Leon County COVID Fact Chart – July 28

Leon County COVID Fact Chart – July 28

The chart below was created from Florida Department of Health (DOH) data as reported on July 26th.

The Leon County Hospital data includes patients from the Big Bend area, not just Leon County.

The chart will be edited and refined as we move forward. Submit questions in the comments section.

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  1. Donna Lamont, Dr. Fauci was at a baseball game sitting next to 3 people without a mask. The one he had with him wasn’t even an N95. Even the N95 only stops down to .3 micron virus particles. The SARS-2 covid19 particle is around .17 microns in size.

  2. Influenza deaths for 2018-2019 for the US averaged 34000, around 17000 a year. The majority of deaths are accompanied by pneumonia. The vaccine has not really changed the numbers. From March till now we have had over 5900 deaths from covid 19 in Florida and over 140000 deaths nation wide. No definite vaccine in sight. Our president says it is now PATRIOTIC to wear a mask instead if admitting he was wrong. We can stop the spread with mask and our economy could operate safely. Please use common sense, wear a mask.

  3. Can we get info about ICU beds? It’s my understanding that ICU is so full that makeshift ICU is being setup in other places in the hospital. The ICU nurse to patient ratio has increased. Vented patients now have to share a room. All of these are indicators that local hospitals are being strained. Please report the whole pictures instead of “cherry-picking” informations. Citizens deserve to have accurate, thorough information. Otherwise, your source is nothing more than political propaganda.

  4. Is that 1,347 test in 1 day on July 23rd? That would mean 168 test per hour in an 8 hour day. Not sure how many test sites are operating but assume at least 4, would be 42 test per hour at each site which still seems pretty unrealistic??

    1. This is the worst state to get sick in, no one recovers. People who signed up for testing and walked away because of the long lines and never got tested recieved positive results. What the numbers really mean is that when the server was destroyed in Hillary Clinton’s home it destroyed the computer that was manipulating the voter machines to favor the Democrats. Now the Democrats need to keep people scared enough to allow for mail in votes so that they can stuff the ballot boxes and keep the Democratic party relevant. If they can’t cheat they will lose everywhere and they know it.

  5. Yawn….102 days and the ‘Rona will take its rightful place in the medical and political world as just another bad strain of the flu…yawn
    What happens in 102 days?
    You know!!!

  6. When you say TOTAL TESTED 47,737 When did that count start, July1st.? Only 1561Tests were administered on July 22? That’s ALL? Also, from the time you start showing symptoms and the time you are over it, how long is that Time Period? Also, from the time you start showing symptoms and the time you Die how long is that Time Period? All they tell us is that it takes 12 to 14 Days to show Symptoms and that’s it.

  7. I get the feeling that by the time you stop trying to distract from this problem and take it seriously, you’ll be waiting to be intubated.

    1. Well, I’d hope not. This is just showing how many ICU beds are left. Doesn’t matter if it’s a stroke patient or COVID patient. If the ICU beds become overwhelmed then the next person coming in will not got the same level of treatment they need, regardless of WHY they need intensive care.

  8. Misleading information, at best. ICU beds availability should be used. Cases and deaths by zip code should be disclosed. Disappointing

  9. So COVID patients occupy just 10% of the local hospital beds? Dang media says hospitals are “overrun” and we’re in dire straits. Thank you for some real numbers and honesty.

    1. Never mind. I see that you calculated from the total beds. Just hope the most covid patients hospitalized do not need ICU beds.

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