Local Hospitals Report 72 COVID Patients

Local Hospitals Report 72 COVID Patients

Based on reports from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) and Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC), there are a total of 72 COVID-19 patients being treated at the two hospitals. As of July 17th, TMH reported 40 patients and CRMC reported 32.

TR has been tracking current hospitalizations since June 1. See chart below.

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  1. I think that a key benefit of this graph is that regardless of where the cases originate, as long as cases are not getting “shipped in”, it indicates whether things are getting better or worse in a more currently applicable way than new positive test statistics. I just wish it was updated more frequently. I believe the hospitals are releasing the data daily.

  2. I can personally attest that the COVID patients on the overcrowded TMH COVID UNIT are sick due to COVID. Comorbidities are not the overwhelming factor. There are people there who we would have called healthy and at no risk before.

    The staff redistribution that has had to occur on other floors and units to cover the COVID unit has stressed staffing limits so the entire hospital is feeling the effects.

    There are Code Blue calls to COVID many times throughout the week and we are stop and pray. Hoping it is not a beloved local teacher, friend or another person’s loved one.

    Are they a Leon county resident? They are now! Are we flying people in from all over the state, no! These are people local and around the Big Bend area. You’ve stood next to them, checked out behind them at the store and sat unmasked next to them at a 50-75% capacity restaurant.

    Wake up already and stop the rhetoric of fighting about whose life story is worse with loss of loved ones etc. These people, this community and all of our lives may well depend on it

    And yes, if you find yourself here at TMH through fault of your own, please know that we will care for you as if you were our own and staff will take a moment and pray when that code blue call refers to you.

  3. The power of the press is not being used. TR and the Democrat should demand more and complete data: zip codes of positive tests, hospitalized and fatalities. Citizens deserve better reporting.

  4. Don’t minimize or patronize. My response was to the previous respondent and nothing in it implied that masks would stop the spread smh. FYI my relatives passed in April.

    1. Don’t use your loss as a crutch to denigrate and dehumanize others who question data. There are many of us who have dealt with personal loss the likes you can’t even comprehend. You don’t have a monopoly on loss. Many of us use data analysis on a daily basis for our livelihood. Your comments are strictly based on emotion. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Maybe if we didn’t hyper politicize this insanity at the beginning, because “Orange Man Bad”, the enemedia and government would not be spoon feeding folks like you giant bowls of fear porn. And for the record, aside from shocking personal loss to myself, my father is a prisoner in a Florida nursing home with current active Covid cases. He has tested negative twice and has multiple comorbidities. Stop using your feelings as a hindrance to rational thinking and analysis. Last time I checked there is a 0% chance of immortality.

      This virus is here to stay just like other corona viruses like influenza and the common cold. Both of which do not have a 100% cure vaccine. Life must go on. It cannot be shut down until some magical vaccine appears, nor can folks continue to socially distance or wear de-humanizing ineffective face diapers forever. This is why data analysis is important and the data needs to be constantly challenged. Facts over feelings.

      1. An excellent, rational, fact-based, and appropriate retort… well done. And I completely agree. This is not the first virus, and it certainly won’t be the last. This entire dysfunction left the realm of actually “heath” concerns, and drifted ever-more-dangerously into manufactured hysteria with the goal on influencing political and ideological outcomes.

        Wear a mask and social distance if it makes you feel better, but don’t expect miracles. Stay home if you’re sick or at risk, wash your hands, and get back to work and living your life.

  5. I find it peculiar that the hospitals cannot publish whether or not certain patients (not by name, of course) are admitted *directly* due to Covid-19, or if they were admitted for other reasons and *happen to have* Covid-19.

    @Kevin, while I give condolences for your loss, Leon County has been under a mask mandate since June 25th. Masks and social distancing may slow-down the spread, but they will *not* stop it. Vaccines are (at least) a year away from mass dissemination, and even then, it may only work for certain strains of Covid, but not all of it.

  6. What difference does it make if they came from other counties surrounding Leon? Many of them still shop and visit Leon so you’re still exposed. After having two relatives and one friend die of Covid….just believe that we are in a pandemic and that you need to take precautions. Insurance companies will not pay for unnecessary admissions and actually COVID is not listed in some of these cases if not the primary diagnosis. Wear a mask and social distance or we will continue in this nightmare.

  7. Thanks for the macro data. However, it requires more nuance. Due to HIPAA you may not be able to ask this question. It would be nice to know if these “Covid” patients also have co-morbities. And again, these hospitals are regional hospitals. How many of these patients are actual Leon County residents?

    This whole dysfunctional system is skewed to enable hospitals to report “Covid” patients over other illness, possibly due to perverse incentives for additional funding. After all, we emptied hospitals during the shut down. How much revenue did they lose as a result?

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