Tallahassee Classical School Opening for the First Time This Fall

Tallahassee Classical School Opening for the First Time This Fall

After overcoming a number of hurdles, Tallahassee Classical School is preparing to open its doors for its inaugural class this fall. The tuition-free charter school will provide students with a classical liberal arts education.

Tallahassee Classical School has been in creation for years. It was initially supposed to open last school year, but it was set back by issues with the Leon County School Board and other delays.

Back in 2018, the school board rejected Tallahassee Classical School’s application. The Florida Department of Education then overturned the rejection, allowing the school to open in 2019.

Then, missed deadlines caused the school to push back its opening to 2020. According to WTXL, 450 students who had enrolled in 2019 were forced to wait another year and find a different school to attend.

Now, Tallahassee Classical plans to officially open on the Leon County School District’s start date, which is currently set at Aug. 31, 2020.

The school, which is located on 13 acres off of Tram Road, will have more than 500 kindergarten through eighth-grade students, according to WTXL.

The school was founded by Adrienne Campbell, M.Ed, who will serve as principal, and Jana Sayler, CPA. The school is part of the Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI), a Hillsdale College project that supports new K-12 charter school openings and emphasizes classical learning. Tallahassee Classical School will follow a classical education model.

“Classical education is the study of the traditional liberal arts and sciences, which cultivates wisdom and virtue through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty,” the school’s website reads.

The school will use the Core Knowledge Sequence for its curriculum. According to the school’s website, “The Sequence is a spiraling curriculum, where students in early elementary grades receive a firm but broad understanding of the core subject areas, building a strong foundation for later learning in greater depth. The Sequence provides a grade-by-grade series of topics which build on prior knowledge that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific.”

Main components of Tallahassee Classical School’s curriculum are Latin, which students will begin learning in fourth and fifth grade, and Singapore Math, a program that aims to lay a solid foundation in math from kindergarten through seventh grade as preparation for learning algebra.

This year, the school will also implement precautions to protect against COVID-19. According to the school’s COVID-19 opening plan, students will wear masks on the way to and from their classrooms each day but utilize face shields during learning.

The school opted for face shields because wearing masks “impedes a student’s ability to see the instructor’s mouth during phonemic instruction,” according to the plan.

Teachers will also check students’ temperatures using noncontact infrared thermometers twice per day—at the beginning of the school day and before lunch.

The school will also use the iWave air purifier, which is installed in the air conditioning system to reduce pathogens, allergens, and other particles in the air.

According to the plan, the school encourages all students to attend classes in-person “due to the benefits of in-classroom instruction.” However, the school also has a distance learning plan for families with immunocompromised students or relatives.

Tallahassee Classical School currently has seats available in some grades and is accepting applications. The school plans to start this year as a K-8 school and add more grade levels each year until it is a K-12 school.

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  1. Glad it is finally opening! If my child was younger I’d send him there! However, since he’s now in 8th grade I don’t think he’d reap the benefits as much as if he were starting in elementary school.

    Further I am APPALLED by the hateful comments directed at teachers in other posts here! Teaching is not an 8-3 job whether in class or virtual. There are lessons to plan, work to grade, parents to respond to. It is not paid or valued enough for what teachers do.

    Yes, there are bad/lazy teachers out there, but like all groups those are the minority not the majority. And obviously those posting the unkind words must have had one of those teachers in kindergarten because they were never taught “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”



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  3. Hope your last post deserves a Mic Drop! BAM! And for those walking in a FOG seeking a RETURN on their PENNIES from Government run schools whether public or private as a tax payer well NOT Happening and that’s straight TALK!

      1. The arts (art, music, etc) are actually kind of secondary in importance in a “Classical Liberal Arts” education. Science, math, and “rhetoric” are primary, then Latin/foreign language studies, then art/music/aesthetic endeavors. At least the arts won’t be CUT from this school! Nice response on the Exodus reference!

