LCS Survey Shows Majority of Principals & Teachers Do Not Feel Safe Reopening

LCS Survey Shows Majority of Principals & Teachers Do Not Feel Safe Reopening

Leon County Schools (LCS), as a part of the reopening schools process, sent out a survey to teachers and principals asking in they felt “safe with school reopening?”

The responses as provide by LCS are shown below.

The information shows that a majority of teachers in only 2 of the 24 elementary schools felt safe with reopening. Only 25% of elementary school principals felt safe with reopening.

In the nine middle schools, a majority of teachers felt safe with reopening at one school – Griffin Middle School. The survey results indicate that 34% of middle school principals felts safe with reopening.

Of the seven high schools, responses showed that 51% of the teachers at Leon High School felt safe. Two schools – Lincoln & Heritage Trail – were split 50-50. And the majority of teachers at Chiles, Godby, SAIL, and Rickards did not feel about the reopening.

The responses of high school principals indicate that 38% felt safe about reopening schools.

Elementary School Responses


Middle School and High School Responses

57 Responses to "LCS Survey Shows Majority of Principals & Teachers Do Not Feel Safe Reopening"

  1. Because the policemen, firemen, postal workers, package clerks, anybody else you want to throw in here does not have to sit in a confined space classroom with a recirculating air conditioner system spreading around the same crap that people are exhaling for hours upon hours a day. If you feel it’s so safe why don’t you go stand in the middle of a crowded room for an hour at a time with no mask on. Because the kids are now not required to wear masks if they bring a note from home saying that it makes them feel sensorily awkward. But by all means please try to tell me how a School Employees are trying to keep getting paid for not working. I don’t care if I get paid as long as I’m alive. I didn’t sign up to work for a school so I could go and sit in a classroom full of kids who could possibly kill me. And I’m not even a teacher I’m just a damn custodian.

  2. These Teachers that say it is too dangerous to go to Work and teach the Kids, do they also go Grocery Shopping? Go out to eat? Visit Friends? Go to Wal-Mart or Target? Etc…..If so, you can go Teach in your Class Rooms.

  3. No one feels safe doing their jobs in a pandemic. But most are doing them. Private schools seem to stepping up in many areas to offer in class teaching with virtual options( some streaming live classes) for children who need to be quarantined. Not going back is going to be disastrous to the very students who struggle academically and often do not have resources for online learning. We need schools to open. The danger for teachers is no greater than that for other essential workers.

  4. @ disgusted I do not need you to care about my feelings whatsoever! Please and thank you for not caring ! But the fake news of a over a 99% recovery rate is ridiculous! If that was the case then why are we having this same discussion? Maybe because your ignorance makes your heart grow fonder! So you need to see a morgue full of dead athletes to make this make sense to you huh ? Please go kick rocks barefooted and I pray that covid comes your way in all forms !

    1. There now, does that help your feelings? Let it all out. Here are some facts to help with your feelings. As of 7/23/20 courtesy of DOH death counts there are 13 Covid-19 deaths in Leon County and 18 deaths from influenza & pneumonia. There have been 13 suicides in Leon County. There have been 58 deaths from unintentional injury (various accidents).

      Do you care about those local suicides? How many of those were children or young adults caught up in your view of this insane world and allowed their feelings to take over? Did you ever care about the children who have died more from influenza then Covid-19? Do you care about those poor souls that died from various accidents? If you go shopping, do you care about being exposed or exposing others to this virus? Enjoy your virtue signaling and feels.

      And yes, even the CDC acknowledges that the Covid-19 death rate will most likely be under 1%. Simple math should tell you that means at least a 99% recovery rate. Even Stanford University’s Covid-19 serology testing has proven this. Does that help allay your panic porn fear based feelings? Embrace your invincible ignorance and I will embrace facts over feelings.

  5. Teachers were never asked. That BIAS survey was only given after the School Board asked teachers to be asked because close to 200 teacher wrote in with concerns and asking for digital. So… Since the infection rights have been averaging 100 new infections and since an employee has already died I don’t think most teachers feel safe.

  6. Are these numbers correct?! Less than six days ago 60% of teachers AND 60% of parents/students wanted schools to resume in person. Do we have the actual numbers? These percentages seem WAY off. Are these union-only percentages? Something is fishy about these numbers.

