portraits of all the Founding Fathers, lines from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and scenes of great moments in American history. Wait – I can’t paint it? “Hello, Judicial Watch and Attorney General Barr, I have a small problem of Unequal Treatment Under the Law down here in Tallahassee…” I’d be happy to tie COT up with multiple lawsuits for a year or so, and I bet there are already lawsuits on the way.

  21. Shameful, evidence of where we are in this society. A citizen too, I thank you for trying to explain a movement that all can see how it has originated. People in Tallahassee are PEACEFULLY protesting brown and black people losing there lives to police officers. I thought that was legal. If a officer can label everyone exercising their rights as thugs and as a mob, imagine how they will be treated by him in the future. Being a officer doesn’t give you the right to place your opinions on every matter and attempt to demonize everyone involved. Those protesters are hardworking law abiding citizens as well. Mostly educated college kids that have resumes that include years more than the required 6 months of police training to become this know all officer.
    Disturbing hard working citizens life, is what he said to another officer, then to another, causing even more dislike for brown and Black people. This city thrives on brown and black people, you all should look a little deeper inside yourselves and try to listen to the facts. Breonna Taylors Killers are still policing the world, people who will break into a brown families house looking for a man who is in already in jail. Lol, idiots, but yeah let’s just back the blue. These fools need more training and the system needs reform. They arrested this woman’s husband who tried to protect his home with a registered firearm. More examples of why BLM originated, please stop blaming the victims. Open your cold hearts. Your beloved officer said it all in his last line, “stand up while OUR children still have a country”, now ask yourself, whose kids is he referring. Smh, shameful…. Open your cold hearts…. Help make change… Lol, in all my 40 something years of life, never has any police force, school board, school, fire department, corporation, etc… ever found out they had certified KKK members employed by them. With all the technology and phone records, this could show the truth. But, YOU already know the truth. Let’s just focus on BLM and not these American terrorist who have killed millions of people. But y’all keep talking about threats.

    1. As I am a federally recognized POC, I suggest you do your homework. The Burn and Loot Marxist, Inc. movement has nothing to do with ALL black lives or proper police reform. They are Marxist thugs using ignorant POCs and moronic whites as useful idiots. Like good communists. Don’t become one of those. Do a simple bit of research and look up the Burn and Loot Marxist, Inc. platform in their own words and follow the $$ trail. Yes, a lot of it leads to Soros, a white billionaire. Do you think he really cares about black and brown lives?

  22. So we know that City hall has warmed to the marxist ideals of detroyng the police department and using taxpayer money to create partisan messages for all to see. Whether you like it of approve or not.

    We know where Curtis Richardson stands. We know where Elaine Bryant stands. Both of them approved this expenditure and appear to not support law and order.

    Question: Where do Richardsons opponents stand?
    Question: Where does Elaine Bryant’s sole opponent Jack Porter stand? Is she yet another radical progressive?

  23. 2 recent events disturb me greatly. The painting of the BLM political mural on a public street is unlawful and the City Manager made a huge mistake buckling to pressure from several Commissioners. The Commission’s decision to violate terms of the City Charter and create a Citizens Police Review Board is not within its power or authority and directly conflicts with powers granted by the Charter to the City Manager. This proposed CPRB has every potential to interfere with constitutional protections and due process rights afforded to the accused. It will poison both public opinion and potential jury pools and also the ability of the State Attorney to fairly investigate and prosecute criminal referrals. Chief Revell, under authority of the City Manager, already has appointed a Citizens Review Council to look at law enforcement policies, procedures and practices. If the City Commission does not like the performance of the City Manager and his Department Heads then fire him. Do not try and supersede his lawful powers or each Commissioner may be removed from office by the Governor or a court of competent jurisdiction. Commissioners and Mayor beware of overreach!

  24. When we are punished for sharing a very valid observation of a situation, our rights have been terminated. He said nothing racial , but rather referenced those who performed illegal acts. We need a new tag line for equal rights. The leadership and the violent members of the BLM organization do not promote anything but division. I am totally in support of equal rights and of reform, but not of revolution. Censorship of two way discussion is illegal.

