Leon County Report Shows Waste Pro Customer Service Improvements

Leon County Report Shows Waste Pro Customer Service Improvements

The Leon County Commission received a status report at the July 14 meeting on Waste Pro, the waste collection vendor for approximately 27,200 residents of unincorporated Leon County. The status report, provided by staff, addressed improvements to Waste Pro’s service and included data on Waste Pro’s yearly customer complaints and liquidated damages.

According to the report, Waste Pro received 25,138 total customer complaints in 2019 and has received 8,967 so far in 2020.

The County also levies liquidated damages to assess complaints. According to the report, $201,780 in liquidated damages were levied in 2019 and $11,085 to date in 2020.

“The liquidated damages for 2020 have dramatically decreased in comparison to 2019, with a monthly average of approximately $1,600 versus $16,000 respectively,” staff reports. “This change, in large part, is indicative of the enhanced efforts from Waste Pro management.”

According to the report, new efforts from Waste Pro include adding a position for handling yard debris and bulky items. Waste Pro has also added new hose assemblies to hydraulic systems to reduce leaks and established daily mechanical checks.

Additionally, staff reports, “Due to customer concerns about environmental impacts of hydraulic fluid, Waste Pro has shifted to a biodegradable option. Waste Pro addresses most leaks through a chemical treatment which is sprayed from a manual pressure pump. At the direction of the County, the Company maintains an inventory of the chemical to avoid delays in restocking and being able to timely address leaks.”

According to the report, a crew will be available to respond to spills immediately when they occur.

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