  4. Liberal Arts Education. Live with your parents, hope grandparents leave you some money, feel good about yourself as you write your poems, and for God’s sake do not think that you have to work. Support the Democrat Party if you want to maintain your free lifestyle. Did I miss anything?

    1. Shows what you know about the meaning of “Liberal Arts” or “Classical” education. Liberal isn’t used here as a social or political term. It ascribes certain core (pretty traditional) subjects areas and pedagogical methodologies that are more associated with the (often) socially and politically CONSERVATIVE upper middle class. Don’t believe me? It’s funded by a Hillsdale College initiative. While HC offers a classical “liberal” arts education, it’s a right leaning institution (you often here it mentioned as a sponsor of shows on talk news radio). Liberal in this context doesn’t mean what you clearly think it does. Here’s some content from HC webpage:
      “…The College also considers itself a trustee of our Western philosophical and theological inheritance tracing to Athens and Jerusalem, a heritage finding its clearest expression in the American experiment of self-government under law…” Suffice it to say, HC isn’t typically turning out militant Democrats lol

    2. @Alex –

      You are so right! think you should take the next year and not consume any non-fiction, literature, art, music, television or film. It’s all useless junk created by hippie Democrats that don’t work. Basically you’re supporting people living in their parents basements when you take in culture, so you should probably stop doing that. That will show ’em!

  5. So… Latin, Singapore Math, and a firm but broad understanding of the core subject areas… as oppose to shorthand texting, proper bowl packing, car jacking techniques, blunt rolling, hatred for America, and twidiot studies…

    Sounds good folks… best of luck and Godspeed. Teach our children well, for they are our future.

  6. Not really sure how latin and cursive helps, but thats up to the parents. Everything is an opportunity cost so I would think more English and technology skills would be better.

  7. I watched daily this building getting built. Curious to know what it cost to build and what is being charged per Student to attend. Is the amount for each Student attending in person the same amount for those attending on line?

  8. NO, it is NOT “Tuition-Free “…….. we are ALL paying for it. Since it will be TAX Funded, I think all Students should be earning a “3.0 GPA” or Higher or made to leave so we get a positive return on our Money. K thru 8th, everyone has the same chances to make a 3.0 GPA or better.

    1. ALL property owners pay for ALL Leon County Schools whether we have children who utilize them or not. And we have ALL been paying for them for them since March with nothing happening. The Teachers Union and powers that really want us ALL to continue to pay while the teachers sit home and do nothing. This school has a plan! I will gladly pay for it……you can pay for the failures of other Leon County Schools.

      1. Ok, they are fancy Public Schools that are privately owned. That tells me that they are paid MORE per Child than our Public owned Public Schools so, how much MORE does it cost US to send your 6th Grader to a Charter School then it would to send your Kid to Cobb Middle School? I am sure this School wasn’t built to break even like County Schools are.

        ALSO: If the Charter Schools are that much better than the County Public Schools, why hasn’t the County copied what the Charter Schools are doing?

        1. Teachers Union. They are the problem with public education which is why they are so opposed to charter schools. Highest ranking school is charter: Arts & Sciences.

      2. If you think teachers (who were in charge of scrambling to make distance learning possible—digitizing learning materials, resources, lessons, video tutorials, leading zoom classes and facilitating office hours and extra help sessions for students AND parents struggling with the curriculum or digital media platform, AND creating over 8 weeks of physical packets, readings, and assessments, and still grading and giving feedback on work and assessments ETCETCETC) were just sitting at home doing nothing, you don’t know anything about teaching or it’s value. I hope your children, if you have any, have a better teacher than your level of appreciation warrants. Oh, that doesn’t include them having to care for and educate their own children from home at the same time. Caring for their own children’s needs and education is a lot on its own, and while still being responsible for the education of all of their regular students. Shame on you!

        1. Don’t presume to tell me what I know about teaching. My children both went to Leon County Schools before there were Charter schools. They both did well in school not because of their teachers but in spite of them. Because, parents and not teachers are the primary educators of their children.

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