  25. So happy that I live in a city that supports Burn and Loot Marxist Inc. They want a hot Marxist revolution at all costs and our lunatic “leaders” are enabling them every step of the way. The irony is, if these Marxists ever get real power, they always target their enablers first, always. History has proven this time and time again. But our moron “leaders” have no clue about real history.

    1. Obscenity-laced conduct unbecoming an officer worthy of my tax dollars. Revell needs to terminate him immediately. Dr. Jackson, PLEASE file the proper paperwork to get this racist cop removed from the farce…I mean force.

  26. I applaud you Sir for standing up against City Hall for their biased support of this organization and their use of tax payer dollars to do it. City Manager Reese Goad you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting this along with Mayor Daley and the other City Commissioners. Mr Goad you should also be ashamed of yourself for directing Chief Revell to conduct an investigation because you don’t like what Sgt Larremore had to say. Chief Revell, shame on you for not standing up for your Officers/employees.

  27. This is why it is important to vote out Curtis Richardson who devises and creates racial divide when it really isn’t there. I am appalled that the PBA would endorse Mr Richardson.

    I would hope that the PBA will come out with a statement and withdraw their support for Curtis Richardson.

    This is one of the most important races in this election cycle for voters to come out in force and vote out Curtis Richardson who does nothing and accomplishes nothing and leads in nothing except causes racial divide.

    Curtis racially divides… just look at what he has accomplished… Nothing, vote him out!

    The mayor and city manager need to go, also.

  28. I agree with everything Sgt. Larremore wrote. There’s a lot of us that agree with him but don’t say anything. He should not be placed on leave. What happened to freedom of speech.

  29. Please tell me ONE THING that was False in what he said, just one. I will bet you that a lot more Tallahassee Residents, A LOT MORE, feel the very same way as he does, myself included. City, County & State Officials are SUPPOSED to be unbiased and yet, here they took a side, the WRONG Side.

  30. Wow… who’d a thunk telling the truth would become offensive. When will the city pass an Ordinance that makes telling the truth a crime?

  31. just viewed all the replies and read the storyline….seems everyone still miss the “underlying reasons” for the shift from normalcy in america….
    many will demonize and slander those who they fail to understand …while painting a picture of perfection towards those who are similar to themselves….
    Inequality-injustice and racism is real….whether systemic or not…yet… who will be honest enough to stand up against it….
    the normalcy for many has been “to just accept what happens to others” then move on with your life….but to those who have had to endure..the injustice-inequality and racism …they now uses their voice and messaging “to bring attention to their suffering”
    BLM is a result of unacceptable -unaccounted for -deaths within the minority community….it is not a slogan for anger nor revenge…it is a statement that the hypocrisy must stop towards that part of american society/“WE THE PEOPLE “

    just think outside the box….if a BLM mural or slogan bothers “we the people”…then why is a statue or flag not also bothersome…
    if “all lives matter” then why argue …”a woman’s right to choose” compared to “pro-life” choices…
    .therefore by giving a voice to injustice-inequality and racism…”WE THE PEOPLE” should include all the people…

    1. If your demand for change is based on skin color and not facts, then you’re the problem! To compare the BLM mural on Gaines to the American flag in the same breath is laughable. The American flag works to unite; BLM works to divide and destroy based on skin color alone. Facts mean nothing to BLM, resulting in a world view that is destructive, hateful, and, yes, racist.

