Leon County Cases Flatten, Positivity Rate Trending Down

Leon County Cases Flatten, Positivity Rate Trending Down
Provided below are two charts addressing the daily number of COVID cases reported in Leon County and the daily testing positivity rate. Based on information provided by Leon County government, both of these metrics are determining factors in evaluating how the virus is spreading in the community and a factor in when the mask mandate might be lifted. The chart below shows the daily positive cases (blue) and a 7-day average trend line (yellow). After a 10-14 day increase in cases from June 23rd to July 5th, the trend line shows a decline from July 5th to July 12th. Since July 12th, there has been a slight increase, but for most part, the number of daily cases has flattened during this period. The average number of daily cases during this time has been approximately 100. The chart below shows the daily positive COID-19 test rate for Leon County from July 16th through July 28th. Since July 20th, the positivity rate has been trending down.

15 Responses to "Leon County Cases Flatten, Positivity Rate Trending Down"

  1. Can’t wait for flu season when we can hear the daily breathless reports of positive cases, hospitalizations, deaths , mask mandates, school closures, teacher union demands and social & business restrictions, just like last year…right??

  2. The spread of the virus will continue untill a vaccine is available.
    Untill then, it is up to us as a community to protect ourselves and others.
    I wear a mask to protect YOU.
    Please do the same for me and my family.

  3. I absolutely insist on my right to be hard-headed and endanger my family and fellow citizens by not undergoing the intolerable inconvenience of wearing a mask for brief periods of time when I enter a public place, therefore prolonging this nightmare because the evil scientists and politicians have conspired to take away my rights.
    Really people?

    1. Seek help before you hurt yourself, or God forbid, someone else. What ever happened to “My Body; My Choice”?… or does that only count when killing babies.

  4. Wearing a mask to protect against a viral infection, is like wearing a t-shirt to protect against a bullet. Wear them if you choose, but don’t expect miracles, and stop,pretending it matters. People have been locked-down, social distancing, and wearing masks for months… yet the politicians and Media PACs keep telling you that the “cases” keep rising and we’re all going to die. The very same politicians and Media PAC members who haven’t lost a dime throughout all of this.

    This left any true concern for health and well being a long time ago… this is now all about the campaign to damage and destroy America… in an effort to take down a President and gain ideological power.

  5. International medical standards to safely reopen: 1. Curve dropping for 3 weeks. 2. Adequate testing that is accurate for 10% of the population within a recent time period. 3. Adequate PPE for medical and civilian demand. 4. No new cases in medical ER staff 5. Majority consensus on importance of mask wearing. 6. Power of enforcement in place and being implemented. 7. Contact tracing in place and being used. There are more but try to get these done. It is not about politics it is about medicine and science. Have we learned nothing in the past 100 years? Where is educated leadership? Rhode Island can do it and Florida can’t? How many need to for in the reinvention of pandemic response for amateurs?

  6. The masks are doing such a great job stopping the spread of the virus…. then there is NO reason to close ANY Business.

  7. Not directly comparable because it depends on how widely testing is available…but a number of Asian and European countries start taking steps to re institute more restriction measures when their positive rates get up to 3%. — and that is already with most wearing masks and limiting gatherings and indoor dining.

    1. I asked a similar question of Commissioner Desloge a four weeks ago. His reply was:

      We are working closely with the Department of Health and our hospitals on this matter. You have a very valid question however, I cannot give you a definitive answer at this time–we will consider removing the mandate when our positivity rate drops and remains at a low rate. We are currently experiencing a spike which, as you can imagine, has us all concerned. We are following the advice of our health professionals and doing all we can to keep our community safe. Thank you for reaching out and please stay safe.

      Bryan Desloge
      Leon County Commissioner
      District 4

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