New COVID Cases in Leon County Trending Down Since July 5th Peak

New COVID Cases in Leon County Trending Down Since July 5th Peak

Base on Florida DOH reports, new COVID cases in Leon County are trending down after peaking around July 5th. The chart below shows the new cases by day (blue) and a seven day average trend line (yellow).

The seven day average trend line is calculated each day by summing the previous seven days of daily cases and dividing by seven

The chart shows that new cases increased rapidly from a seven day average of 31 cases on June 27 to an average of 125 nine days later on July 5.

However, since June 5th the seven day average of cases has trended down to 94 on July 19th.

15 Responses to "New COVID Cases in Leon County Trending Down Since July 5th Peak"

  1. BTW I know of at least one person who 99% likely had it, got tested, they lost the test, got retested after they got over it, and was negative.

  2. I think its too early to call this a down trend. Its more a plateau in terms of reported new case. Around 100 new per day. And of course cases still dont matter as much as hospitalizations and deaths.

  3. Wow! With the exception of God is still in control (to which I say Amen) the rest of comments posted to this article are truly mind-blowing. God bless your hearts and minds because you all need some devine wisdom and kindness. I pray that all of you “anti-masker” conspiracy theorists stay healthy and so do your loved ones and that whenever your day comes that God has mercy on your dark, judgmental souls.

  4. If the downward trend had continued since July 5, looks to me like it should be down to about 50 new cases per day, not 100!

  5. The number really dont mean much. Never in American history has so many people been tested for the flu. People just called in sick and stayed home. With the amount of people being tested obviously is extremely high. But some people r getting tested 2-3 time per person so that 1 person is considered 2-3 positive test results on covid CDC case’s, also if you have been tested positive for antibodies thats also is considered 1 more positive case on CDC count. I guaranty if the number where by name the CDC count would be down sustancial.

  6. This is not any sort of predictable progression. The curve is entirety dependent on how responsibly people act.

    Don’t socially distance and don’t wear a mask and the curve will go up.

    As this pandemic progresses, don’t think it won’t touch you personally..

    It will.

  7. The more cases the better. We need to reach herd immunity. The sooner the better. The mask mandate is mostly just to help the paranoid think they’re safe, at the same time, pissing off those who believe in individual responsibility and freedom.

  8. I don’t think they know the real numbers. A lot of people self quarantine due to testing results taking 10 days to obtain! Only one site for children under 18. My grandchild had to go to daycare and schoolmate was exposed and tested positive! Daycare closed class for required two weeks. We currently have four people in our house who have a varying array of symptoms, one with none! So, are we positive, who knows! We were advised by pediatrician office to just stay home, no sense in testing due to time before results, etc. DOH never contacted us!

    There’s too many people exposed due to poor testing!

  9. Tallahassee is considered a red zone. Testing results lag. 121 cases yesterday. Nothing to crow about. Wait till the students show up from Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, etc.

  10. Was the spike due to all the protesters because of bad decisions made by city leaders?

    How incompetent and reprehensible that city leaders would make city workers go out during a pandemic and social unrest and paint graffiti on a street intersection that sends a controversial message and makes the intersection dangerous and slippery and makes city workers do unnecessary work while misusing tax dollars.

    This decision by Curtis Richardson, Dianne Williams Cox, and Elaine Bryant and approved by the city manager and mayor was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.

    They are inciting rioting and they believe they are appeasing. It will also have devastating effects on our economy.

    The mayor needs to step up and lead all the people and not kowtow to only the divisive members on the city commission.

    Is the spike on the mayor and the city manager?

    All Lives Matter!

    1. This is outstanding news.

      For one, it means we have completely beaten Corona Virus (i.e., the fake virus that is just the flu).

      Secondly, all of the sheeple out there can stop wearing those ridiculous masks. I haven’t been wearing mine due to several pre-existing conditions, but I see so many people out there being told what to do by the Government/Soros/Gates and it makes me sad for their freedom. But since we’ve vanquished the Kung Flu, no one needs masks anymore.

      College Football is BACK BABY! Seminoles #1!

      Let’s get these bars opened up! Let’s hit the movie theaters! Let’s get line dancing going again.

      We have done it everyone! We have defeated the corona virus and anyone who doesn’t think so simply doesn’t believe in the science.


      1. Nice try with the sarc. Must really bother you that facts don’t care about your feelings. Continue enjoying your daily bowl of delicious panic porn while denigrating others who challenge the narrative that you need to shut your life down until there’s a miracle vaccine. And continue denigrating folks who challenge our dear leaders for hypocritical support of cultural Marxist movements with zero concern over the very anti-social distancing, face diaper wearing mandates they put on the rest of us.

        1. @Disgusted –

          What are you talking about? I haven’t worn a face diaper yet and won’t ever! In fact, I’m pretty sure THE CONSTITUTION doesn’t say anything about me needing to wear pants.

          Look, you heard DeSantis a weeks ago, the our cases HAVE STABILIZED. It’s the science. Just like what we see in the graph above. You heard DeSantis, we will *never* shut down again. Why should we? Why shouldn’t we open bars? If anything, if I wasn’t for government deciding the winners, I’d say DeSantis should give every Floridian one free drink at their bar of choice and our hospitality sector would see a clear benefit.

          And I totally agree with you regarding the upcoming Marxist rebellion that we must protect ourselves against, it was always the Marxists who opposed the police murdering people, and now they are so emboldened by people at large, somehow, being against the police force murdering people. It’s all a direct result of our failed education, I mean, indoctrination system system if you ask me. And Obama.

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