      1. once again….as a retired veteran i know what the american flag represent..i took an oath and dedicated my life to uphold its values….those values were not exclusive of any citizen….therefore it represented “WE THE PEOPLE” all the people of the united states…

        i am staying this without bias….i understand the officer has an opinion…just as many other citizens..
        ..yet tallahassee is a diverse community…it contain a variety of cultures and government entities…all which are considered part of “WE THE PEOPLE”
        …therefore let’s step out of the box again

        if the city government-sheriffs dept. “chose to” move all headquarters and offices to “golden eagle” in order to respond and patrol swiftly any incident in the northern tallahassee area….then why can’t city governments “choose” to put a mural or slogan on a street surface… it the street surface it’s on or the slogan itself???
        BLM….is not antifia ..most of the protester in BLM are not looters,rioters, nor terrorist….many are your next door neighbor, students, and educators…some even law enforcement…..the destruction and outrageous behavior are from those who infiltrates to disrupt the message that is being presented or reason for the outcry….just some FYI

        1. That’s a ridiculous comparison on it’s face – trying to equate locating a police building (with an obviously resentment-filled tone) with an illegal BLM “mural” is asinine. One is a geographic location, the other is a poisonous ideology. Being a veteran doesn’t automatically qualify you to preach, but thanks for your service just the same. That said, don’t annoint fake halos over your head and try to make idiotic, false comparisons. BLM is a purely political organization dedicated to the destruction of America. Anyone who tries to justify BLM is to some degree in agreement with their agenda. No one disputes peaceful protests, and everyone condemns mindless destruction, which is what BLM does.

          1. You are ? correct on the Marxist group known as BLM!! Thanks for trying to educate “a citizen” who clearly has his head up his butt if he thinks BLM is any sort of “peaceful” harmless group that cares about Black Lives! If they did, they’d have been marching in Chicago for years now!!

      1. Exactly. It’s a forum for debate and the free flow of ideas, which is obviously not part of the BLM or city agenda. Too American, I guess.

    2. • Fact: BLM is not an organization dedicated to the betterment and hopes of the black community. It is a Marxist organization dedicated to the destruction of capitalism and democracy and establishing a Marxist regime in it’s place. They say this is varous words on their website.
      So stop it with the lies that BLM wants to help blacks, that’s a lie.
      • Fact: There is no “systemic” racism in America. That’s a bald-faced lie. No one gets to choose their skin color before or after birth, so what does it matter? That’s just common sense. The vast majority of people of any color making up America are good folks who just want to have a decent life and have their kids grow up to have a decent life. You don’t do that by “keeping those other people down” or anything remotely like that. Stop lying and trying to put on some fake halo.

  32. The words and main picture are fake news:
    Your words regarding the Police Department statements should begin with “City Manager Reese Goad told Police Chief Revel to say;”
    Your main pic should be of City Manager Reese Goad and not his powerless figure head Chief Revel.
    Why continue to promote the fake news that Police Chief Revel has any ability or authority to make the decisions he is being credited with making?

  33. I applaud this officer. We need people with a spine. We stand with you. Freedom of speech is still a right.

    1. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

      “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”
      George Orwell

  34. Bless you Gavin for speaking up to protect your personal family and your Blue family as a supervisor. You were still a young officer when I retired but you show the maturity needed as a supervisor and you show more guts than many people who should be standing up for your rights. Sorry to everyone who doesn’t agree but I am sick of the nonsense being allowed to go in as are many other people in our state. I support the Blue before any of the cowards sitting on any of Leon counties boards.

  35. not a damn thing wrong with what he said.He is right and the city of Tallahassee needs to get it straight, we the people don’t back thugs and or anyone who breaks the law.

  36. Absolutely every single word in his post is accurate. Backing a Marxist, America Hating , violent organization whose goal is to intimidate, hate and commit violence on cops is despicable.
    Local government should be ashamed for turning their backs on the officers who keep them safe. Cowards.

  37. Sgt. Gavin Larremore! What a sane guy in a city run by lunatics. Socialist media I see as a FREE SPEECH medium. No one should be fired for expressing an opinion such as he did.

    I certainly understand the Chief’s actions. He has to please the autocratic power of the B.L.M. revolutionaries. He has to please a council of cowards.

    The self appointed Emperors have no clothes. It should be pointed out before the fireworks begin.

  38. Suspended? He deserves a promotion!

    I don’t believe he said anything that warrants that he be suspended.