    1. No those are numbers from having an administrator call each teacher and ask them if they feel safe returning. NO bias there. The union did a survey and showed many more not feeling safe.

      1. Thank you. There just seems to be a huge swing from “We’re okay to return” to “Not okay” in just a matter of days. Kind of puzzling . . .

  7. Want to hear all the great plans the people looking for teachers to quit have for replacing them. There is a teacher shortage and you can’t get certified overnight. So they apparently want subs to teach the children which I’m sure will be quality teaching. A small temporary problem is going to cause lots of lost experience within the classroom. Rocky isn’t talking about the unusually high rate of turn over right now. 20 new positions listed today. And it isn’t because of more students enrolling. These rabid comments about getting paid not work and let’s just make them come to school or quit. I’m very good at my job and my students even remotely just passed their AP exam 17% above the state and national average. They learned. But when I quit a sub wouldn’t know where to start. I worked hard from home than from school. I was available from 7 am to 10 pm. I met students in small group and individually through teams. But hey I”m sure I am super replaceable with the scores of STEM teachers who are just sitting around waiting for the chance at a job.

  8. I guess the fact that Rick Scott’s children are being distanced taught but yet he’s pushing others back into school means nothing?

    And I guess the fact that there have been kids dying from COVID already (one most recently at 5 years old) means nothing?

    And that we’ve have online classes available at all levels FOR YEARS means nothing?

    This isn’t about teachers not wanting to work, quit being obtuse. This is about people not wanting to spread the virus to their families or the other kids they’re teaching.

    Ignorance breeds faster than rabbits, I swear.

  9. All essential workers should receive bonuses and extra pay and this should include teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, Etc.

  10. There is a case to be made for the teachers that are at risk to teach virtually in front of the class of kids. Teacher helper/assistance that are not at risk be in the class to help and monitor the children. The teacher then could meet with individual students at another time in the day in a room provided at the school for one-on-one virtual tutoring if required.
    This allows the teachers to be safe, the kids get back into the school and teacher interns to keep getting experience.

    Not seeing a down side.

  11. Wow again that northeast privileged mentality is beyond crazy! Panic porn??? Seriously? There were several high school football players at various schools that tested positive and that’s why sports were immediately shut down!
    Shame on you for being so ignorant! It is people like you that make me sick! When covid jumps on your “panic porn” back let’s see if you will be dancing to a different tune perhaps on a ventilator.

    1. Again, facts don’t care about your feelings. Show me the heaping dead bodies of football players and students you crave so much with your enemedia government induced ignorant panic mania and then maybe I will start to believe in shutting down everything again and locking everyone up. Nice try. But I think you are exactly the type suffering from heaping bowls of panic porn and can’t get enough of it. This virus is here to stay in some form or fashion. It is shockingly treatable now, with over a 99% recovery rate. Children and young adults are not seriously affected by it and unless you have defined co-morbidities you have nothing to fear. Do those facts help your feelings?

  12. We are dealing with Invincible Ignorance in spite of incontrovertible evidence there is no harm in reopening schools by the likes of Dr. Scott Atlas the American Academy of Pediatrics and a host of others. Overwhelming evidence from around the world with other countries reopening schools months ago clearly show no harm. The evidence is in, adults spread this virus to children not the other way around like other illnesses spreading from children to adults.

    These panic porn teachers were more than happy shopping, ordering take out, visiting big box stores and all other places declared essential before and after mask mandates and lock downs. Why don’t they ask themselves a simple question. Where are all the smoking dead bodies of those essential workers they exposed themselves to with or without masks?

    And kudos to the panic porn cowards at LCS for shutting down fall sports for the same panic porn reasons. Shame on all of you! Feel proud of yourselves that you are destroying the joy that many students get out of school athletics. Feel proud that you cowards are destroying children’s lives with the lunatic mask mandates and anti-social distancing you want to force them to follow if in-person classes ever return. You all are despicable!

    1. And I supposed the Pediatricians Association of Florida who live and treat people right here in Florida don’t know what they are doing? Because they are against opening schools right now. They have issued a statement clarifying the national position as only being applicable when infections are low.

