National Media: In COVID Analysis Tallahassee Includes Gadsden County

National Media: In COVID Analysis Tallahassee Includes Gadsden County

A chart describing Tallahassee as one of the US cities with the fastest growth in COVID cases was shared on social media over the weekend by at least one Tallahassee elected officials and other community leaders.

TR looked into the numbers and discovered the reference to Tallahassee in the graphic by FOX News included a four county area of Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson and Wakulla counties.

Understanding these parameters, a quick analysis indicates that Gadsden County is at the root of the COVID case growth displayed in the graphic.

For example, two weeks ago Leon County had 136 cases per 10,000 people. The infection rate for Gadsden County at that time was almost twice the rate of Leon County at 258 cases per 10,000 people.

Since that time, the growth in COVID cases in Gadsden county has increased by 150 cases per 10,000 people to 408 cases per 10,000 people. During this same period, in Leon County the growth was 43 cases per 10,000 to 179 cases per 10,000.

This means that over the last two weeks, COVID cases in Gadsden County grew almost four times faster than in Leon County.

In addition, the positivity rate in Gadsden County during this period was greater than 10% for 10 of the 14 days. In Leon County the positivity rate has been 8.0% or lower 13 of the 14 days.

Other stats to consider:

Leon County ranks 48th out of 67 counties in Florida in cases per capita. Gadsden County ranks 6th.

Gadsden County’s per capital fatality rate is five times higher than Leon County’s fatality rate.

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