    I hope our police chief wasn’t bullied into this action by City Hall. I believe if he was that person or persons need to be exposed and resign immediately.

    All lives matter! Solely saying black lives matter is an assault on everyone else and we are tired of being bullied..


      1. You stay up all night thinking up that carefully worded reply? Evidently you studied hard in school to assemble the correct letters, or you just have a key shortcut for it, saves you any useful thinking.

  39. I think he had every right to speak the truth about what is going on in Tallahassee. I applaud him for having the courage to stand up for those of us who cannot even feel safe in our city because we have spineless city commissioners. Shame on them for trying to take your voice away. I stand behind you sir!!!

  40. When speaking the truth becomes grounds to threaten someone’s livelihood, we have a problem. Mayor Dailey, we have a problem . . . and you helped start it.

    1. I REALLY like the sound of this: MAYOR Larremore!

      FINALLY, someone with a spine! And first thing on the new mayor’s agenda: FIRE THE TOAD.

        1. Black Lives Matter. All he accomplished was prove how unaware he is of his own white privilege. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, for gods sake try putting yourself in the shoes of an entire era of enslaved people still working to be viewed as human beings.
          My fellow white people, would you be comfortable living in 2020 America if you had colored skin?
          Spread gods love, love your neighbor. And it’s sad that I want to say treat others as you want to be treated, remember people, we aren’t in preschool anymore

          1. First let me state the unimpeachable facts here; I never owned a slave, and you never were a slave; I owe you nothing. We are ALL people of color, ALL lives matter, and we are ALL privileged… thanks being to God.

            We are ALL privileged to live in the most gracious, forgiving, inclusive, tolerant, giving, and free Nation on this planet. We are ALL given the identical opportunity to pursue our own path toward life, liberty, happiness, and success. What “you” deem to be success in your life, is on you. What path in you choose to take in order to achieve that success, is on you. If you choose to accept the lie that someone else is responsible for your successes or failures, that too is 100% on YOU. Live your life as your own, and accept your responsibilities as your own… but make no mistake about it… if you choose to try and take from me my life, liberty, happiness, and success – you will be met with a fury unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and you will NOT succeed. These terms are not negotiable.

            If these realities are not acceptable to you, then you are free to surrender your alliance and allegiance to this Great Nation, surrender the opportunities presented to you by this Great Nation, surrender the freedoms that this Great Nation offers – that so many of Her men and women of ALL colors have fought and died for – and take your leave of Her. We’ll be ok, and we’ll wish you well and Godspeed in your chosen path.

          2. Edward, so well spoken, and I agree with you 100%. We’re all created in God’s image, whatever color our skin may be – God has NO color, He is God of all mankind. We live in the greatest country God ever blessed on Earth. We’re all free to pursue our hopes and dreams, nothing but the opportunity to do that is offered. You have the right to protest what you may know as wrongs, but peacefully. But – you come up my street, threaten my home and family, and you’ll get the results. I hope and pray we can work out things peacefully, that’s always best for all sides. Expect nothing less than how you behave.

  41. What a man. He fought back. Now leftist yall elected burn his ass. Happy.nyou will not b happy for long. Back this man, or watch mo black lives disappear. Love his courage. Go ahead leftist trash, show how bad u b. Do it jerks. Cowards. U b bad. Show us. F u.

  42. Well said Sgt. Larremore. Nothing “questionable ” about your post. Appears some of our spineless, gutless “leaders” at city hall have had their feathers ruffled. Kudos to you. You have my admiration Sgt., for speaking the truth and telling it like it really is.

  43. I’ll back our blue and I’ll back him and his words, enough is enough. Folks are tired of bever knowing where our roads will be blocked for whatever someone did last month or last year or for no reason other than to stir crap up. This officer has had his family threatened and what has the City Manager, commissioners done to help our police officers?
    Back the Blue!

  44. You failed to finish the story. The occupants of the truck were being attacked by protesters! Did you really expect them to just sit there and let them be attacked? Tell the whole story.

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