  13. Hannah needs to bring all the Teachers together in a workshop and tell them that “The Schools WILL Open and now you (the Teachers) need to figure out a way to make that happen as safe as possible. Lets hear your Ideas and make this work”……… I feel that if the Teachers have some input on how it could be done, it will ease their minds and there wont be as much pushback. Let them be a part of the Fix.

    1. The only people that are safe in Leon Schools are Rocky’s protected highly paid, over-paid, non teachers. None of these people teach or work in a school but they do cover for all of Rocky’s unethical behavior! Teachers return to classrooms as the 46th lowest paid in Florida! Rocky’s team of non teachers get paid the following…it pays to cover for unethical Rocky!
      Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle — $125,407

      Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox — $123,433

      Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Rodgers — $123,185

      Chief of Safety and Security John Hunkiar — $121,604

      Chief Financial Officer Kim Banks — $118,920

      Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory — $116,587

      Assistant Superintendent Deana McAllister — $112,204

      Director of Elementary Schools Sue Kraul — $109,094

      Director of Secondary Schools Scott Hansen — $106,384

      Director of Technology and Information Bill Nimmons — $102,422

      Director of Staff Development Shane Syfrett — $102,422

      Director of Purchasing June Kail — $98,738

      Director of Property Management Michael Moore — $96,557

      Director of Early Childhood Programs Brooke Brunner — $95,779

      Director of Food Services James Howcroft — $92,838

      Director of Construction Danny Allbritton — $91,920

      Director of Maintenance Alvin Watkins — $90,720

      Director of ESE Operations and Compliance Cathy Shields — $89,395

      Director of Payroll Deena Howell — $88,922

      Director of Code Enforcement, Compliance Rod McQueen — $86,912

      Director of Risk Management Services Janet Heath — $82,996

      Interim Director of Transportation James Cole — $81,252

      Director of Internal Auditing Livetra Paul — $80,501

      Director, Interdivisional Support Services Ricky Bell — $77,967

      Director of Benefits Pam Faulkner — $74,851

      Coordinator of School Choice Office Jamie Holleman — $73,920

      Coordinator of Title 1 Office Ashley Scott — $71,920

      Coordinator of Communications and Media Relations Chris Petley — $71,790

      Coordinator of Volunteer and Mentor Services Kelli Walker — $67,924

      Coordinator of Policy and Planning Marline Feliciano — $66,605

  14. Pretty sure Trump can’t fire the Leon County teachers. Sad that you feel that teaching is just reading a textbook to the students. It is really sad that these women and men who choose a “profession” to educate our youth are relentlessly scapegoated by those that don’t know the first thing about being an educator. It’s often a thankless job but they keep showing up because they actually do care about their students.

    1. You’re fairly adept at Alinsky’s semantics tactic I see. Twisting words, manipulating meaning, selective science acceptance, contorting context, et al… you’d do well at the likes of CNN. No one thought Reagan could fire the ATCs either. It’s a matter of situational declaration, but I’m sure you know that, because you know, you’re so smart and all.

      And for the record, I’d venture to guess my knowledge and experience with education exceeds yours… but that just a guess of course. And by the way, 30+ years of involvement has taught me that those you lament as using our professional teachers (and students) as scapegoats, can be found in administration, the unions, and elected office.

      This entire matter left the realm of education, health, safety, and concern for our students and teachers several months back. This is all about politics now. And those exploiting the situation for their political gain and agenda, couldn’t care less about the damage they are causing our children/students… something I learned in – and prior to – the demise of our public “education” system.

      1. Well bless your heart, referencing Saul Alinsky, CNN and your academic/experience qualifications all in the same thread. Personally, I never took more than a passing glance at Alinsky’s work and don’t really have the time to get my “breaking” news from CNN. You may very well have more education/experience than I do, I really have no way of knowing, but I do feel comfortable engaging in political discourse without the need to cite to my resume. My response was a fair reading of your words. (FWIW I would not dispute Reagan’s authority to dismiss the ATC, nor would I say his decision to do so was incorrect.)

        1. Your tactics are consistent, I’ll give you that… dichotomous to be sure, marginally schizophrenic to some degree… but consistent.

          … and may God bless you too.

  15. Overwhelming “scientific” evidence shows that reopening schools does not pose a threat to the children, but keeping them closed does. If some teachers (elderly and/or medically vulnerable with co-morbidities, et al…) need to stay safe at home, then make accommodations for them.

    Any other teacher that refuses to return to work, should be given the opportunity to resign and seek another career path. Those that simply refuse to return to work and do not resign, should be terminated on the grounds of Job Abandonment. Reagan had to do it to the ATCs, and Trump May have to do it here as well.

    There are plenty of qualified adults who can step up to the plate, read from the textbook, follow the curriculum, and teach our children while we restructure what has become a dangerous, ineffective, and failed Public Indoctrination System.

  16. Teachers are more important to our nation than those air traffic controllers President Regan kicked to the curb when they went out on strike back in the day.
    Teachers; your union is playing with fire trying to pull the same BS with President Trump.
    You will be kicked to the curb and your precious union will abandon you.
    Public opinion will reside with the President. Not the leftist dreamer minority.

  17. FWIW: There ARE teachers who are more than willing to go teach in person. Sadly, the union is in control because of the state-wide teacher shortage. That said, many teachers did teach from home and will again as required. My wife is one of them and she worked longer hours from home than she did in the classroom and those were 10-11 hour days. I think the fear is irrational.

  18. The comments here are incredibly uninformed. First off, get a grip. It’s a survey. No one said they weren’t coming, they just think this “experiment” is dumb. It’s clear the commentors view educators as baby sitters. Secondly, we want to teach in person, but basically it is not going to be school as anyone remembers it. There isn’t going to be social interaction, no playground, no physical activity, and still lots of work from the computer like they will do at home. Oh…and the virus will spread like wild fire. Get ready for 1,000 cases a day Tally. Yes doctors and nurses work with patients. My wife is one of them, but the protocols for working with a Covid patient basically have people in hazmat suits. Teachers can’t wear a suit all day. My wife’s supervisor got sick and now her whole family is ill, so it’s really not safe for anyone. If you’re making these comments you are saying you are completely ok with your kids bring Covid into your home, because that’s going to be what happen.

    1. Only hospital working dealing with Covid patients are suited up as you say. If any of the kids test positive or are even sick, they will be sent home of course – the teachers will not be taking care of them etc.. This is no different that any seasonal flu – please look beyond all the hype those who hate Trump and the MSM (one and the same) are trying to push. The “spike” in FL cases is no doubt due to all the “protesting” going on mostly several weeks ago. Note the change in age groups.

  19. OMG really people! I am just in disbelief at what I am reading and thank God I owe it to my teachers that I can read! Just cut to the chase this has become politically motivated and it makes me nauseous. This has nothing to do with teachers being lazy and not wanting to go back to work! We have families and kids too and they deserve to be protected as well! You can take my entire paycheck if that makes you feel good but my family, my life and safety is worth more than a paycheck ! Please look at the statistics people are dying!!! Covid is real!!!!! Wake up

  20. All the people who have all these smart comments about teachers. Probably have NEVER been inside of a classroom. Or worked with a large group of children. Nobody said we don’t want to work. We just don’t want to die. We are the only people that would be in an enclosed room with children from all over for 7.5 hours 5 days a week. Now you please explain how to social distance 20+ student in a classroom. Think before you speak. Obviously we don’t mind hard work work. We have been doing it for years for such little party before the pandemic!!! For us it’s not about the income it’s the outcome. Didn’t you read that one employee already lost his life and a Principal and his wife who is a teacher as well have tested positive?

  21. This is absolutely ridiculous! I wish I had the ability to tell my boss I didn’t want to go to work and dictate my job that way. I am sure all of the corrections officers who are in a little box with countless inmates wish they could “just work from home” till this passes over. If you don’t feel comfortable maybe it is time for a new career or take a leave of absence. Thank God our doctors and nurses, who are actually hands on with confirmed COVID patients, don’t have the same attitude as our teachers.

  22. Teachers should teach virtual only from their classrooms through an Internet platform. Therefore they still get paid and our students still learn.
    Going back to school will lead to a spike in cases and closures and therefore less jobs. For those wanting brick and mortar, think two to four weeks into the future with the spike in cases.

  23. Those worrying about the kids being asymptomatic with the virus, My teachers always taught from the FRONT of the Class and rarely walked around the Students. Hannah already said that all but two Schools could easily set up the Classrooms to distance the Kids. Just worry about Junior & Senior High Schools.

  24. Survey Shows Majority of Principals & Teachers Chose The Wrong Line of Work.
    Perhaps some will qualify for early retirement and I heard Publix is hireing.

    Unemployment compensation is not available for job abandonment or as us common folk say quitting.
    America wishes you all well in your future endeavors.
    Uhhh no you might not want to use us for a reference.

    1. I don’t think honestly expressing their concern to a survey question they were requested to respond to equates to being in the wrong line of work. Not sure why the good folks working at Publix deserved an unsolicited poke in the eye. Glad they are gainfully employed.

  25. I want to go back to work just not with 1500 students who statistically 150 of them could be asymptomatic with the virus. Which I will get and then carry back to my family. Never mind finding out how healthy I am when I get the virus. So yes if you feel the need to not pay me then you can keep the money.

  26. The only people that feel safe in Leon Schools are Rocky’s pets/inner circle. I bet none of the high salaried staff appointed by Rocky will be in schools teaching. Rocky cares about Rocky. Rocky cares more about being re-elected than he does about the safety of students. Reckless Rocky.

  27. The question needs to be asked…”how do you feel about not getting paid while not teaching?” The police are working, The firemen are working. The post office workers are delivering the mail. The bag boys at Publix are working…. Tell me again why teachers feel like they should stay home?

  28. I don’t always “feel” like going to work either… but I do “feel” like eating now and then… so…

    1. I am not sure they question asked if they “feel” like going to work, but hey I just went to public school so I could be wrong.

      1. “Do you ‘feel’ safe with school reopening?” … school reopening = you go to work… ergo; do you “feel” like going to work.

        Try to keep up…

        1. Trying to keep up here…but I am pretty sure that “Do you feel safe with school reopening?” is not the same question as “Do you feel like going to work?” but hey I am just reading the words printed in the story.

          1. The teacher’s jobs are to TEACH, in person in a classroom unless you were hired to do virtual school. That’s the point – it is no more unsafe for any of them than those of us who have been working for the past 4 months. This is all about the teacher’s union not wanting to go back to work. Ridiculous. 85% of parents want the kids to go back to school. If a teacher feels it too unsafe for them to go back to their job they need to quit.

          2. @Diana –

            > That’s the point – it is no more unsafe for any of them than those of us who have been working for the past 4 months.

            Yes, because working on a construction site, or Costco is just like sitting in a room with twenty two ten year olds. Right.

            > If a teacher feels it too unsafe for them to go back to their job they need to quit.

            This is *exactly* why De(ath) Santis is going to back down; he knows the schools won’t work if 25% of the teaching staff quit.

        2. This is asking if you FEEL safe. Not if you FEEL like going to work. Don’t waste your energy picking fights here. There are plenty of other things to fight about elsewhere?

    2. News Maven survey shows Leon County taxpayers uncomfortable paying the school portion of their 2020 property tax bill.


      Curtis Richardson caught lying in the City Commission Seat 2 Tallahassee Democrat candidate debate.

      He was called out on it by another candidate Gerri Seay.

      Curtis Richardson boldly said that he did not bundle when we in fact know he absolutely does bundle. Curtis Richardson cold or bold-faced lie on videos so thankfully it is captured for all to see.

      It is clear Curtis is oblivious to the corruption is covering it up and participating by association and doing nothing to expose it. He falls on a sword to protect it. He was finally called out on it today.

      Candidate Bill Schack was the clear winner in this debate with three other candidates tying for second place and Curtis Richardson placing last place.

      I hope all media outlets in Tallahassee will expose Curtis’s lies especially when he said he doesn’t receive bundles. Curtis does in fact receive bundles so he bungled the question and should be here to an and forever more be known as Curtis Richardson the Bungler.

      How is Curtis Richardson able to have these lies just come out of his mouth with no regard for the truth whatsoever?

      This should be above the fold front page TV media Breaking News special report that Curtis Richardson blatantly boldly adamantly lied that he did not bundle.

      When Curtis was called out on it he said he would not answer questions from other candidates.

      If voters on the Southside want to improve their conditions, lower the crime rate, and raise their property values a good start would be voting for Bill Schack for City Commission!

      1. How much do you want to bet that the Tallahassee Democrat will paint a different Picture? “Back The SCHACK for 2020”

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